What Will Be the Xbox One Price?

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new XBox One cost

How much will the Xbox One cost?
At E3 2013 the wait was finally over – we were told how much the Xbox One would actually cost! The price announced by Microsoft is $499 in the US, £429 in the UK and 499 Euros in the rest of Europe. The console will come to 29 countries on its launch in November at these prices, so it’s time to start saving! Want to get ahead of the game and guarantee your console? Visit our Xbox One Pre Order page now.

It wasn’t just Microsoft releasing information about its next generation console at E3 2013; Sony also gave us an insight into the price and release date of the PlayStation 4. We weren’t given an exact date for release of the PS4, only told that it would be released in the holiday season of 2013 so the polls are still open as to which console will make its way onto shelves first. We do know for sure though, that the PS4 is going to be launched at a price substantially lower than the Xbox One, just $399 in the US, £349 in the UK and 399 Euros. This is a break from tradition and could cause a bit of an upset for the Xbox One from those gamers undecided as to which console demands their loyalty. When the Xbox 360 was originally released it was both earlier and cheaper than its rival the PlayStation 3 which undoubtedly helped its sales figures. Will the all in one entertainment unit be able to succeed at this high entry point?

Historical Xbox Pricing
With a starting price of $499, the Xbox One is $100 more expensive than the Xbox 360 was at launch which came in at $399.99 and even just $299.99 for a Core System. It seems that Microsoft has ditched the idea of launching multiple models of console, instead just having one console with the same specifications available to all. Despite this it is possible that future models may come in at a different price. In the life of the Xbox 360 we’ve seen the Elite model launching at $479.99, the Arcade at a modest $279.99, the Super Elite for $399.99 and finally the new look Xbox 360 launched at E3 2013 for $199.99 for the basic 4GB model and $299.99 for the 250GB upgraded version. We don’t doubt that many gamers out there will be keen to get their hands on the Xbox One at its launch price of $499 at launch, but it’ll be interesting to see if the price does come down in time with Sony’s next generation console $100 cheaper.

The Innards of the Xbox One 
Consider how much a gaming PC would cost in today's market. Certainly more than $1,000 for a reasonable specification. Consoles have historically been cheaper than their PC equivalents, due partially to their distinct lack of upgrade ability. This is a trend likely to continue as evidenced by the high specification Xbox One console entering the market at $499, and not the $1,500 of a gaming PC. The technology included within the Xbox One is undoubtedly far superior to that of the 360, with a confirmed eight core processor and 8GB of RAM. If we’ve learnt anything from the launch of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 it’s that even the most hardcore of gamers are likely to look twice at a console that could cost more than a month’s earnings, and that’s why we see this more affordable means of gaming.  

xbox 360 red ring of deathThe Red Ring of Death 
Almost every Xbox gamer has cast their eye upon the Red Ring at some point in their Xbox 360 console's life. Microsoft has been forced to fork out who knows how much cash in the repair of an endless stream of broken consoles, so we’re hoping they’ve learnt their lesson this time around. With a desperate rush to bring the Xbox 360 out quickly and affordably, Microsoft certainly opted for cheaper components than was sensible, hence the constant breakdown of the technology. More expensive components do mean a greater price at the outset which could be part of the reason we’re looking at a higher price for the Xbox One than the Xbox 360, but increased reliability may just be worth the extra cost.

Motion Sensing 
Like it or not, the motion sensing Kinect technology is here to stay. Launching into the marketplace at $149.99, the Kinect was supposed to revolutionize the way that we enjoy games. Despite an initial onslaught of titles that would have seemed more fitting for the Wii, we are just now starting to see some high quality titles make their way to this camera and laser driven means of controlling a game. As such it's not surprising that Microsoft is unwilling to drop the technology for their next console. What does this mean? Well now that we know the Kinect will come bundled with the Xbox One we aren’t surprised that the cost is greater to cater for the extra technology. Is the Kinect worth the extra $100? Only time, and sales figures, will tell!

What do you think? Is the entry price of $499 enough to put you off? Or are you so eager to get your hands on this console that you don’t mind? Let us know in the comments!

Update -- Price of Xbox One Revealed -- June 10, 2013
E3 2013 provided us with the figure we've been waiting for - $499, £429 or 499 Euros is what the Xbox One will cost. It's a bit more than the PlayStation 4 which will launch at $399, so have Microsoft priced themselves out of the water? We'll have to wait and see.

