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Dishonored that was just recently released took many of us by surprise. It has been getting rave reviews from numerous gaming publications and websites. One really surprising thing that I have found in my circle of gaming friends is that many people did not know about it, which is a crying shame. I know us and I hate to use the term, but “hardcore” gamers knew about it, but there really was not a great deal of advertisements... Well here in the UK at least.

Dishonored is a fantastic game, I have heard many people compare it to Bioshock with a little bit of Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell thrown in. I think really that is actually a good description of the game. Dishonored is a game all about you making the right decisions. For example, you can be high up ready to pounce for a kill. Do you do it quietly in the shadows? Or do you just jump down and lay the smack down? As well as this there's your exit from the attack to consider.

I would say that Dishonored is a sandbox game, but at the same time I really got into the story. You will play the role of Corvo. Corvo is a guard and his job is to protect the Empress of Dunwall. I love the art style that this place Dunwall has. It has a kind of cyber punk look to it. I just absolutely fell in love with this place. You can clearly tell that the under water city of Rapture was an inspiration at the very least. The Empress is murdered and you are framed for it. A special renegade group breaks Corvo out of jail. Because he is very special and he is about to with a little help become even more special. I do not want to say anymore because I will spoil what is a great story.

I ran through the game and loved every minute of it and it got me thinking that this has all the makings of a great franchise. A franchise that I think may make its appearance on the Xbox One. Now I am trying not to give anything away here. Dishonored has a couple of different endings. And each one really feels like it does slam the door shut on the whole thing, but as well we all know that has never stopped a sequel from being made.

Dishonored 2 on Xbox OneI think though that while Corvo’s story very well may have ended that thanks to "The Outsider", there could be many games in this series. The Outsider is the mysterious figure who gives Corvo his supernatural powers. And I felt they did a great job in keeping him shrouded in mystery. He supposedly goes to people and gives them powers so they can complete a task. Could this be the loophole the game designers left in just in case there was a need for a sequel? I certainly think so. Corvo’s story, I felt most certainly had a beginning, middle and a definite end. But that does not mean that "The Outsider" cannot appear before someone else and grant them supernatural powers in order to complete a certain task does it? Possibly the story could have absolutely nothing to do with the events in the first game or maybe it could even be a prequel.

The art design of the Dunwall is great and while we did get to see a great deal of this place. I would love to see even more. I am sure they could come up with even more amazing looking stuff to keep us amazed. While the game was very story driven it was also kind of sandbox as well.

In terms of the core game play I would be very surprised if there was any major game play changes after all the game features stealth, action, and supernatural powers that let you do things such as augment time and teleport. Of course depending on the games lead character will depend of what they can do. After all Corvo was a real bad ass. So even without the supernatural abilities he would have been a good fighter and a real handful for anyone. What if the game went a different route and made us play as someone without any real combat skills? Someone who must really learn all the supernatural abilities in order to complete whatever there task may be?

Of course this is all just speculation as Dishonored has not even been out that long. One thing I am sure is that if Dunwall looked this great on the Xbox 360 hardware, I cannot wait to see what they do with the horsepower that the Xbox One is going to have. In closing I just want to say to you guys to get out there and pick up a copy of Dishonored. If you are looking for a game to hold you over until Halo 4, Call of Duty or whatever, I can hand on heart not think of anything better out there right now.

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 10/26/2012

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