What Next For the Gears of War Series?

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When you think of the big franchises on Xbox you could probably argue that the first one that will pop into gamers minds will be Halo, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Gear of War will not be all that far behind. So far the Gears of War series has sold pretty well, actually that is a bit of a understatement, as of writing this the series has so far sold millions and is easily one of the best selling franchises on the Xbox 360.

Gears of War is one huge sci-fi epic, it is like a big budget summer block buster movie that has insane special effects and great set pieces. Gears of War however also had a very interesting cast of characters who throughout the trilogy of games you really started to care about. Story telling in these games was so strong that you as a player felt as invested in this war as the characters themselves did. This is a very hard feat for games to accomplish, especially one that on the surface just looks like your typical 3rd person action shooter game.

When the first Gears of War hit gamers back in 2006 it blew everyone away. It was very highly critically acclaimed with many publications calling it the best looking 360 game yet. Due to the development team behind it, Gears of War built a very strong following before it was even released, it would have been so easy for it not to live up to the sky high expectations that so many gamers had, but it certainly did not disappoint.

With the success of the first game everyone knew there would be a sequel, gamers would have to wait a couple of years until Gears of War 2 hit in 2008. Of course the expectations were even higher this time round and whether you think it was better than the first or not is up to you, but it was a great continuation of the story. A story that we would have to wait three years to finally see the conclusion of what happened to Marcus Fenix and the rest of Delta Squad.

What Next For the Gears of War SeriesGears of War 3 ended the story very well but we know that will not be the end of Gears of War. It is one of those franchises that just prints money. So far we already have a whole bunch of action figures and other collectable memorabilia. There is a comic book series and a large selection of Gears of War clothing as well. Not to mention Hollywood has been knocking on the door for some time now wanting to make a Gears of War movie. If there is a video game that is tailor made to be a action movie then it surely has to be Gears of War.

Now then we are very close to some kind of announcement being made about the next generation of Xbox. As sure as Mario and Zelda will appear on the Wii U and as sure as Nathan Drake and Kratos will appear on the PlayStation 4. You can bet that along with Master Chief, Gears of War in some form will be on the next Xbox. But what can they do that is different, as great as the Gears of War series is even the most hardened fan has to admit while the games are very much story driven, and while the core game play is fantastic it never changed a huge amount throughout the trilogy. You could argue that if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, but for the next generation the boys at Epic games are going to have to give us something new.

Perhaps this could be some how integrating the game with Kinect, Microsoft has spent a ton of money on the Kinect and they are just dying to get the hardcore gamer on board. Perhaps some kind of tie in with Gears of War could be the way to go. While a game like Gears of War needs a controller there could be some kind of Kinect functionality, perhaps something as simple as pushing your hand towards the screen to throw a frag grenade. Perhaps you could even shout instructions to other squad members to get them to do exactly what you want.

Another interesting prospect is the possibility that the next Xbox will have a screen on its controller. While it would not offer any huge game play changes it would be very cool to be able to equip weapons and such on the touch screen. While a touch screen is not a game changer it certainly makes many smaller things in the game that much more simpler.

Gears of War is already a cinematic masterpiece of a game so it is amazing to think what more they could do with the extra horsepower that the next Xbox will have. One thing for sure a new Gears of War is coming we don’t know if it will be a prequel or even set years after the events of Gear of War 3, Epic Games have already given us three amazing games so the future for this franchise certainly looks bright indeed.

Article by - Jason Delacey

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