New Xbox 720 Concept 1

Sun, 09/25/2011 - 23:38 -- administrator

One of the original concepts for the Xbox 720. Do you like this Xbox 720 picture? Post your comments below! Seen any better designs we forgot to post? Let us know, contact us.


Really? No one is gonna come out and say it? *sigh* alright....this design is stupid. It really is. Think about it, it takes away what made the 360 so great, which was a compact design. You could easily stand it up so it wouldn't take up so much space. This is basically an Atari 5200. It's a hog! Sure, it LOOKS cool, but not for a console. It's just excessive.

This should definately make this the final look for the xbox 720, because this would take the xbox to the next level. plus it will be the hottest gaming console out.

they should definately make this one. looks really high tech and would suit the xbox 720 well

this one's less on the butt side! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i like the sleek design but i think you should come out with a variety of color choices so people can match it with what they like and with there decor and you should put SD slots on it for additional Memory and music or let us directly put music form out laptops on the xbox love the new shape though and the idea of no disk

change the center colar to blue AND IT WILL BE BEAST

yeah eye candy sells. its pretty cool looking. but hey where the fudge are u going to put it. on the coffee table. its own seperate pedastool. if you have limited shelf space. like me. where you have ur dvd player on bottom, blue ray on top, and sat receiver on top of all of that then you need one more slot for x box. dang green egg wont squeeze in.

thats a fail, you wont need dvd player with xbox, and you named two dvd players, stupid, and alot of people have three shelves at least with screen on brackets.

This is it, one look at this from any true gamer it'll be sold out faster then anyother system everrrrrr...... Just the look alone with make ppl stutter with words of amazement

this looks amazing i don't think it should be a touch cause they glitch up to much maybe in a few years when they fix that but this consoles unique like any other i've seen i'd love to see the controller .

i like the way this one looks but it should be black and green it would really make it stand out and give it that xbox look just like the first xbox

It looks like a cheap CD player that the makers tried to make look cool, though.
But, it's still pretty good.

If it was this would be the most incredible looking game machine ever made.......HANDS DOWN!!!

tanx xbox this is cool look all gamers wass born with SI FI games taking back too the best where gaming wass born

hey i spent my whole life gaming gaming is my life and nothing els soo' my comment is this one is the one the best look for xbox because they have an right soo no one can copi them it will be the best option GREAT I PROMIS U NO MATTER WHAT ANY ONE TELLS US THIS IS THE BEST WEE WILL NO''''

This is the best design. It holds the standard trademark Green of the Xbox and it is the best design of all of these concepts. I only like this one more than the Red/Black or the White/Black because it holds the awesome green that looks much cooler than the solid colors of the other color variations.

That gray & green Xbox 720 looks perfect!!!! Please be the final design!!! That red & black Xbox 720 are good. I like gray and green Xbox 720. Because Xbox 360 colour are green. Now gray and green big Perfect!!!!! I know people like it gray and green. Pleeeeeeeeeese final it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the best concept I have ever seen

This design is the best and sweetest looking but I don't see much (if any) ventilation. Last thing I need is an Xbox 720 crapping out 6 months after I buy it from overheating cold solders. Still, absolutely awesome looking, and if it could be made functional... :)

it is some thing not classic but maybe will be accepting by ppl

i want to see this beacome some sort of controller but cool desine

My god! This is the best thing I've ever seen!!! Please be the final design!!! Pleeeeeeeeeese!!!!

I like it, looks very futuristic.


it looks like a ufo or something

I do not like this design at all!! It looks like an alien aircraft from out of space.

This one is the best because it feel futuristic, like a game you'd find on a space ship. <3 it!

just black

That gray & green Xbox 720 looks alright, but I would really prefer the red & black Xbox 720!

In my opinion this concept looks the coolest with its high-tech design, I think you should make this one

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