The Future of GTA (GTA 5)

Tue, 03/27/2012 - 02:21 -- RLWaterman

There aren't many games that could make it into the press in a negative light and yet go on to sell more than 114 million units. Grand Theft Auto is an entity unlike any other in the gaming world; it's the title blamed over and over again for the crimes of our youth, and from its debut back in 1997 to the impending release of GTA 5 scheduled for 2012, controversy has continually followed the series. Violence, nudity and even a drug dealing mini-game are just some of the areas of the games that have been criticized, but despite it all every new release makes its way straight to the top of our gaming charts. GTA is a series here to stay.

Information regarding the future of the Grand Theft Auto series might be scarce at present, with much of developer Rockstar's focus resting on the release of GTA 5; however we can expect any future games to feature some of the series staples:

Open world. One of the great successes of GTA is its open world nature; you can thoroughly explore the world around you and choose your missions and side quests as and when you desire to do so. Although the missions associated with the main plotline do run in an order, it's easy to forget as you get caught up in all there is to see and do. With the increased processing power that the next generation Xbox is sure to offer this open world experience can only get better; we will be able to enjoy enhanced detail, more side-streets to explore and even bigger maps to lose yourself in.

Controversy. The whole premise of Grand Theft Auto is to take you through the ranks of the criminal syndicates in the cities in which the games are set. As long as this premise continues, so will the controversy that naturally follows the series around. In the past we've seen the murdering of prostitutes, the ability to drink and drive and plenty of full-frontal nudity. It's hard to imagine what boundaries future games of GTA could push, but the shock of such inclusions within Rockstar's games is sure to go on. Expect to see a range of mini-games to raise your eyebrows and plenty of opportunities to gratuitously murder your innocent victims.

Action. GTA is one of those games that is difficult to put in a category. From driving to stealth missions, role-playing elements to gun fights across crowded rooms; the action in all of the previous games has been varied and enticing. As the near perfect reviews of all titles in the series since Grand Theft Auto III show, the gameplay of GTA is fine tuned to perfection, and any future forays into Liberty City or anywhere else in the fictional world that Rockstar has created will be sure to feature many different elements to keep you gaming.

The Future of GTAWorld exploring, hit-and-run accident causing and action packed adventure aside; there is another development that Rockstar has lately hinted at that could highlight some of their thoughts for the future of this franchise. It seems that the developer is keen to implement some links between their different games, in order to create stronger ties with multiplayer action and to keep their fans buying their own products. It was recently announced that the multiplayer mode in the new Max Payne 3 game will link with Grand Theft Auto V, allowing gamers to create crews that will be accessible in both titles and feuds that span across the different disks.

It seems probable therefore that GTA games of the future will feature interaction with previous titles in the series, as well as other Rockstar games. Your player progress and interaction with the world around you will be constantly monitored, enhancing your gaming experience with every passing GTA game.

Although better graphics and larger worlds are a given on a next generation console, it will be interesting to see what other developments Rockstar makes to keep us in the world of Grand Theft Auto.

Update - December 19, 2012 - Grand Theft Auto 6
Despite Grand Theft Auto 5 due to hit current gen consoles in 2013. There has been talk of what GTA will have to offer next generation. Producer of the long running series, Leslie Benzies, stated rather than make a new city in Grand Theft Auto 6, there is the possibility that all the cities than have been in the previous games could be included to make for the largest open world in the series to date. It was also said that players would be able to fly between the different cities, but I am sure that there would always be that option to just hide the road and drive... and run a few people down in the process.

Update - August 2, 2012 - Grand Theft Auto 5
Take Two Interactive today had potential to include information on Grand Theft Auto 5. However they did not include Grand Theft Auto V in the release schedule. The schedule shows all releases up to March 2013. "We haven't talked about a release date," explained Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. "We're blessed to be working with Rockstar," professed the CEO.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman

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Why is the title "GTA 6" if you're talking about GTA 5? IV = 4, V = 5, VI = 6.

i have no freaking clue

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