Xbox 720 Controller Concept by - Darpan Bajaj

Sun, 06/10/2012 - 18:13 -- Nanouk

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great share

I like this alot i dont like the placement of the analog sticks maybe switch the back and just shift the touch screen. and just show the cover of the game your playing, messages, profile or something of that nature on the screen, but other than that its amazing

Put the analog sticks back where they where. Xbox is different which is why its the best<3

Its a great idea specially for the gamers that hold in their sh*t cause they are to focused on tryin to beat that most important battle or whatever the game may be so now they dont have to worry bout not using the bathroom cause now they can play it while leavin the room to take a sh*t

the screen shouldn't be on the controller we wouldn't buy these big ass tv's just to look at that ya it be cool if it was portable like that and the console is very nice to but not if u can't make it portable that would be a good idea for a portable console sense ya'll haven made one yet.

Looks legit, not too complicated and annoying. Well placed buttons.

Looks legit, not too complicated and annoying. Well placed buttons.

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