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That was a direct quote from me Jason Delacey at some point back in 2001. Now as I write this I am 30 years old. Back then to be fair to me I feel that I kind of did have a good reason for being this jaded. You see I could still vividly remember the Panasonic 3DO, and the Philips CDI. Also I can still see all the advertisements for the Atari Jaguar, and how it was going to re-launch Atari as a console powerhouse. And who can forget the amount of parasites that were released for the Sega Mega Drive to prolong its life. So yeah for me at this point I was really not sold on a new console actually lasting. How wrong I was. This is a little look at how Microsoft’s big black box would not only win me over, but eventually go on to be one of my all time favourite game consoles.

Back on 2002 while I was at University I had a part time job working in a local video game store. I loved that job one of the perks was getting to play new games early, and of course great discounts. It is also because of this job that I actually gave the Xbox a fighting chance.

There I was one Tuesday working in the store all by my self. When our Xbox store unit arrived. The purpose of this was juts to have a Xbox running so people could check it out. In the months leading up to the Xbox I mocked its giant controller, and how it will be really uncomfortable to hold. So I was very surprised when I was unpacking it, and I held that controller for the first time and thought to my self that wow this really is kind of comfortable.

Still that was not enough to win me over. I set the thing up, and of course I put in Halo. Now to tell the truth I had no choice in the mater as Halo was the only game that head office sent me with the console. Anyway Halo came on and that haunting music really caught my attention. There was no customers so I thought what the hell, and I pressed start.

Xbox Will Never Last - Original Xbox

I actually loved the controller. I know that there is a lot of hate for the original Xbox controller, but I must admit that I really did like it. It was big and bulky, but there was just something really cool about it. Of course Halo was simply awesome. Funny thing is the first thing that I thought was cool in Halo was how the gun let showed you how much ammo you had. Later in the week I got sent Project Gotham Racing and Jet Set Radio. Both of which did a great job in making me think I could be wrong about this console. While I enjoyed what I had played I still was not 100 percent sold on this new console.

What really won me over, and sold me on the Xbox was the Buffy the Vampire Slayer video game. At the time this was by a mile the best tie in game I had played this generation. I was amazed at how smooth all of the characters looked. And that was it. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had single handily made be buy my own Xbox. I always thought that Halo and Project Gotham Racing were both really cool, but neither of these were able to make me pull the trigger on buying a Xbox. As soon as my first session of playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer had finished. I said to my work colleague, that I was buying a Xbox later that day.

I started to buy most multi platform games for my Xbox instead of my Playstation 2 or Game Cube. I know this may start a flame war, but I always felt that when using the advanced scart cable of the original cable (before I had a HD TV folks) the games just looked sharper on the Xbox than the other two consoles. Not to mention that huge controller I once mocked really won me over. I did eventually convert to the Xbox controller s, but I still to this day have a soft spot for the big Xbox controller.

I still in a way think I kind of had the right to be a little hesitant to jump on the Xbox bandwagon. many of my gaming friends still find it weird that it was the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game that would be my killer title, and not Halo, but it was. In all I consider the Xbox my favourite console of that generation. Microsoft really won me over, and I could not have been more excited for the Xbox 360, and you can amplify that for how excited I am for Microsoft’s next console. And just think it all started with that huge black box, well that and Buffy of course. So how about you guys? I would love to read your comments on you thoughts on the original Xbox.

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 06/27/2012

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