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The XBox One is now available for pre-order. Like you we are beyond excited about what the future of gaming will be on the new platform. Microsoft impressed us with the 360 but will really blow us away with the XBox One. The specs are going to take gaming to all new levels.

* Disclaimer - We are a dedicated fan site! We love Microsoft and their products, that's all...


This isn't a place to attempt to dissuade people to 'switch' consoles. The Playstation is fine, I own one, but I also own an Xbox and I prefer Xbox despite the PS having more exclusive titles, as the Xbox still literally has hundreds of fantastic games and arguably the better IPs. While the PS may have higher quality graphics during cutscenes, it is very slow, in not only disc reading but update and download times, which can be frustrating. The Xbox 360 does indeed have digital surround sound output also, has a superior controller and a far superior UI and faster operating system. Sony is not in a strong financial position to guarantee quality and fresh ideas moving forward. I for one will be purchasing the mighty new Xbox on day one, and at some time in the future also purchase a PS4.

There will be something before Christmas 2013, the speech recognition will improve majorly, there will most likely be a built in kinect, (NO PROOF IT WILL BE NAMED KINECT 2.0 BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER) and I there will most likely not be a DVD tray, which takes away the whole Blu-Ray Idea, and the memory, and power is supposed to increase by ALOT, and yeah... Running out of breath here. I hope this helps. The rumor still remains. I am not afraid to say that these are facts.

If your gonna waste your money on this you should buy PS3 OR the upcoming PS4
and its much expensive.PS3 has much more games and Best Quality Graphics and digital dolby surround.
I recommend you to buy PS3 or Upcoming Generation PS4.

wish it was 1.00

I want to know will the price decreses if you pre order the xbox 720 over time if you pre order it to come to your house on the release date. Like video games and toys and accesories etc.

i do agree with you on this on

The lowest it would be is $399. But my guess it will be higher than its name, a whopping $799. If the rumor of the 16 core processor is true.

you sound like your from nintendo, please the economy, buying an xbox helps economy. If your too cheap and lazy to work or save you dont deserve an xbox

article2/0,2817,2405922,00.asp <-Google this.. Very interesting article from PC mag

Is it acutally coming out in a 2 months? and if it is where can i pre order!?

You Paul are a communist! You shall be banished to the dark corners of gaming were you shall be alone without the awesomeness of XBOX!

If it's anything like the 360, you couldn't GIVE me one. The price alone is prohibitive, let alone the fact it will be a P.O.S., just like every other Microflaccid product out on the market. Screw Xbox, and screw Microflaccid!

Dont have the money for an Xbox huh? Well im sure you can get a Ps3 online pretty cheap after you panhandle a few days. That way you know for sure your equipment wont change for a few years and you wont need any Cash to upgrade.. Stay off Xbox forms and news sites if you don't prefer the product douche bag !

I've never heard of "Microflaccid." Please help mitigate my ignorance.

£449.99 retail!

how much will it cost

how much will it cost

What article said that?


The fact that you call it the "xbox company" makes you sound real legit, you know that?
its microsoft idiot

they should at least make it $450 because of the motor thats in it costs like $100

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