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I would have to say that X-Box is winning. I used to be a Nintendo fan, but during the Gamecube and the Wii phase, my interest started to disappear. Nintendo is becoming 100% recyclable with their ideas- I stopped playing the new Twilight Princess Zelda game after it was exactly like playing Ocarina of Time, oh and then there's Mario Galaxy which is like Mario 64 with more room to run... Soon it will be Mario Online where Mario can hop around the world... and then the Wii-U is exactly like the new Playstation Vita. When did Nintendo fall back in innovation?! The X-Box 360 has been ahead of its time. The Kinect seems non-innovative (Playstation Eye), but it works phenomenally and you get to talk to it. Yes, Dreamcast had a Microphone, but unfortunately Sega stopped making systems (which I think would be innovative if they still did now) in 1999. Dreamcast also had a unique memory card that worked like a mini-gameboy when removed from the controller. Nintendo 64 copied the microphone, though for that Pikachu game. If Sega worked with Nintendo now there would be a lot more to Wii now. Nevertheless, Playstation needs a little more, it just beats Wii, and it supposedly has better graphics than the X-Box 360, and with the Vita it really beats the Wii-U, but it doesn't have the Kinect feature, and their boxes aren't as prominent as X-Box's. Furthermore, Playstation 3 should just stop using the Spider-man font.

hi there for $1,000 i espect quad voloci raptors qyad solid state drive laser hard drives 3d hard drives 3d solid state drives 10,000 or 20,000 rpm hard drives or 100 terabyte per second 100 tb/s read write speeds

When will the Xbox 720 come out

I think bring the 720 to stores is kinda bad... what if its does not play 360 game? i may not be the biggest gamer but i still love my 360 games but part of me wants the 720 really bad!!

Yes BBz

The PS4 is so damn expensive it cost $1000 AND ITS MORE BETTER THAN Xbox720 crap.

Lol more better. What grade are u in first

They said they were gonna make Xbox 720 cheaper than the 360 so if the PS4 is going to be worth $1000 then not much people will buy it and Sony will loose alot and I think id go with the 720.

Typical PS3 fanboy, you don't even know what the 720 is capable of yet or what specs both systems will have and you come out with a lame response like that, grow up.

Welshking u bumfluff stop being a fanboy what mks Sony better? Blueray? Yeah what good is that when the don't even bother too use the xtra space, there hardware has just as many problems as Xbox. Apple no more on computer...blah blah my daddy is stronger than yours.....geez are u 5?

@ Brandon - I see what you are saying.
@ Gamer - WTH, how would that work if you had 2 consoles taped together with 1 tv and a small number of AV ports to connect to.

Stuff Microsoft, they are just a bunch of rookies who know their way around computers, whilst Sony are veterans at this stuff, whilst Nintendo are the supreme legends at video games, so for me it is Nintendo/Wii U all the way and if not then I'll go for Sony/PS4 but not freaking Microsoft/Xbox 720 because as stated above cheaters and hackers and besides Apple know far more about computing than blinking Microsoft anyday, only problem is price of their stuff though.
And besides what about the Sega/Dreamcast 2 rumours?
And I keep seeing these articles saying that the PS4, Xbox 720 and Wii U are in this generation of consoles, they are talking out of their butts and why are they saying this is the final generation of consoles, whoever started that rumour must hate video games, because as stated above, Playstation 5/6 where would they fit in if this generation 7.5 (or if they change their minds generation 8), absolutely flipping no-where because if they in the design/lab stage, video game consoles are not dead/dying until proven so.
"Stick that up your butts video game haters!" Lol XD

Play station is better anydays

I've always been a sony fan. Then I tried Xbox 360 and liked it..until I came across many cheaters freezing people in smackdown, and people hacking infinite ammo/health in call of duty, and modding players controllers on call of duty/halo. I really hated xbox 360 for the fact that everyone seemed to cheat or hack. I have a PS3 at my grandmothers with online capabilities, and I have not yet crossed cheaters, hackers, and modded controllers. Therefore, if I were to get a new GEN counsel (x720 or PS4), I'd get the PS4, unless Xbox proved to me that the 720 has all these modders, hackers, and cheaters removed from existance. Also, free membership is a must, I might just stick with sony because I cannot afford paying xbox live membership. I will only buy the 720 if membership is free, cheaters/hackers/modders are removed, and the counsel is under $500. Plus the equipment needs to be improved. I have not had problems with ps3 equipment breaking, but i've lost 7 x360 microphones, 2 x360 systems (via red ring), 2 mw2 games, 2 rock band drum sets, and losing a controller. My overall rating from the 360 is on a scale to 1-10...definitely a 2. My overall rating from the PS3 is on a scale to 1-10...definitely a 9.5.

your saying that online play must be free. and the console needs to be under $500. do you not realize the money you have spent on equipment to play your games. I've paid $40 a year for 2 years now to access live. pretty cheap if you ask me

It sounds like You should handle your stuff better besides the Xbox red ring that is fixed now and all this other stuff breaking is your fault and that's the hard truth and overall the online is better then the ps3 and that's why it's charged. Lastlywhat you talk about with mod,hackers and what not nearly as wide spread,I know and you know that there are this people and iam. It saying its not but all your doing is focus on the bad and the good of the ps3

Nobody is online on PS3 I have both and I know for a fact you can do all the sane hacks cheats and mods on the PS3 but when I go online on PS3 not enough people to play plus PS3 still has many years left so does Xbox360 whoever cones out 1st I will not buy it I have to much $ invested in software. Also biggest reason not to play PS3 ONLINE IT HAS BEEN HACKED MANY TIMES peoples credit card info was stolen.

