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I bought an Xbox One S for Christmas and was delighted that it can play 4K films and also 3D. The crazy thing is, that for 3D films to look right, you have to wear your 3D glasses upside down.
The same thing happens when I stream YouTube 3D videos though the Xbox.

The same glasses work fine with my Sony BluRay player and the Toshiba 4K TV.

Is there a system update around, or a set of glasses which will work correctly...?

Greetings gamers. I have an issue i need help with. I have an XBOX360 and an XBOX1. Recently my 360 version of AC IV, Black Flag, has gone beyond repair and cleaning. It is unreadable on my XBOX360. Ubisoft has recently released the same game on XBOX1. I have bought the XBOX1 game and would like to know how to transfer my saved game and achievements from the 360 to the X1? Can anyone assist me? My email is

Can anyone tell me what they would think I have 2 Xbox ones in my home with AT&T uverse internet and I am looking to open the Nat settings for both xboxs is that possible or possibly have one open and one set to moderate thank you if you can email me your response at cause it goes directly to my phone just put subject Xbox thank you for your time and consideration I am looking everywhere I just don't know what to do right now one Xbox has open Nat and one is a strict Nat

shut up that's just your opinion

i like the console but i like the ps3 a lot if you know when the ps4 is coming out con you tall me or the xbox 720 i hope the xbox 720 will more fun but i like the ps3 i do not like the xbox 360 it is the most bad console ever tall me if you like the ps3 or ps4 tall me if you like the xbox 720 or xbox or xbox 360 that is it now have a nice day

I hope you can play all the original Xbox and Xbox 360 games and that you can keep your old 360 profile and achievements.

I loved the playstation 2. I hated the first release of the playstation 3. I cant ever get into a game with my friends with the playstation. I cant connect to parties to talk to my friends with the playstation 3. I only use my plastation 3 for acces to netflix and to watch my Blu-Ray disks. I play the xbox 360 slim. I hate kinect and thnik its best suited for the younger kids. But I turn my xbox off and on with kinect through voice activation (even though my controller can do it within 3 seconds too). xbox 360 has more playability compared to playstation 3. The controllers fit better in your hand, the sticks are in the perfect places for your thumbs. Microsoft makes more money off their Console than ps3's company. The customer support is better on Xbox, the download speeds (internet slow or fast) are better than ps3's. Finding what you need for games like DLC's are much more simple and easier to understand. Yes red ring of death is possibble, but so is a ps3's network getting hacked. We pay for xbox live beacause its safer that way. The more we pay the more they can fix, correct, protect, whatever to make sure we enjoy our xbox live time, and $40-$60 a year isnt bad at all. The games that release for xbos usually also have more play ability. DLC's, updates. The online commmunity stays fresh being able to talk to anybody you want within seconds of inviting to a party or being in a lobby. The 720 will be the most kickass next gen console of this sentry. Sorry ps3, but over the years you have been sick, sick with lack of support and entertainment with friends and gamerz you want to just stomp.
I will play Pc and xbox forever. The playstation lost me after the 3rd came out.

Ps3 is crap! Free doesnt make it good and the ps3 service is pure garbage! I pay for xbox but im also paying for good service and a good company. Ps3 doesnt care and the im sry but but having their servers down for a couple months because of one hacker is really sad. That goes to show u right there how much effort ps3 puts into there security. and when ur ps3 reformats? and erases all ur data? thats also complete crap! Xbox is way better! Xbox doesnt have any problems like that! Red ring of death was solved, Ps3's crap still remains...

I for some odd reason own both systems so I don't have to argue with no one of which console is better and that is a huge relief.

I can't believe people are b*tching about paying 7.00 dollers a month. I bet you fat turds pay 40x that at burgerking every month.

hi there why you say gamers dont want 3 screen your right i want 300,000,000,000,000,000 screens i want way more then 3 screens more screeens the better

hi there why you say gamers dont want 3 screen your right i want 300,000,000,000,000,000 screens i want way more then 3 screens more screeens the better

