Destiny - MMO Magic on Xbox One

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When it was announced that Bungie would no longer be working on the Halo series, fanboys across the galaxy cried out all at once, but they were silenced as it was also confirmed that they would be working on a brand new IP, which we now know will find a home on the Xbox One.

Destiny is a First Person Shooter – Great. Destiny is also an MMO.

An MMO on a console?

Things just kicked up a notch.

It’s been the main bragging right of PC gamers everywhere – MMO’s just aren’t suited to consoles. It seems that now (along with The Elder Scrolls and Sunset Overdrive) that the Xbox One generation is set to be the generation for console MMO’s.

Destiny is set hundreds of year into the future, where the world has suffered what appears to be an apocalyptic event. A celestial being now hangs above the last remaining human city, and provides its inhabitants with special abilities. We also have two conflicting races to deal with – Awoken, who are elven-esque, and the Exo, our antagonists. The humans protectors, or ‘Guardians’, have to work together in order to save the remaining survivors within the city.

Destiny - MMO Magic on Xbox OneIt’s an intriguing premise, and suggests we may get gameplays aspects similar to Bioshock as far as special abilities go. So far we have seen plenty of gun battles, but I’m sure as time progresses we will be introduced to the special abilities.

E3 treated us to an impressive play demo of Destiny (even though it was on the PS4 – and seemed to suffer from some serious lag issues at times) showing our main character being airlifted in to a spot outside a giant wall. He is then joined by another player, and both storm the wall and partake in battle with what looks to be a huge armoured spider creature/tank.

The gameplay looks smooth and it does have a similar feel to the Halo games produced by Bungie. Animations such as gun reloads and enemy movements have something distinctly… Halo about them. And that isn’t a criticism, Halo 3 and Reach are beautiful games and the small taster we have been given of Destiny does a lot to make us want more.

Textures and lighting are impressive, and as the game isn’t due until 2014, these will continue to improve. While graphically the game doesn’t appear to be an improvement over the current generation, the fact that Destiny is an MMO produced by Bungie is enough to get anybody interested. The E3 crowd gave the game a great response, and social media has been buzzing with positive comments. Bungie have been keen to win back fans of the Halo series, and everything they have revealed about the game so far appears to be pushing all the right buttons.

Check back soon as we bring all the latest news on Destiny.

Article by - Mike Jeavons
Insert Date: 6/12/2013

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