Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 & The Future Of The Series On Xbox One

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There comes a point in many gaming franchises lives, where there time in the sun is simply done. This can be due to a number of factors. Maybe the series has just grown stale. Or perhaps the quality is not what it once was. Or maybe the developers changed direction and as a result lost the fans. Or maybe it's because they released a new version each year and people get sick of it.

Well that last one certainly does not describe Activision's Call of Duty franchise which like clockwork rolls out every October/November time. 2012’s, Black Ops 2 was the biggest and put up absolutely phenomenal sales. Because of the time Black Ops 2 was released it is unfair to compare it right away to the last Call of Duty game.

But Black Ops 2 as of writing this article, has shifted close to 10 million copies already. While there are many people out there who seem to hate the Call of Duty series, us fans know what we are getting into each year and we do not have a problem with it. In my experience many of these people who hate the Call of Duty series have never even played a Call of Duty game in years. If you do not like a game then fair enough, but for some reason the Call of Duty series really seems to attract some hard core haters who appear to hate the game mainly for the reason that it's popular.

What did Black Ops 2 do right? Well I know that many people have different opinions, but for me the one thing that Black Ops 2 got perfectly right was the single player campaign. I know many people are raising there eyebrows right now thinking did I really just read that, but yes I stand by the fact that the single player campaign in Black Ops 2 is fantastic.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 & The Future Of The Series On Xbox OneThe story is much deeper than any other one in the Call of Duty series to date. I love the antagonist Raul Mendez he is a maniacal evil SOB, but when you hear his back story despite him being clearly a bad guy you in a small way emphasize with him. The story is told so incredibly well portrayed, that at moments I felt like I was watching a big budget action movie.

And that brings me to another great point about Black Ops 2. And that is, it knows what it is... It's not trying to be a great and unique art style experience like lets say Dishonored (great game by the way). It knows that it is the video game equivalent to a 80’s action movie and I feel that in Black Ops 2. They have really embraced that this year and because of this the single player campaign is just a joy to play through. The best part about it is the numerous set pieces that are truly spectacular. Of course the main reason that so many people buy the yearly Call of Duty game is for the multi-player.

I have buddies who do not even bother with the single player campaign. While I enjoy the online experience with the Call of Duty franchise I am not as fanatical about it as many other people are. But I do enjoy it each and every year and get at the very least a solid couple of months game play out of it. I also want to take the opportunity to defend the Call of Duty online community that I feel gets a somewhat bad rap. It's thought if you play these games online, you just get abused, and yelled at in your headset. Now yes, there are those kind of people out there, but you can say that for any game? I can honestly say that this year I have had more “incidents” with people while playing WWE 13 than I have with Black Ops 2. So Black Ops 2 was a huge financial and critical success, but whats next for the franchise? I think that the guys at Activision now have a very hard task at hand. Clearly the next Xbox console could be out for Christmas 2013. And we know there will be a new Call of Duty game then also, but what will Activision do?

They will still have to make a version for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3... However, this is Activision and they will not want to miss out on the new hardware, so will they develop a separate game for the Xbox One? Or will it be just a straight port? One thing that is interesting, is the recent news about the PlayStation 4 slipping into 2014. If the rumors are true, could the Xbox One be the only way to play a next-gen Call of Duty game? Just imagine if Microsoft and Activision struck a deal (which would not be that surprising to be honest) to package a new Call of Duty game with the Xbox One. Whether or not you love or hate Call of Duty, you must admit that a brand new Call of Duty as a pack in game would be a huge system seller.

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 12/29/2012

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