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Xbox One vs Wii U | CONSOLE KOMBATIn a world where video games continue to push the envelope, two entities are about to go head to head for the ultimate glory. Their predecessors have brought great changes to the industry, revolutionizing the way we think and play. Exclusive titles have been sold, accessories have been configured, and replay ability has never been higher. The stakes have risen, technology is improving, and with more and more support from fans…everything is on the line. Will Microsoft pull off the remarkable and remove the shame cast by the red ring of death? Can Nintendo push forth a new generation of fun that doesn’t get boring so quickly? Let’s find out on CONSOLE KOMBAT! (Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun Dun)

XBox One



Round 1 - (Title Diversity) FIGHT!

The Xbox One deals an earth shattering kick to the spine!
The Wii 2 delivers a jaw busting left hook!
The Xbox One goes for a solid round house kick!
The Wii 2 drops a body breaking suplex!
The Xbox One delivers 1,000 volts of pure white lighting!
The Wii 2 falls flat!

Explanation for Xbox OneWin: When we talk about audience, we’re generally speaking about people that actively support their gaming console of choice. Nintendo’s Wii console has always set its aim to deliver high quality, family oriented gaming for the masses and it’s succeeded. The lucrative aim delivered impressive results for the original Wii console when motion technology was something new and exciting to the market, but we’re not sure the Wii U has enough to offer on top of that to make it a real contender for the title, especially with the XBox One looking likely to include an improved version of its highly successful Kinect technology.

Along with the entertaining and family fun titles that’ll undoubtedly be available to work with this new Kinect, the XBox One is bound to continue to release an incredibly diverse range of titles to attract gamers who enjoy every genre available today. The Wii U will be popular for families with children, but the Xbox One will remain more popular for those interested in familiar titles such as Modern Warfare, Halo and much, much more.

Round 2 - (Console Lifespan) FIGHT!

The Xbox One deals an earth shattering head butt to the face!
The Wii 2 delivers a jaw busting backflip kick!
The Xbox One goes for a solid punch to the gut!
The Wii 2 disappears!
The Wii 2 reappears with a grappling neck drop!
The Xbox One falls flat!

Xbox One vs Wii UExplanation for Wii U Win: While the Wii U may cater principally towards a family friendly market, it definitely understands the value of building a solid product. The Wii continues to be a console of excellent configuration with no major problems widely reported with its usage. It’s a console still ticking on years after its release, and the new Wii U is built in just as simple, stable and sturdy a manner. The Xbox One will need some serious work to find a way to keep chipsets cooler as they run under stress. Another console best known for its red ring of death could be a real problem for Microsoft.

(Noted Fact) The original Wii console only cost $250 and had no major hiccups. The 360 ran for about $300+ and broke down something like 50% of the time. Which do you think won consumers over in the beginning?

Round 3 - (Replayability) FIGHT!

The Xbox One deals a ground pounding stomp!
The Wii 2 pushes a blast of ice cold air!
The Xbox One flips the Wii 2 like a pancake!
The Wii 2 tries to pull off a special attack and fails!
The Xbox One pulls off a stunning right punch!
The Xbox One unleashes a fast paced hand and foot attack combo, before destroying the Wii 2 into a million pieces!

Explanation for Xbox One Win: There’s something about the old Nintendo classics that always keeps us coming back for more, but there always comes a point when a gamer wants to sink their teeth into something a bit meatier. The Wii U is a lot of fun as a console, but it’s not the choice for a hardcore gamer. Nintendo’s Wii consoles have focused on getting the young (and the young at heart) moving and playing simple games to keep people amused and in shape. We’re not denying that there are more ‘serious’ titles available on these consoles, but when you compare them to the hard hitting games that the Xbox 360 can currently boast it does get left behind.

Even with the hardware problems that plagued the Xbox 360 from its launch, gamers around the world have still stood behind this console to enjoy the multitude of different games on offer. The XBox One will hopefully offer better performance, and will certainly come complete with more new and high quality games than we’ll know what to do with.

In the grand scheme of things, the XBox One takes the cake, simply because it has the potential to overshoot all competition right now. If Microsoft revamps Xbox Live, gives the Kinect feature a more prominent base, and continues to release titles like Saints Row and Dead or Alive 4… the Wii U can kiss the adult gamers good-bye. Fuzzy feel good titles can’t hold the attention span of someone older and more experienced in gaming. They eventually will want extras like movies, videos on demand, music, trailers, rewards; everything the Xbox already offers and that the XBox One will offer in a more polished way.

Wii U Struggles to Make an Impact - November 30, 2012
Remember back to the days of the launch of the original Wii console and you’ll remember queues of people stretching for miles to get their hands on this new and innovative technology. Backorders went unfulfilled for months as Nintendo’s factories fought to produce enough consoles to meet the demands. This time around the Wii U has launched to relatively little fanfare compared to its predecessor, and certainly without the incredible demand. This could largely be due to the success of technologies such as the Kinect, which allows an Xbox to offer everything from the family fun experience, to the hardcore gaming machine. It seems that Nintendo’s decision to launch its new console a year before the XBox One and PlayStation 4 hasn’t played into its favor in any significant way.

