New Xbox 720 Concept 4

Mon, 09/26/2011 - 00:16 -- administrator

One of the original concepts for the Xbox 720 but in red and black. Hard to go wrong with those colors. Do you like this Xbox 720 picture? Post your comments below! Seen any better designs we forgot to post? Let us know, contact us.


its way ahead of its time. but I like the way it looks. at least make the eject button like the xbox 360 elite

That 760 tight bt the ps4 is smashing that

It looks cool and all, but I hope it's not stupid expensive just for all that extra fancy design. Big companies are greedy as fck.

this is what the xbox 720 should look like :D !

i like it but i think they could do better, i hope they make it in differentt colors to, bad ass

Its brilliant, the design I gr8, n 4 the people who think its not practical cuz u can't u can't put ur remotes ontop, u don't need 2, best design ever, n colours r brilliant

I prefer the original slimer green color scheme...XBOX 4LIFE!

It looks like something an alien shat out

I prefer the original slimer green color scheme...XBOX 4LIFE!

xbox is always been green and black other then the random white one so do go changing the coloers on everyone there is nothing wrong with the green and black

It looks stupid too me, what's the point in calling it an x"box" if it's not even a box! No bueno mi amigos

The current Xbox case design is easy to integrate into an entertainment system and cosmetic wear isn't really noticeable. Stick with what works. This design, while very cool looking, would take up a lot of space, and can only be placed on a wide flat surface. In most homes, it will look very out of place. I like the fact that the current design can be vertical or horizontal.

If xbox is called an x"box" i highly doubt this design will be it. sorry for the hate, other than that, it looks pretty sick.

this is wicked cool

Don't get me wrong this design is nice but its not even an xbox look at the shape. Even though the other xbox takes up alot of space its still an xbox.

We can only hope that this is the one, my fear is that the design is to complex for mass production!

Looks like a spaceship, to bad the ps4 gonna blow that spaceship away with its awsomeness, come on microsoft try harder. This is a joke have u seen the concepts for the ps4 IT looks viral as hell haha.

ps3 and is crap and ps4 is going to be cap!!1

I totally agree with the different colors

they should probobly make where you get to pick the color you want cause some people might want blue, red, or just solid black

thats pre cool but i agree with the fact that it needs a flat top like the previous xboxs to put discs or controllers on...... but i think that they def wont do this it looks cool and all but its not very practical

What ever happened to Xbox's first true colors... I mean I admit I didn't like the full white and green here and there but this doesn't have anything compairable to the past Xbox franchise design colors. But I guess since it is a new generation they can change their colors "again". I do enjoy the design look though it would look gross with the needed cords for the wall plug and the tv.

I got hard with this concept

This is the coolest xbox i have ever seen! Please Microsoft! Sell this one;)

That is an awsome design

love the design and color... sexy for atractive eyes...but it isn't worth 1000$

its the best color

Since I like red & black, I hope they do come out with those two colors for the New Xbox 720!


that is the meanest look ive seen! i hope they stick with it

I agree that is an insane look for the new xbox 720! It's a freak of nature in a good way and i just hope when it comes out it's afordable!

You guys are such noobs, I knew you would be on some kind of forum saying how awesome the new xbox looks, you don't really believe this is the actual new look of th exbox do you?

I love it!! I really hope they go with this color scheme!! Its extremely agressive looking. Describes Microsoft to a T

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