XBox 720 PS4 concepts

Sat, 09/24/2011 - 13:56 -- administrator

An original design of the PS4 and Xbox 720 side by side. Do you like this Xbox 720 and PS4 picture? Post your comments below! Seen any better designs we forgot to post? Let us know, contact us.


I don't like the Xbox720 controller

I think both teams need to go back to the drawing board I think there both trying to get ahead of there time there both trying to hard to make systems to futuristic the controller for the 720 looks like a gay guys play toy I think they need tone it down a notch and get in touch with reality give the controller some touch screen characteristics make the xbox look like the 360 but change the shape a little bit and make it a little smaller but don't make a drastic futuristic machine make a machine that you can keep modifing to make it look futuristic later on

i couldn't beast on line with that its like a wand for the ps3 gay the xbox should look beyond that sense they'v sell'd more consoles and games this year then all of the others but the console is amazing again perfect as long as it can take playing for like 24 hours and not break.

alright microsoft dont fudge with the controller that controller suks . Make it have the same design as the old one just change the smooth surface into that alien looking shiz but make it comfortable. Other than the piece of shiz controller the designs are bad ash.
Sony your conroller looks like it could break by setting it down. i think u went a little overboard on the future look. I dont want a touch screen controller i like buttons they exercise my fingers and help me finger chicks better, and the silver look suks balls im sure youll make a black one but still its gay xbox like always is better exept for the controller

i whould pay a $1000 for it (xbox 720)

WHY not xbox 720 little look like PS4 why not!!! i like os4 than xbx 720 do...i want xbx 720 something good design like ps4

Love the look. But what about all the plug-ins. From the looks of it, it would have to be all wireless. I have rechargeable batteries but for only 2 controllers. What if I have more friends over to chill and murder in CoD? Need slots for wired controllers too. The controller in the picture. Horrible. The layout is wrong. That will screw your game up big time. Personally I think you should just stick with the original look. Or make some modifications to it or somethin. But not that.

Ich finde die xbox sieht in diesen farben richtig geil aus, die ps4 hingegen langweilig.

like ps4 but not the 720 spaceship

check it out everything else is cool but the 720 controller, it would be like holding a dick in ur hands if i wanted to do the i would jus grab mine!

The tv doesn't have a logo that picture is false, fakEE!!!!!

No, that's an actual photograph, not a fake.

God, how stupid can people be? says Sony bro. look in the middle of the frame

the xbox 720 looks like a damn spaceship

I think the xbox 720 should look futuristic because of the way our technology is suppose to be futuristic

i think it should be the same as the 360 just a bit diferent istalments like they do with the iphones and stuff because its way to futuristic looking and in my opinion it looks ugly

the x box looks gd but the controller looks bad

@permalink the controller with the coller buttons isn't looking nice i agree with that BUT the console of the PS4 looks like nice. just like the xbox720

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