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Xbox One Release DateOfficial Release Date!
The Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013, in 13 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA. It will be available in more countries in 2014. What's more, the Xbox One CPU has been increased from 1.6GHZ to 1.75GHZ giving the Xbox One a more powerful processing punch!

History of the Xbox
Xbox - Released November 15, 2001
Xbox 360 - Released November 22, 2005
Xbox One - Released November 22, 2013
Xbox One S - Released August 31, 2016
Xbox Two Scorpio - Release Date

Xbox One Release Date: November 22, 2013
A new announcement from Xbox marketing vice-president, Yusuf Mehdi, has let us know when we can get our hands on the Xbox One. The release date will be the 22nd of November, 2013, and the console will be available in 13 different countries from this date, with additional territories getting access to it at some point in 2014. Sony has also announced the release date for its PlayStation 4: the 15th of November in the US, and the 29th of November for the rest of the world. That means US gamers will have access to the PlayStation 4 first, whereas other countries will find the Xbox One out first.

Unfortunately if you don't live in one of those 13 countries then we don't have too much information for you. Microsoft has shied away from providing a definitive release date for any other territories, though it has promised that the Xbox One will be launched 'as soon as possible in 2014' in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. The Xbox 360 has never been as big a seller as the PlayStation 3 in Far Eastern markets such as Japan, and yet Microsoft has insisted that it will be delivering its Xbox One to these countries, just a little later than the rest of the world. From what we can gather then, the majority of the world should be able to access the Xbox One by the end of 2014, with Microsoft rolling out its releases to different nations in tiers.

The Xbox One will enter the market at a price of $499 in the US, £429 in the UK and 499 euros. Microsoft has been hard at work trying to convince gamers that its console is suitable for them after a bit of a rocky start, with numerous policy changes made since E3 to keep everyone happy.

Back at the launch of its previous console, Microsoft made the statement that the company expected the Xbox 360 to be a ten-year console. That would take us up to the year 2015 so we’re glad we don’t need to wait that long for the Xbox One. It seems that Microsoft isn’t totally finished with the 360 even with the launch of the newer console though, with a brand new 360 model being announced at Microsoft’s conference at E3 2013 and a promise that the 360 will be supported until 2016 with 100 new titles between now and that time.

Xbox One Release Date - The Countdown BeginsThe ever intensifying debate over the best console, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, could be decided in part based on which console gamers can get their hands on first, but as the release dates are so close together it's going to be a full battle to score the Christmas market this November. Can you say "Pre-Order" anyone?

Farewell to Our Friend, the Xbox 360
Microsoft has insisted that they will continue to support the Xbox 360 for as long as customers still purchase it, and adding that support will continue until 2016. Unlike the upgrade of the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 where ties to the older console were instantly severed, both the 360 and the One will be supported and stocked for a few years. In considering the lifespan of the Xbox 360 it is important to remember its spectacularly awful launch. Microsoft was actually down $1.2 billion after that tumultuous release, so it's hardly surprising that they will wish to squeeze every cent from the console that developed its current popularity later in life.

What's in a Name?
Until the first announcement of the Xbox One on May the 21st most internet sources were expecting the console to be called the Xbox 720. Microsoft spokespeople insisted this had never been a name that they had considered, choosing the title Xbox One because this is one console that can master a whole plethora of entertainment, from TV to gaming to Skype to browsing the internet.

15 Game Titles in the First Year
We already knew about Watch Dogs, Destiny and Assassins Creed 4 making their way to the Xbox One. However at the Xbox One reveal it was also announced that in the first year of the Xbox One's life there would be 15 brand spanking new exclusive games! Most interestingly of all is that eight of these will be brand new titles. More information was provided at E3 2013, including the announcement that Halo 5 will be available on the Xbox One in the first year of the console, debuting in 2014. EA had a great presentation at the Xbox One announcement event, showing off some of their next generation sports titles. It was these games that really showcased how amazing the graphics on the Xbox One will be.

Your Gamerscore Is Safe
If you have built up a tremendous Gamerscore on your Xbox 360 then don't worry because you can carry that over to the Xbox One. Furthermore, your gamer tag and avatar are safe as well. Your Xbox life will carry on as normal. The one thing that you will not be able to take with you from your Xbox 360 are your Xbox Live Arcade games.

No Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One
We weren’t really surprised by this announcement, but it has now been confirmed that the Xbox One will not be compatible with your existing Xbox 360 game library. You may want to hold off trading in your 360 for store credit. The reason for this incompatibility seems to be the complex architecture of the Xbox One. While Sony did say that many PS3 titles will be available to download on their PS4, a similar feature for the Xbox One has, so far, not been mentioned.

Xbox One Does Not Require Constant Internet Connection
This is great news for many gamers out there. One of the rumors that would simply not go away was that the Xbox One would need to be connected to the internet all the time, even for single player games. It's worth noting that many, if not all, of the amazing features that have been highlighted at the Xbox reveal and E3 2013 look like they will need an internet connection. Still, for those who were not happy about this particular rumor at least you now know that it isn’t true, though it does look likely that the console will need to ‘check in’ online once a day.

New Kinect Is Required for All Xbox One Users
The new Kinect technology shipping with the Xbox One looks very impressive indeed. Some of the highlights so far revealed include things such as it having a 60 percent greater viewing range, great news for anyone who has tried playing a Kinect game in a small bedroom. The Kinect also has a very impressive 1080p HD camera built in as well. It looks likely that the Kinect will need to be plugged in to the Xbox One for the console to work.

Xbox One Controller – the Best Controller Ever?
Microsoft has showcased its new xbox one controller as well as the new Kinect and the console itself. Although the fundamental shape and feel of the controller will remain similar to previous devices, a great looking dpad, more sensitive controls and even a rumble feature in the triggers should help to make the gaming experience better than ever. The batter pack is now built into the controller, removing the requirement for a bucket of AA batteries or a plug and play kit, and it can now be charged via mini-USB from the console. It looks like Microsoft has kept everything that was good about the Xbox 360 controller, and added what was missing.

We Said “No” to DRM
One of Microsoft’s most controversial decisions with the Xbox One related to the console’s DRM policy, which would have prevented gamers being able to buy used games or sell on the titles they were finished with. Although the policy did offer some advantageous elements such as the ability to share a game with up to ten family members or friends, the outcry from the internet was enough for Microsoft to reverse their position on the subject. Now you’ll be able to buy, sell and loan games as you please, and as pre-orders jumped significantly after the policy reversal it seems that gamers are happy with the decision.

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Xbox blows ps away plain and simple. Just like the big block Chevrolet engine nothing else compares.

Some may want the PS4 those of which are idiots if you are a gadget person like me and every other normal person you would like the XBOX ONE because it is a better gadget

Used to love the XBOX because of the Halo series. Even after Halo 3 was a disappointment, I still stuck with it. But then Halo Reach and Halo 4 came out and now I'm absolutely done with the XBOX franchise. And that's only based on it's games. XBOX has been known for a strong release with available video games at launch, but left their audience starving for games later on. I expect it to be much worse now that they made it so hard for indie developers to publish on XBOX and all the restrictions on game sharing they've implemented. Not to mention the mandatory 24 hour check in and must be online to play "offline" (lol) bull snuff they threw in the mix. Why pay $100 more for a machine that's not entirely yours even after purchase? And I want to ask gamers out there, how many games have you bought to play on the Kinect? The idea of innovation is nice, but who uses it? Now to make it mandatory and always watching/listening is creepy and suspect as hell. Sure, you can "turn off" data mining, but how can you know for sure if it's always on watching.listening.

ANYWAY PS4 = Cheaper, better hardware, no restrictions, more of a potential for new games (indie developers), NO MANDATORY EYEBALL, and it doesn't NEED to be an all in one media box since I already have a SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM that connects to everything, including the cable box. Nice fail XBONE, I predict 30% in losses compared to the 360's launch.

