Xbox One Cheats: For the Win or F$#@ the World?

Tue, 09/06/2011 - 03:54 -- Nanouk

Still not sure if cheating is for you? Consider these pros and cons:

new xbox One cheatsThe Pros of Cheating

1. You won't find an easier way to get your hands on the best weapons and armor in the game.
2. Enjoy instant gratification as you mercilessly slaughter any foe, or unlock enough cash for any in-game purchase.
3. Real life is full of cheaters; cheating in game is just preparing you for it!

The Cons of Cheating

1. That little niggle of knowing you are cheating because you don't have the skills to master the game properly will remain with you.
2. Prepare for a lack of any sense of satisfaction when you finally finish the game. Satisfaction is reserved for those who earned their way to the end!
3. Cheating may destroy your soul, casting you into a pit of emptiness for the rest of your human existence.

It's true, the Xbox One is a console still in its development; one that, as yet, we don't actually know much about. One thing we can say for sure though is that as soon as this new gaming platform reaches the seat of honor beneath our beautiful TVs, the cheat codes will start circulating. There is no getting away from the fact that cheating today is a big part of the gaming industry, for good or for evil!

A History of Cheating
Put yourself into the shoes of a game developer for just a moment. You've just spent months, years even, of your life working your fingers to the bone coding for the deadline for the latest great game to launch on the Xbox. And now the thing needs testing! Rather than going through the motions of literally leveling up from scratch to access the best piece of armor or that all new sub-machine gun that can only be unlocked after an investment of hours, you simply create an extra piece of programming code that allows those goodies to be unlocked. More often than not, these cheat codes were simply left in the game upon release.

Of course, once the general public got wind of the awesome powers that they could access with the input of a simple code the face of gaming started to change. Unlimited ammunition, the best weaponry on offer, invisibility and more; cheats became so popular that some game developers simply started incorporating them without any real reason, other than to please the public.

To Cheat or Not to Cheat… That is the Question

So does the fact that developers allow us the option to cheat make it right? Would cheat codes for the games that may grace the next generation Xbox console make you more likely to play them? The school of thought on the matter of cheating is one split straight down the middle. You only need to visit a couple of forums discussing the gaming world to see the intense debates that rage on this subject; with many gamers actively posting messages of hate toward those that would dare corrupt their precious games with such cheats.

Our personal opinion of cheating rests firmly in the circumstances in which those cheats are used:

  • Solo Play: If gaming for you is all about the story you might not be that interested in the mechanics of actually getting from scene to scene. Using cheat codes in solo play does not hurt anybody, and some gamers simply love the thrill of being able to dominate every enemy soldier, alien or other creature that threatens their virtual existence.
  • Multiplayer: There are not many experiences worse than entering an online map with, to put it bluntly, the idiots with their cheat codes that enable them to one-shot kill anyone else in the game. This can seriously destroy the enjoyment of gamers around the globe. Cheating to make your way up the multiplayer rankings does not make you the best player; not even close!

Looking to the Xbox One

What cheats will be available on the Xbox One? At this stage in the new console's development it is very difficult to say, but we can certainly offer some suggestions based on the games that we expect to see:

  • The Elder Scrolls V is a game headed to the Xbox 360, but we doubt that this foray into the world of Tamriel will be the last. Extra gold for your purchases, easier leveling and flawless lock-picking are just a few of the cheats that we've seen in the past for the Elder Scrolls games.
  • Can you imagine a console without a Call of Duty game? These games dominate the first-person shooter market and will inevitably make it to the Xbox One. Expect the ability to unlock ammo saving, weapon perks and untouchable skills.
  • Bungie may have jumped from the Halo ship, but one of the most popular game series to hit any console is sure to remain with its new developer. Unlocking additional credits, unlimited armor lock and invincibility are cheats that may make their way to the Xbox One for future Halo games.

Will you use cheat codes for your own Xbox One gaming? That will be for you and your conscience to dictate, but always remember to keep your game enhancements out of multiplayer and safe in your solo play where your cheating antics can't disturb any other gamers.

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