New Xbox 720 Concept 7

Mon, 09/26/2011 - 00:23 -- administrator

Another very clean Xbox 720 concept. Would be nice to see the controller for this. Do you like this Xbox 720 picture? Post your comments below! Seen any better designs we forgot to post? Let us know, contact us.


best so far, simple yet elegant, saves space so your not trying to find somewhere to put it. like red frizbee or alien armor egg. or the one that looks like a blue ray player on steriods.

and not to mention, its not whats on the outside but whats on the inside. if it gives me what i am looking for in next gen gaming then I dont care if it looks like a game cube. btw gamecube good space saver.

xbox shouldent be plan it should have some kinda crazy look to it

They should make two concepts this one as a small console so people can have space to put this and concept 5 for the people that like that one and would rather prefer that concept over the others

i love this concept i hope you guys release this one,, the only thing i dont like is its the same shape of the 360 its not very original but i still love it and hope you guys release this concept

microsoft will be making us pay like $500 and then its gonna be like $ i will get one...but later

good design but not big differnce as 360

This design is the most likely, Microsoft will hopefully spend most of their time perfecting the mechanics rather than design.

It trully makes me think of the Nitendo's consoles like the Wii and the Wii U

I like this design this is the one you want to release

Not bad but a little plain for the new xbox and uses the same frame from the 360 so not very original.

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