Xbox One Black Screen Fix

Thu, 02/20/2014 - 02:17 -- RLWaterman

The update released at the weekend for the Xbox One from Microsoft may have fixed a few bugs with the system, but unfortunately it also introduced a new issue. Since updating the console, many users have faced a black screen issue when pressing the Xbox button on their controllers. This new AV bug is apparently due to an issue with the video signal becoming lost as the console returns to its home screen from a game or another application.

According to the many complaints rolling in to Microsoft, it’s still possible to hear the background sound while the screen is completely black, but without a hard reset of the console they’ve discovered no way to turn back on the visual output by the Xbox One.

Microsoft is aware of the issue so we don’t doubt a fix will be included within the next update, but in the meantime the official Xbox Support Twitter channel has instructed users that, “If it happens, please power cycle by holding power for 10 seconds.”

The update to the Xbox One console added, amongst bug fixes and behind the scenes improvements, an ability to manage your download queue to choose what content loads first and to give a bit more control of how user are able to manage the content stored on the console. A battery power indicator and support for USB keyboards were additional improvements launched with the February update. The next major update for the console is due in March.

Have you encountered the Xbox One’s ‘Black Screen’? How are you finding the new improvements brought in with the update? Have your say in the comments.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 02/20/2014

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I have the forza console and I can't seem to hold the button for 10 seconds before it shuts down and after I turn it back on I get the logo then nothing but blackness

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