EA Sports UFC Is Hitting The Xbox One!

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EA had quite the showing when the Xbox One was shown to the world. One of the most interesting games that they showed was their UFC game. I think it's no secret that EA had wanted the UFC license for many years, and now they finally get the chance to show us what they can do with it. Of course, they have some high powered new hardware to play with, thanks to the Xbox One.

Now to be honest, no actual game play information has been revealed for EA's UFC game just yet. We still do not know if they will be putting a number at the end of it, like they do their other sports games. They did wow the crowds with what little they did show of the game, but the best information they gave us was in regards to the EA Sports Ignite Engine which is what is going to be powering all of EA's sports franchises. For UFC fans, it's good to see that EA holds the UFC license in the same regard that they do Madden, Fifa and the NBA games.

During the Xbox One reveal, EA executive vice president Andrew Wilson who also happens to be the number one guy when it comes to EA Sports, had some very interesting things to say in regards to this new engine. He stated that this new engine "Will deliver stunning accuracy, realism and experiences we could only dream of".

ea sports ufc xbox oneOf course one thing that will be amazing is the games visuals. The EA Sports Ignite Engine will not only make sure that the UFC fighters look better, and more detailed than ever before. But, the animations is also going to be like something we have never seen before in a UFC game. As well, the crowd will be fully 3D! This is god send, because EA Sports has struggled to making the crowd look real. Many UFC fans find the whole pageantry of an event just as exciting and this new game engine certainly sounds. It's more than capable of making each fight feel like a real UFC event!

If you thought the EA Sports Ignite Engine was just all about making the games look pretty, then you better think again. You see the AI now will be smarter than ever. It was said that this new engine will make the fighters act very life like. It can calculate 4 times the number of calculations then the Xbox 360. So this makes the AI much more smarter, and in theory it should make playing against the AI really fun.

Tough, now that many details of the game where presented at the Xbox One event, at the very least, we do know that the game engine behind the game is going to give us a UFC game like we have never experienced before!

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 06/01/2013

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