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As you most likely know by now, the Xbox One will do more than just play games: its “all-in-one” media capabilities that give the device its name will enable you to watch movies, partake in fantasy football and even chat with your friends. While we don't know the full breadth of applications for the Xbox One, the unveiling conference did reveal quite a few applications that are sure to influence the way you use the device. We've compiled all known apps and entertainment features along with their descriptions in the handy list below:

Hulu: Digital distribution service Hulu is confirmed to be coming to the Xbox One and will most likely function exactly the same as it does on the Xbox 360. Not only will an Xbox Live Gold account be required but a Hulu Plus membership will as well. Hulu Plus airs not only classic television shows but new episodes of current shows as soon as a day after airing.

Netflix: Much like Hulu, Netflix is a digital distribution service that focuses more on movies than television shows. While Netflix doesn't have the latest episodes of your favorite show, it will more than likely have every past season along with thousands of movie titles both past and present. However, Netflix has been moving into providing new content and is the exclusive home for new episodes of Arrested Development. Like Hulu, an Xbox Live Gold account and a Netflix subscription will be required to use the service on the Xbox One.

Xbox One Entertainment And AppsHBO Go: Another digital distribution service that focuses just on HBO programming, such as Game of Thrones and Girls. HBO Go claims to give you access to every season and every episode of most HBO programs and specials. An active HBO subscription is required to access HBO Go on the Xbox One.

Skype: Skype, purchased by Microsoft in 2011, is an online communication suite specializing in video chat. Skype's functionality will be the same on the Xbox One, enabling you to have not only one-on-one video chats with your friends but also group chats, which is an exclusive feature of the Xbox One system. As Skype is a free download on the PC, only an Xbox Live Gold account will be required to use the service.

Internet Explorer: This Microsoft-owned Web browser, recently unveiled with the Xbox 360, will return to the Xbox One and include the same features as the PC version enabling you to browse websites on the console.

NFL Partnership: The Xbox One has signed an exclusive partnership with the NFL to bring live football to the Xbox One coupled with your fantasy football statistics appearing onscreen during the game. This deal may just change how you watch football!

Original Halo Programming: The first of Microsoft's original programming options, the Xbox One exclusive Halo television series has landed Steven Spielberg in a producer capacity. While it's not yet known what time period the Halo TV show will be set in, fans of the series are no doubt on the edge of their seats waiting to see what Spielberg brings to the franchise.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 05/28/2013

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