The Future of The Elder Scrolls

Thu, 05/31/2012 - 07:22 -- RLWaterman

Despite being one of the most bug-riddled games we've ever had the joy of playing, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still managed to dominate the charts and appear in many a top ten spot for the best games of 2011. It speaks volumes about Bethesda that even with its flaws Skyrim is one of the greatest role playing games to ever grace the Xbox. With absolutely spectacular visuals, a vast open world experience, more quests than ever before and a potential of more than 300 hours of playtime, we could overlook the problems and dive headfirst into the realm of Tamriel.

With more than 7 million units of Skyrim shipped to retailers within the first week of the game's release, it's unsurprising that rumors are already circulating about the sequel. Rumors helped along by news of Bethesda Game Studies "looking for experience programmers to work on cutting-edge technology for an unannounced game on future-generation consoles."

Not only does it look likely that we'll be treated to future trips to Tamriel on the Xbox, but also that Bethesda are looking past the Xbox 360 and straight to the next-generation Xbox One. Don't get excited if this makes you think the launch of the One is just around the corner though; The Elder Scrolls games notably take a long time to develop, with Morrowind in 2002, Oblivion in 2006 and Skyrim in 2011. At that rate we shouldn't expect to see the sixth installment until 2015.

Given that a future edition of The Elder Scrolls is a foregone conclusion, we thought we'd take a look at some of the features that we'd love to see within future installments in the series.

If you spend any time following gaming news you are likely to have heard of the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online. For the first time Tamriel will be taken to the realm of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It's great news for PC owners, but for those console-bound we'll need to wait for the next installment when it arrives on the Xbox One. Although we don't expect the same massive multiplayer experience that The Elder Scrolls Online promises to offer, it might be nice to find some form of co-operative mode incorporated into the console version.

We're not exactly sure how this would work in a game that, to date has been all about the single player campaign. Taking to the console with a friend to do battle with dragons and restore peace and stability to the realm could be a big enhancement however, and with the extra processing power that the Xbox One will offer we wonder if this is an addition that could help to push The Elder Scrolls to the next level.

Bug-Free Gaming
The Future of The Elder ScrollsBugs and The Elder Scrolls are words that go hand in hand. You only need to look at the enormous list of problems on the Skyrim Wiki to discover that bugs have been a serious problem for the game. The PC, PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game all suffered with an array of occasionally irritating errors, some of which were certainly linked to the game's engine. We sincerely hope that Bethesda put in some serious testing time to prepare the next Elder Scrolls game for its launch. Although patches have been released in an attempt to remove some of the errors, it seems a never ending battle for the developer. Perhaps it's time to put the old engine to rest and start again with a new system that hopefully poses fewer problems to players.

Up until now each Elder Scrolls game has been contained to a particular region of the map of Tamriel. It has already been revealed that the MMO release will tackle the whole of the world that we've seen so far, but what about the next console release? It may be that Bethesda chooses to develop one region in more detail instead of opening up the entire world; however it would be a great experience to know that you could travel for days in game and still not reach the edge of the map. It's a risky move however; make the game too good and too long and we could see civilization crumble as gamers around the globe disappear for months at a time in an attempt to reach the game's conclusion!

No matter what Bethesda has in store for us in the future, we're confident that The Elder Scrolls will be back, gracing our Xbox One's with spectacular scenery, storyline and adventure.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 05/31/2012

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