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Well to put it bluntly, Wii U won't be in competion with Xbox One or PS4 at all. Its catered to a small niche market kids and rapid fanboys who love playing same game over and over with just a different title behind it. Xbox one is for mass gaming maket and will outdo Wii U in every aspect: sales, first party games that cater to everyone not just kids, multimedia functions etc. Anyone who thinks Wii U will compete is in another world. Wii was lucky when it came but Nintendo will never get that lucky again. Mark my words, Nintendo will never be on top in gaming world again.

I was looking for an honest evaluation on the two consoles but I guess I'm in the wrong place. Anyone know of an unbias sight that will realisticaly compare the two systems?

I think the Xbox would win because it has a lot of games,plus it looks cool. So if u are gonna get the Wii 2,you are a piece of ****!

The reason that I would get the XBOX 720 over the Wii U is the lack of games on the Wii. There are absolutely no good games for the Wii, and I love the control for the Xbox. The XBOX has the best games out there and it also has the Elder Scrolls, which I am a fanatic for. Can't wait for the new XBOX 720!

xbox 720 will beat wii u and playstaion 4 cause its just that good

I also think the Xbox will beat the Wii U. This is based of personal opinion and facts I've read on both. Now i have been considering getting one of the new consols and i always considered the Xbox. I've had the origional and the 360. Played almost every Call of Duty and all the Halo's xbox had to offer. My sister has the original Wii and I do like how it basically never freezes or breaks. But the biggest problem I had was stated above. There is no competetive gaming. They tried to do COD WAW but that was an alright remake at best. But the way it gets me involved is great. The Wii sports lasted me hours because there was always room for improvement and when you could not beat your opponent, the game adjusted the difficulty to where you could. Now playstation also had this feature with the move. Personally i have never played the move. From people who own a PS3, they tell me the move works really well but I have seen reports comparing Kinect for Xbox to the Move and Kinect won. But I dont think it would have the response that the Move would have because it has a camera. But the camera could potentially pose as a big opponent to the playstation and the Wii for the fact that it can read full body movements and not just one controller. So to my original point, I think the Wii can improve massivly to outbeat Xbox. If they could improve their graphics a touch and make full online cooperative play, the Wii U might win over the Xbox. But it will be difficult. I'm anxious to see the race of these consols.

All Wii products suck, so why would the wii u be any better, it may do good for an while, but after that, it's going to be a forgotten piece of s*it

Xbox will win because they are competitive, they will make a better machine by hardware and design as well as lead in game titles.

The wii u will win you haven't even seen the xbox 720 and the wii u will only cost $300 and the xbox 720 like $700 and the wii u games announced are awesome

It is a poll about the price of the new xbox not the actual price ms would be crazy to do that.

all of you are idiots the xbox 720 will fall on its dace and cry in the glory of the wii u

THANK YOU i couldnt agree with you more.

i believe the xbox 720 is probaly gonna win out of the ps4 and wii u or 2 ive seen what 720 graphics are gonna look like they look like something out of a movie

i heard it will cost 400-600

its ya boy pauly d and the xbox 720 will be way better then the wii, when im not on the set of jersey shore or djaying i love to play some xbox!!!!! yea buddyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

xbox 720 is much better and it looks cooler and sounds cooler and i think the wii u stinks it looks horrible and it doesnt contain the stuff that the xbox 720 has so i have to say the xbox 720 is much better. You should get it immediately

I'm tired of hearing about the Wii U how could this be better the Wii in general sucks real talk. This isn't to be mean in any way so don't comment about that. So the 720 will be better then every other game system. So stop arguing about which one is better its the Xbox 720 because Sony is a terrible system maker.

the will u is a b-----

also xbox 720 will stop making call of dudy games because they will run out of wars and they last game was a up grade in maps thats it so good luck and sony stop making pieces of junk

i think that the xbox 720 will come out on top and the wii u will be a close second and the playstation 4 in dead last because sony made so many stupid things but at least there tying to stay in buiness but i predicted becuase all of the new phones and tables and labtops that sony and microsoft and nintendo will conbinde and make the best console ever but if they dont do that then sony will be in dead last and this will be there werest thing they made and microsoft stop copying people, sony all ready made some thing like kinect even thow enery one said nintendo will louise they wont because they have all those mario fans so sony will come in last because they have no more chain games and xbox will come out on top because they have all the call of dudy fans so good luck sony by lousing in the game sales you might as well close your business wright now cince you made so much junk before this will be the worst

If you want people to listen to your opinion, then how about you use proper grammar? People will just think your opinion doesn't matter. Also you just hated on Sony when both companies have made remarkable progress and are going to make equally good consoles. By the way nice one sentence.

sadly this wont happen the we rely on each of them to keep the others in check and prices down if they all did come together or even two of the three it would allow them to price it so high without giving us an option of a cheaper console

The xbox720 will win but I got news for microsoft im not paying freaking 1000 for a console gosh wonder how much the games for the 720 will cost.

xbox 720 is much much beter

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