Update -- Microsoft Announcement Fails to Provide Xbox One Price -- May 22, 2013 
If you were hoping to hear how much the Xbox One would cost you at the announcement from Microsoft yesterday you'd have been left disappointed. Although we were shown far more of the actual Xbox One console than the PlayStation 4 in Sony's announcement, there were still many details notably lacking and the price was one of them. We'll have to wait until E3 in June where we expect to be provided with additional details and hopefully a real cost of the console.

Update -- $299 or $499? -- April 29, 2013 
With the announcement from Microsoft that the next Xbox is definitely on the way and will be revealed on the 21st of May, 2013, we’ve started to hear more definite rumors on the price of the new console. Windows blogger Paul Thurrott has suggested that there will initially be two pricing options, one at $299 requiring a two year minimum subscription to Xbox Live (probably around the $10 per month mark), and the other at $499. Would you prefer the standalone option or the ability to buy cheaper but with an extra monthly cost?

Poll Result Update: How much would you be willing to pay for a new Xbox One? - February 4, 2013
We asked our fans in January 2013, "How much would you be willing to pay for a new Xbox One?". Most of our website fans said they would be willing to pay between $300 and $499 (€225.50 & €375.08). 6% of our users said they would be willing to pay $700 (€526.16) or more.

Poll Result Update: How much will the Xbox One will likely cost? - January 11, 2013 
We asked our users in December 2012, " How much do you think the Xbox One will likely cost?". Most users are expecting the Xbox One to cost between $300 - $499. Followed by the second most popular vote of $500 - $599. 6% of users believe it will be over $1000 dollars! What do you think the cost will be? Post your answer below!

Low Price Entry Point for the Xbox One - November 30, 2012 
It’s difficult to know if the 56 page leaked document from Microsoft concerning the Xbox One was totally accurate, but if the specifications and figures contained within are close to the truth then we could expect to see the next generation Xbox launch in 2013, from a base price of $299.99. As it seems confirmed that the Xbox One will come bundled with the Kinect V2, it’s a good guess that this price will be for both console and motion sensor technology. Of course, there are likely to be higher spec models that bump up the price, but this low entry point could interest a lot of gamers unwilling to spend a lot on an upgrade.

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im not sure the price does scary me im on the lookout to see if xbox ones price drops before it comes out to compete with sonys ps4

ok lets keep it real microsoft....you guys can sell it for $2000, someone has to buy it right.but look if you guys keep it in the price from 299-399 it will sell fast .if you guys put the price too high your not going to have alot of clients.LOOK AT THE ECONOMY...IT'S WORLD WIDE ....

I am just going to stick to PC Gaming from now on, the new generation consoles just aren't worth it. Xbox 360 was the biggest thing to happen to the Gaming Community. Xbox One is just going to be a waste of money in my opinion. No reverse compatibility, always online internet to play a simple game even when you don't want to play online, and high pricing range???No thanks for me. The only good thing about it in my opinion is that you can keep your Profile, Gamerscore, and Achievements. Why release new games on the 360 if there is no reverse compatibility on the Xbox One??? PC Gaming here I come.

I dont plan on paying anything im shifting to PS4 this generation.Why you ask,well 8 years is almost 2 generations in hardware in previous times, and what do we get for waiting this long? Mediocrity at best, slow ddr3 ram and an entry level gpu.Sure it's got some cool features and the new Kinect looks compelling but they've sacrificed too much in performance. A very marginal upgrade at best.


so idk if its true or not but i have read that the new xbox will not play used games and will require an allways online connection? if this is true thn i think xbox is in for a big awakening because were not all rich and there is no way that i will buy this system if either of these rumors are true. i know quit afew ppl that feel the same way i do and i think microsoft should invest in its whole fan base and not just thos who are willing to pay more money. we buy the systems and the game so i feel they should hav an obligation to the players to make sure that any and all games are playable on next gen systems. too expensive to do u say? well make a patch or piece of hardware available to thos who would be willing to buy it. as for used games, well i think that is one of the best things to ever happen not only because u get them at discounted prices but $60 bucks a game is kinda high. microsoft is gonna put alot of ppl in the unemployment line if this is infact true. seriously guys think about what could and most likely will happen if this is true........

if sayings true ill be next in line not getting it ?¿?¿?¿

I know that I won't touch it if any of the rumors are true.

I would guess that these rumors are false for exactly the reasons you mention. They'd basically cripple their audience's ability to enjoy gaming. I remember the lead up to the previous generation when rumors were swirling about the new consoles, and similarly it seemed to be the Xbox that got all the flack. It's the same today, in the lead up to the next generation of consoles. To take another guess, I would say it's likely misinformation from Sony to convert those who are deciding which console to buy, as they seem to use these kinds of subterfuge tactics to win the hearts and minds of the consumer in what they themselves have dubbed a 'war.'
On the other hand, if these rumors turn out to be true, I will likely game on my PC only from now on.

