Rebecca Waterman - Xbox One Gaming Article Author

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Rebecca Waterman - Xbox One Gaming Article Author

About Me:
Rebecca has always been a fan of technology and gaming, with a degree in Computer Science boasting a final year project in which she was required to create an interactive game herself. As a full-time freelance writer, Rebecca enjoys the opportunity to combine her passion of writing with her love of all things tech. She also loves the great outdoors, spending sunny days finding rivers and lakes on which to kayak and enjoys to travel whenever possible to wherever possible.

Favorite Games:
Rebecca has always been a sucker for a good RPG, with Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls games lining her bookshelves. The Xbox 360 is her current console of preference, coming as it does with the endlessly entertaining Halo, so her gaming is interspersed between Xbox 360 and PC.

Gloucester, United Kingdom

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