New Xbox 720 Concept 6 by 3DEricDesign

Mon, 09/26/2011 - 00:21 -- administrator

A clean and original concept of the Xbox 720 by 3DEricDesign a talented artist from DeviantArt. The controller is very unique. Do you like this Xbox 720 picture? Post your comments below! Seen any better designs we forgot to post? Let us know, contact us.


I think it will be awesome I don't know how I would control it
but I would figure it out at some point

My family and neighbors luvvvvvvvvv it !!!!!!!!!!! I'd buy it!!

This is the perfect one.hands down blow sony out

wow i never thought they would come out with an idea like this, awesome

That is well nice

I think there are alot of people that have been waiting a portable xbox so then people can play there favorite games when ever they want

We got enough portable little things of sh!t that break like that I mean Microsoft can make a portable game system but it can't be that Xbox 720. The ps4 would destroy it in sales which I would like much more.... So go for it then

it looks complicated, but i like it

Yes and yes and yes this is the one you should go with because it would be more cheaper to buy and you wouldn't need at tv to use it and you could play it when you are in a car bord and have nothing to do pluss i think it would be cool to see microsoft make a portable game system


Noo, it would be like how they controlled robots from real steal

for real this what I been waiting for in a machine, all that needs to be done no replacing remotes with glasses to game with you could even make a belt to hook the machine up to you

This should really be the next xbox been waiting for some thing like that just make glasses for it forget remotes those are the pass for real let move on this big machine this would take no room make glassses you could make a belt for it damn just hire me

i would tell u how will it work... just like samsung galaxy tab 10.1..only u got a mini blue keyboard below and probably aside for cd's and dvd's

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