Battlefield 4 Brings EPIC a New Meaning

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Tue, 06/11/2013 - 04:37 -- MikeJ

We knew it was coming. There was no escaping it. Whenever there is a new Call of Duty game, a Battlefield is sure to follow.

Only this time, things appear to be different. Now that we have seen footage from both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, gamers appear to have agreed on something: Battlefield 4 looks amazing.

Now I must admit, I usually struggle to find much enthusiasm for war based first person shooters – they all look indistinguishable and seemingly struggle to bring anything new to the table, but for the first time in a long time, I’m excited. Battlefield 4 is big, bold, loud and (forgive me for using the most overused word on the internet) EPIC.

The gameplay was gripping and intense, the graphics sleek and smooth, the sound loud and boisterous, and the set pieces exciting and over the top. The game looked and played beautifully and was one of the most well received games at E3 2013. The crowd went wild during the multiplayer section when an entire building collapsed – this will make gameplay varied, challenging and a lot more fun.

Battlefield 4Xbox One fans have something to smile about, as it has also been confirmed that exclusive DLC will be hitting the console ahead of the PS4.

We were treated to a plethora of gameplay footage at the E3 convention, from single player set pieces to 64 player multiplayer, which was as exciting as it was visually stunning. It has been confirmed that the game will run at 60 frames per second, so motion will be as fluid as a… very fluid thing.

The biggest piece of Battlefield 4 news comes with the re-introduction of Commander mode (as previously seen in Battlefield 2) – which gives on player on each 32 player team to view the ‘arena’ from above and direct their squadron. Players can do this not only from their Xbox One console, but from a tablet as well - Players will be able to communicate and control their game in real time, presumably by downloading an app. It appears as though developers are embracing smart glass technology, and are giving gamers their Wii U style ‘extra screen’ without the need for building the screen in to the gamepad.

I genuinely cannot wait to pick up my first war based FPS since Battlefield 1942 – bring on the One!

Check back regularly for up to date information on Battlefield 4.

Article by - Mike Jeavons
Insert Date: 6/14/2013

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