Xbox One Games

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Xbox One Games

Xbox One games are here... Are you ready?
The Xbox One may have only launched in 2013 with a handful of games, but there are many more due within the coming years to cement Xbox One as the must have console for cross-platform titles and exclusives. Let's take a look below at the titles we have to look forward to. See also Rumored Games | Xbox One Game Previews

Confirmed Games:

Rumored Games:

  • Borderlands 3
  • Halo (On top of the 2 confirmed titles)
  • Game of Thrones
  • Mafia 3
  • Doom 4
  • Homefront 3
  • Star Wars 1313
  • Star Wars (In addition to Battlefront and 1313)
  • Oddworld
  • New 3rd person title from Rare
  • Fifa 15 (Though this is almost guaranteed)

Xbox One Game Previews

Forza 5
We saw no in game footage, but the cut scene we were treated to was solid, if not a little generic. It will undoubtedly titillate fans of the series.

Quantum Break
Very little was revealed about Quantum Break, other than a jarring mash up of soap opera drama featuring live action footage of a family and what appears to be a little girl with psychic powers, and a rather impressive CGI boat crashing through a bridge. The footage was spectacular but got a seemingly confused reaction from the 200 strong crowd watching - at this point nobody quite knows what to expect from Quantum Break.

Fifa/Madden 14
Microsoft were keen to show us famous sports personalities during their montage of sports games, which unfortunately didn't include footage of actual gameplay. Being the first of their kind on next gen consoles we can no doubt expect these games to be more than just your average yearly upgrade.

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty: GhostsBeautiful visuals, impressive gameplay and exclusive DLC - Call of Duty fans will not be disappointed with what was shown at the unveiling. In fact, Call of Duty fans will be the only fans NOT disappointed. We're all just going to have to wait a little longer to really dive in to some Xbox One titles.

Microsoft confirmed that there will be 15 first party games within the first year, 8 of which will be brand new IP's (one of those being Quantum Break). No doubt more details will trickle through within the lead up to E3.

With rumors continuing to gain speed regarding the next generation console from Microsoft dubbed the Xbox One, games developers must be eagerly looking for opportunities to exploit the all new hardware contained within. Can you imagine stepping into a game world that resembles the amount of detail contained with a movie like Avatar? Can you imagine enhanced Artificial Intelligence creating more challenges and increasing the lifespan of titles? Can you imagine what possibilities the Kinect could offer to gamers in the future as motion technology is perfected? The Xbox One may be a while away from reaching us yet, but there is plenty to look forward to with lots of potential games on the horizon.

Halo 5
Halo Xbox OneWe already know that an all new Halo experience is waiting in the wings for the existing Xbox 360, with a sneak peak shown at E3 2011. But what could come next in the saga? Halo has continued to pull in the punters to the Xbox, and with new developer 343 Industries replacing Bungie we're expecting some new life to be breathed into this series. This life could easily continue into the next generation Xbox console. With the increased processing power that the Xbox One will bring to the table can you imagine how immersive the Halo universe could become? Just imagine facing Covenant foes with intelligence; foes who can learn your movements and hunt you down as you and your best buddies work together to complete the campaign mission. Halo Reach started the principle of making levels harder not simply be increasing the quantity of bad guys, but by making them more intelligent. Just imagine where this could go with the enhanced technology on offer!

Gears of War 4
Gears of WarYes, we know, the Gears of War trilogy is coming to an end with the release of Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360. Or is it? The developers have certainly promised that they will wrap up the storyline at the culmination of the third installment of Gears of War, but they have also mentioned that they won't actually be blowing up the world in which the games are set. Thereby leaving plenty of room for the already greatly desired sequels. Improvements to the Horde mode within Gears of War are being released with the third game, but imagine what Horde version three could look like. Swiping your chainsaw through the bodies of irritating drones will never be the same again with next generation graphics making that spurting blood look all the more gory.