If microsoft charge 1 thousand dollars for xbox 720 they will be out of there minds. Nobody in there right mind would pay that kind of money. Unless it came with 1 terabyte hard drive or more blu-ray drive and hdv something sony won't get and of course you can get dvd and cd. Also free xbox live or whatever they call it free games i say 3 or more games and good ones too. Also downloadable games that are full games and if xbox live is free no catches and two controllers and on the controllers a speaker built in that you would not need a headset. And it would not cost money to watch the add enterntainment that they have like espn and make amazon be like on the computer that you can buy games movies books or anything you want and if you put m for mature verify the name and if it checks out you should be able to look at porn. Also a protection plan for the life of the console and xbox should have google, yahoo, and bing no fees ifthey charge 1,000 dollars. And you should be able to get free extra gigs of memory without buying and no banned used games and if you do allow used games no fee to unlock the game. And Bill Gates stop being so greedy you the richest man in america and most of the world learn from the unfortunate loss of Stepen Jobs God do not hates greed. Try to be rich if I was rich I would accept it but if you do give chatity and don't use get the money back on your tax return that's not charity. But most importantly show you care for the customer if you do alot of the things I said you will make even more bucks and weather you or sony come out with the console first don't be like them because alot of the bad moves there trying to do away with used games too. And if you have backwards compat. With xbox 360 games thay would be more wonderful if you do like sony you and them will be out of business and the little brother nintendo will be there still. I like nintendo but i don't want to see your gaming franchises so go out of business if you do alot of those things i said and lower it for about 700 hundred it will sell like hot cakes. And the ring fix the problem please and no flying disc please allow used games no fees and you say you lose money if the game was bought and you made a profit already you made money already the cusomer should be able to do anything he or she wants. Except making illegal copies on disc and controllers. But you are going to do what you want sure like the first 2 weeks t you will have sucess but after that you will fail just like sony willl if you won't win.

Before I got a ps3 I had a wii .I thought that ps3 and Xbox were playing with each other just becuz they had tha same graphics.but that's an idea they should notice we r wanting xbl+psn .

Ok you guys think PS3 is better because it has free internet services. The fact is Sony rents servers, they don't run their own servers. It has a higher chance of going down than Microsoft's servers, this is because Mircosoft OWNS servers and they are more reliable because the network is made for online gaming. Microsoft charges because they probably pay a lot to keep those servers up.

does anyone now what the controller is going to look like MS should bring back the original controller back but without the white and black buttons

I have played both xbox 360 and ps4. Whenever I play ps4 it always lags for me and on xbox the only time it lags is when someone qiuts a game or joins a game

I like the xbox 360 controller better than ps4 controller

I rather pay for online

xbox will always be the elder in gaming just because they are owned my microsoft. look at cod fro example they skrew over all the ps3 user. I think both systems are unice and are both fun but xbox will take the crown at least for now. Also they wii makes more money than both of them haha

Xbox gets more than enouph praise from our fan site. We mark it. ;) ★★★★ four stars is our best, according for innovation (a.i., technologic hardware leaks, performance), competiveness (A+) design though unseen), and public relations. Might be the first company recieving such an honor before platform seen. Go Microsoft!!!! (We are a coded index address established 2007.)

If everyone would just chill both systems will be great it really comes down to which will be cheaper and which will be flawed. The best thing is is that ps4 will come out first then the 720 but just remember looks isn't everything. I use to be a ps person but there right 360 really changed things also the fact that some games are going to Xbox is saying a lot. As for Nintendo they need something of there own they just have not yet found it. But now if you think about it the biggest gaming system out there is pc of course I just hope they keep their games to their self. As always they do make a good point Xbox live should be free like everyone else but just know it is more secure then play station network, but in conclusion the price could never be 1000$ who would by they know that 600$ to 800$ yes that to say all the hard system requirement that are going in to these systems so everyone chill take a deep breath it will be ok.

So I just saw the poll where it asked what the new name of the Xbox should be. I thought most were pretty good but I have an idea. How about the Xbox Generation? Just an idea

Everything looks good for upcoming xbox720, but remember when games let you choose the hero, it would be different guy, girl, robot aliencool if you coukd do that again, like choose a charactor to play with and like have different power with each one or guns, yah.

these people are really not that smart cause i thought it was going to be released on chirstmas 2013 now its november 2013 wow

too many unknowns, you don't even know what its going to look like, not to mention half of the pictures look photo shopped from the original xbox...
the only people how could tell you something about the new xbox is Microsoft, and most likely NO ONE, has let ANYTHING slip, if there job means anything to them.

When this thing DOES come out what I want to know if it will have the new updated Wifi standard that is expected to be out before years end. Well I do know that it isn't set to be "stanardized" unitl next year sometime but the products that sport it are being released at the end of 2012. This is why I was hoping that the so called 720 would have a 2014 or 15 release. This way hopefully it would have these new features. Please don't make this wirless N with the new and more powerful WiFi standard that's set to be released soon.

I don't care when this comes out. I just hope Microsoft will stop acting like a bunch of broke b*tches and make xbox live free! Seriously. I already pay for internet service, I dont need a second bill just to play a dang video game. If not, hello PS4. Also, I really hope this is not the design idea they have for the 720, its UGLY!

If any of you people didn't heared about the Sony crisis back in 2010-11, so here I am to tell you this, in 2011 the ps3 sold only 12 mil copies, and it no enough to maintence the Sony online features, and Sony did got hacked in 2011 because they allowed the console with pc co-op.
Xbox 360, sold over 50 mil copie and they maintence the online features like a good company need to, we have faster connection, our server located in US and EU and Sony's servers located in Japan.
XBL will rule this earth

I like which ever one is better. To me specs matter more than anything else.