People keep ASSUMING that the PS4 is better, how do you know? Even on MS website it doesn't mention anything about the X1 GPU. People keep ASSUMING based on leaked Durango specs form 2yrs ago. MS 3 billion deal, PS off the shelf parts. You don't think behind closed doors MS thru some money around and AMD and MS had a laugh as to what the PS4 has in it. MS "we are going to kill Sony" MS "reacting to Sony" MS has the money and they will win. I praise the Kinect and the new features it brings- Sony Fans you will still just have you same old gaming experience as you did with the POS3 - MS is opening doors and if you don't see it then you are in fact, retarded. Waste your 400.00 ill bet on MS, there Multiplayer will DESTROY sonys.

the cloud you should do some research the cloud makes the xbox one way more powerful than ps4 its called a lot of processes are happening server side and xbox live has 300000 servers sony 40000

How about you do some research. The PS4 will have cloud computing too. Gaikai has the ability of cloud computing. And you don't even know how many servers the PS4 will have. Don't just assume it will be 40,000...

i didnt assume that is how many servers sony has for playstation network sony even said so

The game restrictions are now gone along with the 24 hour check-in. Then there the Kinect. Microsoft says that it is only listening for the words Xbox On and Xbox Off, and if they were lying, they know they would be in a lot of trouble. Then there is the PS4 having better specs. The only things that is different is that the Xbox One has 8 GB DDR3 RAM while the PS4 has 8 GB GDDR5 RAM and the only difference is that GDDR5 produces better graphics and graphics don't make a game.

Gddr5 produces almost the same graphics but at a higher temp. I think the ddr3 runs at a cooler temp. It may comeback to haunt the ps4 if there are cooling issues.

Honestly I do have to say I enjoy the controller and that is it for this system I love my 360 and I am not going to buy the Xbox One the 360 is better to me reading the things that has to make sure of certain things to be done once every day and the cost of everything put together is not worth this loss. I know many people who are not buying this console for multiple problems it has and its not even out yet. Good luck on the new console hope it works out but I am not a future buyer.

Quite an apt and rumored name is the xbox infinity (8 turned on its side)
I just noticed it wasn't included

Where the hell are the moderators of this website?, Is this really the place to talk trash about current gen consoles?. This is suppose to be a discussion about next gen you fanboy idiots.

To stop this console war i shall give you all a few facts/idea's That people have found out about the next gen consoles. 1st. Play station have said they might charge their players for playing on because it's worked out for microsoft, They also said it would be alot cheaper then the xbox. (So Don't use the "We won't have to pay for online" line because it may not be true). 2nd. The xbox will be better in terms off apps/games/features. (Because games will get free dlc over the year.)
3rd PS4 will have better visuals, That's just the way it is. 4th Some xbox games will make you pay for their online game even if you have gold. 5th The xbox will have alot of fre to play games (with micro-transfers) I would like to point out. »odname: Class4, It is a zombie MMO for the "nextbox"

And last The "Nextbox" Will be the number 1 console when both are released, This may change though. these are al true facts that you can search up on and find out for youself. I own both consoles both are great.

PS4 is coming... im going with the PS3 because you do not need to pay for membership and the PS4 will have more features than the PS3 i hope

Both are great consoles, I don't see why we should choose one over the other. I mean, I like Marvel comics, but I also like DC comics, so why should one have to choose and play just one brand of games? Both systems have their pros and cons, I own both and play all the best games of both brands without feeling the urge to degenerate into petty fanboy arguments over which brand is better. Both systems have so many games available I just don't have time to play them all!

Well 1st off many say xbox is better... think what does 720 mean? Its just 2 hard drive sin 1 360 x 2. wow big deal. But look at xbox. 1st anythign u do even try internet use, u have so much stuff saying cannot be found. or error u are blocked by the console.

2) PS is now coming out with the PS4 in august, xbox in september, so who is followign who. also the Ps5 and PS 6 will soon be announced its realease... xbox is still lacking. but i have to admint microsoft is trying nicely. hell they bought skype, Msn corp, they bought packardbelland now will buy Dell computers corp.

but still Ps is way better 1080p and soon OLED version 4D, virtual blueray, Who will be able to beat that, and also backwards compatability, u can play ps1,2,3 games on it

The PS4 and the Xbox One's release dates are wrong. PS4 has no specific release date other Q4 2013 and Xbox One's release is November.