There is nothing saying that the new Xbox will be called the 720 it could be called the Xbox 8 and I'm betting the price will be around $300 for the base model I couldn't see it being much more than that

With all the new hardware and software there using on there consoles will inevitably make them jack the prices sky high. but the higher they go the lower there sales will go. not even someone with a great paying career will spend 600 to 1000 dollars for a game console

All i gotta say i dont care how much the new systems cost all the technology betta come with two controllers ne body remember those dayz

I guessed the xbox 720 would be like $300-$400. I guessed the $400 dollars one right. Can't wait for the xbox 720 to come out!

If you really think about it, the rumors regarding the ps4 included many articles on problems with pricing! Depending on how long both companies decide to wait, the teachnology won't necessarily be as expensive as many people might think. If they come out with the ps4/xbox 720 too early, you are right in saying it'd have to be around $1000-$2000 dollars because the technology and design used would be very expensive to continuously make. I believe they'd wait, espeically Microsoft because they've already given the xbox 360 an addditional 2-3 years of shelf life to have it sell; they're in no hurry to come out with a new model because of how much money they've already put into the xbox 360.

hi there wow $1,500 for a gaming console and rummered game prices is $150 i will be passing no way i want spend $1,000 for game console and $100 per game

they will realise if its 1000 not many buy it and lower it considerably

I noticed a few complaining about prices,reliability,and random crap.The 720 kinda has to do a few things not just what "you" want it to do.It needs to be able to last 10-15 years with no more than driver updates to play the latest game.Looks are irrelevent, whats important is the critic is receives.Price is important i agree but what do you want in your 720 $300-$400 worth of hardware & software or $800-$1000 worth and that is what will define its reliability.game developers are currently being held back by todays console hardware hence why they all look the same graphics wise and developers are unable to stand out like they could years ago and only reason games are not looking like that avatar movie is simply because not everyone has a $3000+ PC rig.Ive seen the difference in a game from console to PC is shocking just how far ahead PC hardware has come in a few years for example the graphics in Mass effect on PC on max graphics look better than ME3 on the 360 and that alone says alot.There will be next to little difference between xbox 720 and ps4 simple due to the fact both sony and microsoft are putting the latest and greatest in their consoles which is why the overall CPU and GPU power of the Xbox 360 and ps3 is nearly identical, so arguing over which is gonna be better is next to pointless.Everytime i see complaints about Backwards compatability i see my grandma and grandpa which are stuck in the past saying the old stuff is better.The only way to get people to accept new ideas is to force them since humans by their nature are ignorant and stubborn, take religion for example.The Rumor about anti-used game protection being terrible is silly at best lol look at it this way $60 for new with all features $45 for used + $15 fee to unlock full access to features, for math illiterate people 45+15=60 so comes out to the same.The extra $15 is so the game dev's are garranteed to make money off of the used games instead of a 3rd party company such as gamestop, gamefly, and blockbuster.The red ring of death will not happen again, microsoft will not make the same mistake, theyll just make new mistakes, a good example is Microsoft Windows.Sony will just screw their customers over so its pick and choose lol.The current look of the 720 is not final im sure so that gives me some hope cause its butt ugly,its looks like a wrapped burrito with a surprise in the center.This sentence is to microsoft, my suggestion is that you fall back the first xbox size and "box" shape, just think.... the bigger the 720 is the more hardware you can shove in it, it doesnt need to be a mobile platform due to xbox live and also the bigger it is the larger fans you can add as well which will solve overheating issues.Im sure i left a few things out but there ya go.

Keep in mind that in order to power the unreal engine 3.5 ( the Samaritan demo) and the unreal engine 4 ( CEO said 3.5 is pale In Comparison) will take a gpu of power equall to that of keepler and not runs 499.99, that's not much fun for us, of course you could take off up to 150 dollars due to bulk of sale and age by the time it comes out so maybe 350'prob more but add in the CPU,controller etc and even with a very small margin and accepting losses like they did with a 360 I think it should be expected to cost 650 (low) to 850-900 buying all the extra goodies and the increased cost of 70 per game this should not be in expected

What's the point of paying $1000+ for a console and $100 for games, I use my xbox for relaxation and a good laugh, if u pay that much for a console u seriously need to think about ur life

First when i got my very first xbox I only had for about a month then I got red ring. Then when I sent it to ups I had to make sure my warrenty wasn't expired. Finally when I got it back they said it was because of the dashboard so if u get the first xbox then be CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! And the 720 shouldn't cost more than the ps4 because for what I know if they make it over $700 they won't get many buyers.