Actually PS3 is full of hacker and Xbox has alot of little stupid kids that don't know much about hacking while in PS3 there is old mature people who will be pressured to hack like in MW2 its full of hacker and in Xbox there really isnt. I like PS3 and Xbox because I have both but I play more Xbox cuz Xbox is for gamers and PS3 is for hackers

its gonna be something we cannot think of mabie xbox 361 after its uncle the xbox 360 or something so please comment on what you would think of be open minded opimistic sorry for the spelling can't wait till come out

hi there yeah ssd solid state drive is standard means you get quadruple read write speeds over the ps4 hard drive and 6 core cpus too what a power house

hi there will it use anti-matter hydrogen plasma ion cold fussion becuase the energy use be very big

not only does MS make you pay to play online, but you also are required to spend at least $50 a year just to watch Netflix from the Xbox.. and thats on top of the fee ur paying to Netflix.

The fee that you pay for XBOX live gold also covers access to all the apps, primary access to the game servers (which by the way dominates psn in every aspect fathomable). There is no additional fee to use Netflix, rather that Netflix has its own fee as well. Just as you pay your ISP a fee for access, then you still pay a fee to Netflix to use it.

I hope not... I like paying for a better service. PSNation had hackers steal all my info twice!!! All sony did was, sorry would you like a free game LOL Dumb A**es. Plus the price tag seams to filter a lot of the scum out of the rooms. PS3 Online SUCKS!!!

Hopefully Microsoft will be kinder about with their 720 ideals and ideas. You know, letting people play their games online for 'free'! And don't force me to buy every piece of the 720 like I had to with the 360. I love the 360, but Microsoft needs to grow up and not force customers to buy every little *amn thing.

MS, I know free isn't your style; but I feel it is one of the main reasons your primary competitor (Sony) is still giving you a run for your money.

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TRUTH IS TOLD.. or some sort of down price for online game play should be established ..lets face facts economy isn't in best condition for many , and in my opinion you will Have less competition and gain more happy costumers which overall would have better revenue for xbox def knocking the excuse of SONY PS3 HAVING A FREE ONLINE PLAY which would finally shut people up now that XBOX HAS DEVELOPED INTO THE GENERATION N GIVE THE LOYAL CONSUMERS WHAT THEY WANT .... THANK YOU

So a 12 core CPU and a gpu compared to 2 7000's cards I think destroys the ps 3 and is expected to be 6x more powerfully then a Xbox 360 and that makes it atleast 3.5x comp power then the ps3

Wow thatts just funny the xbox 720 beats that easy.

Hahaha ok man say what you will. The PS3 is still better then the 720 and you know MS will do something extreme to try to take the lead only for Sony to release their new system and continue reigning supreme in gaming consoles.

Listen here. Or rather read, i know your dumb and all but you putting your ear up to the computer screeb will not help in what i have to write. This website is made for 360 lovers. Not ps3 lovers. Hence the name "" get yourself off of our website and ho play your free ps3 network that fails very often because it does not have the money to support their online gaming just like xbox live, its a service we buy. And because of that, we get the support we need. The point of developing a new console is to superceed the last. Not outdo the competition. Apple made an iphone 4s, it isnt as powerful as some droids. But its better then the 4, iphone lovers will buy it through loyalty. We microsoft fans have loyalty to the 360 and will buy it even if the rumored(not in production) ps4tard is better says sony. But our gaming expirience will always outdo sony because microsoft is the leader in conputer technology, maby not tv's like sony, but for gaming computers, microsoft will always be on top. Nuff said.

Then why is Microsoft being sued by Motorola for using something they had no right to use in the first place?

PS3 you think is better, but then why do you not pay for your online? Cheaper is worse, its a fact. About MS trying hard, what company doesn't try to outsell another company? Explain this to me. Sony is a dying company, face that fact. Its not the best like it used to with Samsung and Apple become giants in the Electronic Industry. Instead of being biased, be factual.

i for the games halo is xbox so i play xboxps3 has its own exclusive so i go for that u choose good 4 u i continue the playstation line.i nget ur point tho

Really? Microsoft might be running the PCs but Sony is thrashing MS in the console business. The PS1 and PS2 totally thrashed Nintendo's and MS's competitor consoles at that time and facts prove it. The only reason Xbox 360 is beating PS3 right now is because they had a 1 year headstart, and even with that, Sony is still pushing forward and posing as a 'threat' to MS. And how in any ways is Sony a dying company? YOU should get your facts right. Lastly, cheaper is definitely NOT worse, which is being so materialistic. So if you're sold a piece of paper for 1 million dollars by a cheapskate that's better than 10kg of gold for $10 from a really good deal? Just because they're cheaper it doesn't mean they're worse.
And that last statement? You should be saying that to yourself.

YOu are an idiot... the games suck and if the PS3 is so much better, then why is it still behind Xbox 360? Earlier start is just an excuse.

I think Nintendo and Sony are close up because Xbox also has PC and their proper console and its a marketing business not only on games.Nintendo would always win in terms of old school but they are beating Sony in handheld wars because the 3ds is the first on to have 3d the on good thing about vita is its 3g the 3ds has 2 screens street pass spot pass e shop internet backwards compatibility and new games and a camera which you can take 3d photos in.The wii u will certainly match up to the PS4 because of its touch screen it will beat it in motion control and wireless and its Nintendo is always family friendly. We do not yet know the full potential of the xbox 720 and no one will be able to beat Microsoft in business but maybe quality. With apple getting into gaming these people better watch out and I think Nintendo is doing a very good job.


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