Okay 1st its called the xbox one not the 720. 2nd its not just double the cores. 3rd that constant internet rumor was just that and as most rumors started by someone like you not knowing their facts. It needs to check in yes but that's all. Its exactly like updates for the 360. And the ps5 and ps6 prolly won't even happen sony even stated that themselves microsoft already ownes skype and MSN and I wouldn't be supprised if thay aready owned dell too. OLED vision would mean that sony would have to make an entirely new tv just for the PS OLED is hardware nor software. Virtual blueray pretty much just means a REALLY high quality movie download (Once again hardware not software) and where you really messed up is 4D UH HELLO THE 4TH DIMENSION IS TIME MORON. Or in otherwords it doesn't exist on a visual level

Oh cousin I'm so sorry next time I see you i'll give you a hand ;)

I guess everybody is to young to remember that the crap box burnt down peoples home when it came out.

I think xbox360 and xbox720 is better than ps3... who cares about blu ray and is the best
gaming console in the world ...yes xbox is the one who followed playstation footsteps...but admit it xbox 360
have the most coolest games and wonderful joystick and such.....I know because i have ps3 and xbox360 and let me tell you this xbox360 is easy to use than ps3 .... and you can even modify it so you can buy copied games and save a lot of money..but for ps3 you can jailbreak it but its hard to find a copy games for the 360 and 720 for me :)

Name at least 5 games that are on Xbox and not PlayStation 3

I can name a dozen of them good or bad on XBOX and XBOX360 and I can guarantee you none of these will ever see the light of day on PS3. Halo Series, Gears of war series, Left for Dead 1 and 2, Alan Wake, Forza Motorsport series, Chromehounds, Crackdown 1 and 2, Project Gotham Racing series, these are the most popular titles and there's a whole lot more - (1st and 3rd party, Shall I go on or have I made my point already?). Before you start nitpicking some of them and telling me that they're last gen, you didn't specifically say only on XBOX360 so that would be irrelevant in this case. See it's like this, you follow what other Sony fanboys tell you and you take their opinions as fact like nothing else matters but the almight SONY brand. Brand loyalty limits your gaming experience and that's just sad. I have no bias towards any company because I game on all systems from Nintendo, SEGA, Sony and Microsoft. I play games for fun, I don't preach them, worship them, or take them too seriously, they're just games and gaming systems are made to be enjoyed. Why is that concept so hard for people to understand?.

what do u think ps3 will be lost because that is xbox 360 and xbox720 you said who is better what do u think is better

this is not a debate about which console is better this is just two groups expressing an opinion.

xbox didn't follow anyones footsteps because it introduced a totally new gaming universe that sony tried tried to conquer and failed entirely.

Also the xbox 720 has more time put into it so it doesn't blow up peoples tv like the ps4.

Playstation doesn't have any of the online features and doesn't have a motherboard that can withstand the power of an XBOX biatches.

im a owner of both and if there was a fire im running in to grab my xbox first ya ps3 has free online play and blue-ray but a blue ray cost 40 buck so i could go buy a box and a blue ray and still havnt payed what i payed for ps3! and as for online play xbox may cost money but the play is better and more competive!! and dont even get me started on ps3 servers!!! id rather rock the box!!

wireless helmet that you going the game focus on your mine then u will a game like lv1-30 or so if you lose go back to the last level 3 lives when does or finish u jus the game stop focusing and u go back to the real world

Also, just because PlayStation got 1 big hack does not mean the Xbox is better. The Xbox also gets hacked as well, in fact it is hacked at least once a week. By The Way you can GO ON YOUTUBE AND LISTEN TO PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HACKING OR HOW TO HACK ALL DAY LONG (if you do not somehow get magically sidetracked by another video(seriously, that somehow happens to me every time)).ALSO, THE MAJOR RECIPE FOR SUCCESS IS TO GET YOUR PRODUCT OUT THE DOOR FIRST SO YOU CAN HAVE MORE GAMES FOR YOUR PRODUCT AND RIGHT NOW IT LOOKS LIKE PLAYSTATION 4 HAS A 2 MONTH HEAD START.