720 has a16 core CPU very powerfull, strong and fast... where as ps4 will have two diff cpu's both of these working apart to produce softer graphic detail changes.. a lot of the graphics and other specs are the same! or near enough....although other things like ,how hot they get and that sorta stuff will judge it really... nothing to argue over,, jjeezzz there games consoles to play games on and enjoy... they both play games, they both go online,, they both have up's and down's!!! they both do the samn damn thing! just your choice of company... jeez anyone would think it's a choice of country's at war the way people argue over it... man up!

How much will it cost and will it be affordable?

i have problem about firefox crash. can you help me? how can i do?
best regards.

xbox 360 is alot better that 720 is ugly

All Microsoft needs to do is have free online and boom they won.

We get more with online premium, and on xbox720 will most likely be a whole new thing.

The design is terrible as the Xbox 360 Slim scratches discs when moved. The design for the 720 is the worst possible idea because it would be off balance. So far the PS4 looks like it will be better as you won't spend extra money getting your discs replaced.
- Food For Thought

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Maybe you should not be lazy and take the disc out before moving your 360. Who the hell leaves a game in while carrying a console around? Sounds like you are costing yourself money not MS

Who the hell would call it the 720? It's definitely not going to be called that. I think it will be called the XBOX 3. Look what apple did with the iPad. They jus called it the new iPad, maybe it will be called the new Xbox. Anyone who thinks that it will be called the 720 isn't a gamer.

Need to change the controller. NO wire to the controller from your headset. That sucks so bad. NO AA batterys for the controller. Please get with the times. Look, I game on a PC rig, Game on a playstation3 and game on a XBOX 360. XBOX needs to change and change fast. All so The new game consoles need to be 1 to 3 screen game play like a PC gaming rig. And yes 3D is a must. I game on and off in 3D and it is bad ass. NEED to listen and look what todays gamers want and are doing. Same with sony. I like gaming with all three but i was not happy with XBOX at first about less then half the good headsets don't work or don't work well with XBOX. I had no problems with PC or playstation. So please solve that problem. The new XBOX looks kickass so make it kickass, not revamp two years later after release. even it takes 1 more year to get it rite. Not like windows viesta and 2 years later windows 7. Take your time and you will make us even more HAPPY!

hi there yeah your right new xbox looks like it kick othere consoles cpu soo add a lighting fast veloci-raptor hard drive a cheeta hard drive at 10,000 rpm or 15,00 rpm hard drives

You mean what today's PC gamers are doing. No console gamer is looking to play on three screens. I'm so tired of reading online from people who are really PC gamers trying to rally for consoles to be more like there uber powerful ultra expensive PC gaming rig. Consoles should never have multi monitor support thats just stupid and would raise the price of the console by at least 200 dollars. Most families and people have one (if there lucky) 1080i TV and I would venture most don't even use it through the HDMI port it's probably stil A/V or VGA. I will agree 3D is needed but that is just starting to take hold. I happen to like I can add batteries to my XBOX controller, that way while my rechargeable pack is recharing I don't have to have that usb cable to play I just pop in some AA and keep playing. That is one of the things I hate about my PS3 is that retardedly short usb recharging cable you get for the controller and the fact is rechargeable only. I also agree they need to take there time and get the console right, I simple cannot believe they didn't know the orginal 360 would over heat after being played for a few months and the dust collecting inside it. I had my first one for about 4 or 5 years before it got the Red Ring but I took mine apart and cleaned it and blow the dust out etc a couple time. So yeah a little more Dev time would be great. I agree as well about headsets I got one with my slim and used it all of three time and it died.

That xbox looks really bad and i have one of the newest xbox360 its really good,my mates told me its gonna cost around 400quid i would never pay for that and anyway it looks really stubid an bad.

I was a playstation fan forever. nintendo may be one of the oldest game companies that still produce game units. but i must say xbox 360 has really changed my opinion on which game counsole is better. what would make the xbox 720 the best is a fan in the system so we dont have to worry about over heating. make the 360 last longer than the playstation ever did. try to avoid ever getting any ring of death. free internet screw 20 bucks for a month play.

The reason i beleave Microsoft makes u pay is because it makes online safer, I mean look at Sony, they've been hacked two times, then look at Microsoft, never been hacked, but still it would be great if microsoft wouldn't make u pay for xbox love, and personally, if they made me choose a console, I would rather choose an Xbox or even a wii better than a ps3, wii is simple, fun, and kid friendly, Xbox has more popular titles and safer Internet, while the Ps3 copied the wii with the ps3 "move" and playing with friends is a lot harder than on xbox, considering the fact no parties, but I got to give Sony the free internet


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