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Tue, 03/26/2013 - 05:54 -- jdelacey

Ok, I am a huge Fifa fan. I have been playing this game since it was first released on the Sega Mega Drive. I remember getting very excited when it was announced that the Super Nintendo version of the original Fifa would have power bars, so you could see how hard you were kicking the ball. I also remember when club teams were included into the game for the first time, and when actual real players were as well. In short, I am a Fifa maniac. If I could only buy one new release each year on day one, then it would always be Fifa. Since Fifa 08 I think the series has really been on a great run, with little improvements each year being made to improve the overall game. However, in the next generation of consoles there are still a few things I would like to see.

Better Star Tracking

To me the most frustrating thing in the modern Fifa games is stat tracking. It should be so much more in depth than it is. I hate the way, how we have to go into each individual competition to see how many goals a certain player has scored. It should tell you on your team selection, how many appearances and goals a specific player has scored. Then, if you want you could then go into each individual competition and see things more in depth there.

Also I would like career stats for all players. At the end of each season your players stats for that year are gone. Why not keep the stats for each and every players whole career. For example in my career mode I play as Spurs, and I signed a player called Jamie Murphy. He played for me for 8 seasons, and I would have loved to be able to click on his name and see how many appearances, assists, and goals he had for his career at my club. This surely is not to much to ask. The game Sensible World of Soccer that was released in the early 90’s had better stat tracking than what we have in the modern Fifa games.

What I Want From Fifa On Xbox 720More Kits

Ugh this is a major issue for me. I like to spend say ten seasons at one club, and I hate how for ten years I have to wear the same kit. I get that EA have gone to the trouble of licensing the actual authentic kits, but there must be something they can do?

How about letting us custom the kits each season? It could be done by keeping the kit manufacture and sponsor, but letting us change the style. The older Fifa games on the original Playstation and Nintendo 64 would let you customise these kits. So if your sponsor on the shirt is say Samsung, and the kit maker is Nike you would have to always keep them, but let us at least change the style.

More Drama

One thing I think would be kind of cool, would be if you were managing a club, if real world things could happen to your club. A few examples would be that your club could get bought out by wealthy middle eastern business men who are willing to give you a ton of money to spend on players. Or at the other end of the spectrum, your club could get into real financial difficulties resulting in you having to sell some of your best players.

Also I would love it if I was having a good season for a rival club, and the club would try come in and poach me away to manage them. Maybe they would offer you a huge amount of money to invest in players as an incentive.

Better AI

One major issue I have with the Fifa games is the AI. After a while it gets to a point where the AI never puts up much of a fight. I would love the AI to be more aggressive. Especially in front of a goal. The amount of times I have seen my opposition walk into the box with the ball and just run straight into the keeper without taking a shot is ridiculous.

Better Quality Control

I love the Fifa Manager/Career Mode, but as a guy who has put hundreds of hours into this mode since it was introduced in Fifa 2004, I can tell you that each and every year I have issues where it will crash. It will crash and I will have to start my career from the beginning. This has been going on for the better part of ten years now, so I really hope that this next Xbox will move past this.

Free Kicks

I think that Fifa 13 has a pretty good free kick system, but I would love a bit more control. I think that some players should be classed as a free kick specialist and then these players could have extra abilities when it came to taking a free kick. Like hitting the ball in a specific spot or something like that.

More Of The Same

To me Fifa 12 and 13 were fantastic, and I think that the core game play is pretty much perfect. You really do feel like you are in complete control. I really would not want EA to make any major overhauls to the core game play. It is just the little things that I would like to see touched on when it comes to Fifa on the Xbox One.

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 03/26/2013

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