PlayStation 2 came out in October 26, 2000.
Xbox came out November 15, 2001.
This obviously means Xbox followed in PlayStation footsteps until, they were able to stand up on their own and be PlayStation rival.
Go to, Gamespot, and look for the side-by-side comparison between the two consoles, if you want to argue about graphics on either console.
Also, to Austin who said, "PlayStation is steering toward extinction," PlayStation is owned by Sony," therefore, it will never go extinct while Sony is still around.

Wouldnt it be awesome if they combined. ONE PERFECT system. The Playbox :D

As long as the controls continue to be as they are for Playstation, I won't be playing it anytime soon. Give me an Xbox controller anyday.

I'm sick of playstation fans always say that playstation is better than xbox because it can play blu-ray discs and has free internet. Only reason that xbox cant play them is because microsoft got to hurry whit xbox to get it to markets before playstation and there were some sort of rule or policy that didnt allow them to fit it to new wersion of xbox 360. When it comes to internet payment xbox has much better selection and more efiency home window and of corse xbox has usually much shorter downloading times than playstation. For example if you download update for your game it can take 30-60min for that update as for xbox it takes avarage of fife minutes when you are already plying the updated game.

Well, doesn't tha only mean that Microsoft didn't plan properly? And even if you can download faster, you still have to pay for it :)


Party chat was awesome on PS3 dont you think ...

Oh that was on Xbox 360... my bad ... "L"

Controller. Gameplay. Online community. Loading speeds compatibility to every player type. Family settings. CPU. Motherboard. Correct utilization of hardware (unlike sony who pushes it ALL to graphics) should I continue? I have many more.

That's right fanboy, whatever helps you sleep at night. :)

I'll say this much. I camped out for a ps3 and 2 years later it got the dreaded yellow light. 3 years later Xbox is still running smooth and that's purchasing a used one.

You can't compare sony to microsoft. The PSN cannot compare to Xbox LIVE. When Skyrim came out, it could not be played for PS3 without losing all your saved files and have glitchy parts of the map. For an up to date gaming system that's unacceptable. I own both an xbox and a ps3 and I prefer the xbox any day of the week. It's only $5 a month and you get most DLC's earlier than ps3 because microsoft owns the rights. The red rings are a thing of the past and the ps3 had similar problems as well. Not to mention the xbox came out 3 or so years before and you cant tell the difference in graphics. Dont get me wrong the ps3 is a good system but the proof is in the pudding, xbox has more players. You can get a free memborship on xbox called xbox silver which is the same as ps3's free version so you have no point. Sony should keep making great televisions and laptops. PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUT!!

when the xbox first came out it already beat ps2 with great distance. now an xbox 720 there will be more people buying xboxs then ps4s...reasons: the games for xbox are far better,the xbox has a bigger memory system,the xbox is basiclly a computer on steroids.

Honestly from what i hear of BOTH, the Play Station 4 and Xbox 720, I'm not going to get either of them Personally i prefer to buy used games, but many websites have speculated that neither of them will support them. I do like both Systems of course for different aspects, neither are perfect, the play station controllers are uncomfortable to use, and the disc tray to my Xbox broke rather quickly and is somewhat loud, of course i like the idea of free online gaming and sure 5$ a month for the basic Xbox live isn't all that expensive, but free is usually better. of course this is my opinion and i am not favoring either company but i find that both are good for different things, neither can be perfect, and people can hack anything if given enough time and they have enough skill.

I love to see you people fight over what's better, I mean you didn't really have a choice considering your parents bought your console.

Playstation is the reason why Game Consoles still exist. If it wasn't for Playstation, the Game Console Market may have disappeared back in the 90's, and PC Games would rule over. Back then, PS and PS2 was superior over any console; 90% of Game Developers/Companies made games exclusively for the PS. Microsoft made a move to boost itself, by making a game console too, because Video Gaming was the hype.