Geez, for that price I could get an iPad... and still have money left over! $1000 for the system and then what, $100 apiece for games? Nooo thanks, I'll pass on this one.

microsoft has said that they kept the price point low on the 360 to get buyers, knowing the red ring would bring clients back again and again. yes xbox has better software, but sony rules the roost with its hardware. my ps3 is 4 years old and i ran the human genome project where you donate your processor to science for almost a year, I also downloaded tons of movies that took 6-8 hours each to download, needless to say it has been on for not days or weeks buts months, not one failure. Why would someone buy a system that has been proven to be a failure, knowing your are going to spend more in the long run than you would have to buy the superior system in the first place, yes the ps3 cost more but it is buy far a less stressful, more useful, and more rewarding system. I will buy sony forever knowing thier designers wont build a back door to keep the sales coming in, oh buy the way, did you hear the new xbox 720 will be HD, lol facepalm. what a joke. just my 2 cents i saved by buying sony.

ps3 is in some way better than xbox but in other xbox is better than ps3.
Like ps3 has free online but on xbox there are not so many hacker so xbox connetion are better.
There is no point in arguements you mite as will say there both the same

the xbox 720 is going to suck just like the 360

Hello I hope they come out with the xbox 720 soon. When they do I will be one of the first ones to buy it.!!!

By all means, you do that.

More than I can afford I expect. :-( I don't think it'll be more than $1,000 though, that'd surely price them right out of the market? Unless the PS4 was that expensive too of course. It'd have to be damn good to persuade people to spend that much money on something, especially if games end up costing more if they're in whatever HD format as well. I think it'll probably be something like $6/700? Whatever it is I just hope they build it better. I've always looked after my Xbox and have still been cursed with the Red Ring.

This should cost at least $500 more than what it cost right now for the first 6 months. Then it should go down to $1,500 after that time is over. Then after a year it should go down to about $1,000. This is my opinion. does any one else agree?

The 720 I think is cheaper than it should be. From the pic it looks like it took a lot of money to make and come up with the design. If I were the owner of the company i would make people at first pay $2,000 then after 6 months it should go down to about $1,500 so that in the begging when people are relay wanting them you can make a bigger profit. That is just my opinion. Any one else agree?

its all fake....get a life and read comic books

u think reading comic books is for someone having a real life? u are just jealous of the gamers that actually love to play xbox or any console over the internet or u r just still a kid that doesnt know the meaning of life. go spend ur money on all the comic books if u want but i will stick with the xbox, with comic books u dont get no physical exercise with kinect for 360 u do... call it fake if u want

ps4 will beat xbox all day long. no point in trying to better it


no xbox will win

no xbox will win

then why are they rushing the plastion 4 and why is it made of glass that will break if dropped and it is bigger than the x- box 720 so how can you say it beats it. If you dpon't like the x box or if you do like ith then you need to think of how the systems will be like and if they will break easily.

The PS4 is most likely not mad of glass and even if it was, you would not know yet. There are no pictures of either of the consoles yet, not even at the announcement they did not show a picture of a PS4 of bring one there. Therefore it is impossible to know what it is like.

I've had my xbox ellite sine it his stores and not once have i gotten red ring it all comes down to how you treat your console you cant just leave it running day after day for to long or it will over heat and you will find yourself face to face with a red ring, also make sure you clean it every once in a while and keep it out of small dusty areas where it can face overheating and ventillation problems.

then ur xbox is the chosen one!

I would have to agree with you. I have had all the models of the 360 and still own them without ever getting a red ring of death in any of them. When your done playing shut it off, dont set it own the dusty floor, dont set things on top of it, clean it from time to time, and just dont treat it like a piece of crap and it will work just fine for you. If you are a hardcore gamer and play hours on end set up a little fan to blow on the 360 to keep it cool....just use your brain and you wont have any problems.

I just love it when people speak about something when they have absolutely no clue as to what they are talking about. The Red Ring of Death was caused by a faulty heatsink. I have kept several clean enough you could eat out of them and still get the RROD. Once you actually take one apart and see how cheaply they have been assembled you see money is/was the real issue. CPU and/or GPU had little to no thermal compound and the X-clamps are weak (placing no pressure on the heatsink-ths allowing no heat transfer) . Once you apply a proper amount of compound and properly attach the heatsink, you should never have that problem again. I still have my Xbox360 from the initial launch date, I fixed it once myself with about $4.00 worth of materials and it's lasted ever since then. My suggestion, use YOUR brain and educate yourself before you try to tell someone the proper way to use their equipment.

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