Assassin's Creed 3
Assassin's CreedUbisoft are certainly milking the Assassin's Creed characters Ezio and Altair for all they're worth, with the release of an intermediary game, Assassin's Creed: Revelations for the Xbox 360. We're more excited however of the prospect of the promised third game in the series, featuring an entirely new character in an entirely different time period. Whether Assassin's Creed 3 will make it for the Xbox One, or if it will be the fourth installment that we are likely to see on our next generation console remains to be seen. Either way we are looking forward to exploring a vast new map which the One will be powerful enough to run in intricate glory. And what's more; the one annoyance that's always let down the series - your foes standing in a neat circle, attacking one at a time until you gradually dispatch them all - could be completely removed with the promised improvements to artificial intelligence that the increased processing power will offer. Instead of waiting to attack, your enemies could have their own intelligence, teaming up in an attempt to take you out and making the entire experience more realistic and challenging.

The World of the MMO
Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are more than just a mouthful and a half to say, they are also taking the PC gaming world by storm. Popular games such as World of Warcraft have millions of active players, but have generally been restricted to computers. What if this is the time for the genre to make the jump to console? Now that the internet is more deeply ingrained into our console gaming we see no reason that these multiplayer games couldn't start to make the transition.

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I don't wonder I hope for another Tomb Raider

I wonder for a Tomb raider game

Me and my bro. Loves gears of war on Xbox 360. If there is goin to be another gears of war series you can bet I'm getting a Xbox 720

I find it funny that you all have a voice with nothing to say. Those of you on here that tell people they need to go do something, well you're on here too stupid, so you can't go around insulting people. I also saw people saying the 720 isn't real. Do you have proof? I'm not saying i have proof it is but show me something that it is not. Then someone said they'd kill themself if the 720 didn't play 360 games. Really? Do you really need that mush attention that your gonna put that on here? Ok. I actually like the people on here that talk about games and give suggestions. For the rest of you... YOU go do something else because we are true gamers that care about what happens to the games and consols we play

i cant wait for halo 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

y dont u guys just go outside or something oh wait am i not allowed to say tht ! oh noooooooo!

lets hope theres no ring of death on this new console its not.

will you be abel to play xbox 360 games the the xbox 720

Can't wait but first need beat Halo 4 though

Join This Halo 4 Forum
Ho to Google and look up Halo 4 Forums and it will be with news in it

Mmm, satisfying my lust for MMOs with the ability to sit on the couch and play – yes please Microsoft! I'm loving the thought of improvements to AI though. Just imagining being properly hunted down in Halo or Assassin's gives me goose bumps! I hope they don't try and put too much motion sensor stuff into games like that though. A bit of voice could help with weapon selection and whatever (though maybe not in split screen!) but can you really imagine standing up and pretending to peer around corners holding a gun? Doesn't sound like something I'd want to do.

that is the worst cosole ever i ve got xbox 950 and playstasion 6 and if you whant to get them come to japan,china,tokyo,sweden and the closest is in your imaginatoin WOW i ve just took one out of my imagination anyone whant on COME TO CHINA

do a saints row 4
gta 5and 6
cod modern warfare 4
two worlds 3 and 4

I think it's probably time to see a new XBOX console, but I think Microsoft should take a different approach to just doubling the "numbers" each time. ;-)
Would love to see Shenmue 3 though! Poor Ryo's been stuck in that cave for the last 10 years. :-D
I don't have any interest in Halo, Gears Of War, Assassin's Creed or online RPGs either and I think Kinect is too little too late personally. It'd be nice to see more racing games with fantasy styled tracks and traditional RPGs. :-)

Xbox is my console, ps3 is good but every1 has his choice and mine is Ms console "the Xbox 360" and we welcoming u Xbox 720.

I think there should be war games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Battlefield

Well PS3 is in 3d already and xbox hasnt even reached the stage of 3d so ps4 is gonna be mega!

ps4 and xbox720 are never goin to come out!!! all of you people that actually think that x720 is goin to come out, then you guys are a bunch of hammerheads!!!

this is total fantasy, this xbox 720 is never goin to come out, if not it would be on commercials alredy,and the console looks super RETARTED!!!!!!!

Hopefully the xbox 720 comes out in 2012 cause i cant wait for it to come out

CoD: Black Ops 2 is to be released on a new console in 2012 it could be both PS4 or XBOX 720 or one of them

Wait you want a sex game like on the PS3... uh yeah that could further ruin microsoft's reputation along with games like grand theft auto...

i swer ps4 is getting crap x720 is like heven microsoft awsome

XBOX 720???


Does anyone know if they will enable the "Adult Only" version of the Kinect? Some bootie slappin would be nice!

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halo looks likes its going to be off the charts!

butt head im only 11

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