You're not serious are you?, there have been many other consoles on the market before your precious Sony entered the console race, for example PS1 is the 5th generation of consoles along with Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn. The PS1 was a 32bit console, the N64 is as it's name implies 64bit, the Saturn was also 32 bit, how in the hell is the PS1 superior in terms of hardware to the N64?, While it's true the Ps1 outsold both the saturn and N64 due to a larger library of popular games, what you're really talking about is Sony's popularity (the hype). The PS2 came out in the 6th generation of consoles along side the Sega Dreamcast and the original XBOX. The Dreamcast was the first 128bit console to release, then the PS2 released shortly after which only had a 64 bit Emotion Engine clocked at 299mhz. The XBOX had a Custom 733 MHz Intel Pentium III "Coppermine-based" processor which smoked the PS2 in terms of hardware power. Hell the dreamcast had a better CPU than the PS2 but it died quickly because of poor sales. The PS2 outsold Dreamcast because of it's DVD capabilities. Everyone jumped the PS2 bandwagon for this reason and again a wider library of games and the hype. I'm not hating on Sony because I own a PS1, PS2, PS3, SEGA DREAMCAST, SEGA SATURN, ORIGINAL XBOX, XBOX360 AND WII and love them all just the same.

Okay Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo great machines they are all made for the same reason but different purposes which some of you don't seem to get. Like Nintendo they don't care that much about graphics they care about the fun games people would enjoy which I think by far they are the best. Playstation has many different purposes which I think is convenience while still keeping the gaming experience super high up. Xbox is more graphical more into the games story making you feel like your in it making you want to know what happens next. I have every game system out there from the 1st Sega, 1st Nintendo entertainment system, 1st Playstation, 1st Xbox and portable games to the ones we have Today I'm a game addict and I think the PS4 Xbox720 and Nintendo Wii U will be a great collection and enjoyable things to play. I love every game a true player doesn't fight over who's better because to a true player every game/system is a best game.

so lets argue about ps3 being cooler just because of blue ray player? Hmmmm sounds good

when xboxis better in everyother way no one even uses blue ray players

Everyone uses blu ray players, and its BLU RAY. Dumb f*cking hick, don't be mad cuz you're still rewinding tapes.

i have a wii that suck. xbox 360 is much better

The Stupidity of everybody on this site simply astounds me. This lame my console is better than your console crap proves absolutely nothing. This is suppose to be a discussion about the next gen systems, not the current gen. How can anyone claim that the ps3 or ps4 will be superior to the next gen xbox when you don't have a f$%king clue what the next gen has to offer yet. For gods sake would you immature little fags quit the console bashing for once in your pathetic lives and wait until official word comes out about the next gen systems. Losers the lot of you......

Honestly I agree with you, neither the new Xbox nor the new play-station have come out yet so how could one be better than the other if they're not completed yet. I came here looking for information on the new console, I have also looked up the play-station 4 .

I've had 3 xbox's and all got red circles of death, and had 1 playstation 3 that is still running as good as the first day I got it, I still love Xbox but they piss me off thoroughly when ya end up spending buckets of cash having to buy new ones every year or two. That's my 2 cents. Word

quien opina que esto es verdadero, para mi todavia faltan 2 años

come on guys if u think x-box graphics can even compare to the ps3's HaHa u must be dreaming. ps3 has blu-ray and a way higher graphics card than the x-box and the ps4 is going to blow the x-box720 out of the market.

YO QUIERO UNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like si bienes de duxtativa XD jajajajaja

the best part of the next gen console war is the fact that playstation fanboys still hold on to there blurays lol; do some research hard copy medias will be the thing of the past. i mean come on 35 dollars for a 3d blu ray lol i pay 5 dollars amonth and get the same thing lol

Everyone needs to grow the funk up. Who cares if you say one console over another?! You play what you play. Both have issues. Now everyone, take a man pill and sit the funk down before the crap coming out of your mouths engulfs you. Oh and notice how my grammar and spelling is 100%.

Also, to Zach, the idiot who says Xbox can play Bluray - no. No they can't. They can play ripped versions, which are NOT bluray discs, they're just movie files. You pillock.

i think i will get both

i think think that xbox and ps3 are both great i cant make up my if you like xbox get xbox720
if you like ps3 get ps4 stop fighting do what you want to do

okay so the reason so many people like xbox 360 is becuase it came before ps3 and they have more game like halo. but with ps3 you got better technology the first time. its backwards compatible blue ray always had wifi and never over heats. more people play xbox so more like it.


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