Forza 5 Revving Up On The Xbox One

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Wed, 05/22/2013 - 03:18 -- jdelacey

One of the big titles that was revealed at the Xbox One launch event was Forza 5. I, like many of you guys have been a fan of this series for a very long time. I know that graphics are not everything, but the Forza games really do look fantastic. They already looked pretty amazing on the Xbox 360. So, it was with much excitement I watched the trailer for Forza 5. I really could not believe what I was seeing, and at times I was not sure if this was a game or a CGI movie.

The trailer only lasted a minute, but in that minute we saw some truly breathtaking visuals. There is a race with two fantastically detailed vehicles. The camera zoomed in around the 2 cars, and showcased some amazing detail. Honestly, I have never seen tire treads look so good on a car. The lighting effects were pretty spectacular. If this trailer had a night time effect, you could have easily mistaken it for one of the Fast & The Furious movies. That is not an exaggeration either, it really did look that good.

The cars were racing around a really cool track, which excuse my ignorance if I am wrong, looked like somewhere in Italy, (geography is not one of my strong points) and it looked great. I am sure there will be many amazing looking real world tracks for us to race in, when the game is released. Forza 5 Revving Up On The Xbox OneThere was just so many little details... From the camera shot above the track, it actually looked like you could see for miles in the distance. Now of course, when you actually play the game there is no way you will be able to have all of these dynamic camera angles. But, if the final game comes close to looking like that, then I think many gamers will need help picking their jaw up from the floor.

It was very exciting to see this new trailer for one of the Xbox's biggest franchises of the last decade. However, a great deal was not actually revealed about the game play or game modes. But one thing that did get some cheers, was that Forza 5 has been confirmed to be a launch title for the Xbox One. So right there, I am sure many of us already know we at least have 1 game we are very interested in, when the console launches later in 2013.

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 05/22/2013

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