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Fri, 04/13/2012 - 19:06 -- Nanouk

New Xbox One PollsCheck out our Xbox One Polls. What are others saying about the new Xbox One? Vote now to find out! If you have ideas for a poll, contact us, we might post the poll if it's thought provoking.

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Are the xbox one's sold in hong kong power bricks electrical voltage 220v-240v? about to buy one but need it to be 220v-240v.

Its good but I just wish it was back words compatible because I was hoping to play the next GTA 5 and saints row 4 on it. That's the only main gripe I have about it and also the fact their was no mentioning of a microphone system.
But other then those two things its a good console. Please if you could get back to me on the compatibility thing.

This will revolutionize the modern gaming world and I've been waiting for a console like this for a very long time.

that didn't happened tragecly

prefer using controller bro...ps4 control pad design look great.Hope Xbox 720 control pad design look awsome and NO MORE USING AA BATTERIES and easy to use..thks

Well me personally i use to be a ps3 fan all the way but when my girl friend brought a kinect/360 i sold my ps3 the only thing ps3 has over xbox is the blue-ray graphics thats it but hands down now im all the way xbox really bcuz of the kinect and xbox has more games but i love graphics so-PLEASE XBOX MAKE A NEW GRAPHICS SET UP SOMETHING LIKE?¿BLUE-RAY?¿- thanks please fill free to reply or send me updates about wats going on wifh xbox bcuz i deserve atleast that because im a true njmber1 fan of xbox even when when the concept was sega i thin you guys should make.a cam on the ays so your opponent cant see wat play your.picking please (

They need a game like GTA where you can ride bmx/scooter/skateboard/cars/planes/drift trikes etc and can also visit and build skateparks and also play online .
if they make something like this im willing to pay hundreds of dollars for it

If i wanted a wii id get one. The only game that would be sick would be Mortal Kombat. I want an advanced graphics system and a great live system. I love Halo and CoD but i want something new.

I would like to see a app were we could jump in and sit and watch any gamers play live all the time also.

that would be awesome al long as it was the players choice to be watched or not, like something you can turn on and off!

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