Halo on Xbox One blasts into 2014

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Back when Halo was released on the Xbox one (wait… The original Xbox? The first Xbox? Anyway…) little did Microsoft know that they had just created the first instalment of their first big new IP. Developers are constantly trying to create new series – sometimes they create a winner (Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War) and sometimes they don’t (Brutal Legend).

But sometimes they strike gold and create the kind of franchise that has people queuing down the street just to get their hands on a copy a few seconds after midnight.

The Halo series is one of those franchises. Perhaps with the exception of Halo Wars, each of the series’ 8 console installments have been lapped up by fans and received glowing reviews from critics old and new. The games are both easy to pick up but hard to master; have long, engaging single player campaigns; and most notably have multiplayer modes which are consistently ranked as the most played and highest rated in the genre. There were many, many wasted nights sat in front of Halo 3, let me tell you.

With Halo 4 came a new beginning of sorts. Gone were Bungie, who had produced every other Halo title for Microsoft, and instead 343 Industries took the reins. Thankfully, the game did not disappoint, and it was a Halo game through and through, much to the fans delight.

Halo on Xbox One blasts into 2014Fast forward to E3 2013, and a trailer gamers wanted, but wasn’t sure they would get. It started off mysteriously enough, but once that familiar Spartan helmet came in to frame the crowd went wild – we would be getting a new Halo game on Xbox One.

Once again produced by 343 Industries, we can at least rest assured that the game will have its feet firmly set in the Halo universe. It’s always a danger when new developers take over that the game won’t ‘feel’ the same, but 343 proved with Halo 4 that they know and understand the series impeccably.

Whereas the game was simply introduced as Halo during E3 2013, it has since been revealed that the game will be titled Halo 5, suggesting that the game will immediately follow on from Halo 4 and will be a continuation of the current trilogy (which itself has been rumored to be MORE than a trilogy – maybe even 5 or 6). There had been rumors that the game would be titled Halo One (ala the N64 days) and be a reboot – that isn’t the case with this installment, but what’s not to say it won’t happen later on?

Little has been revealed thus far, and the game is still a long way off, but what do we know already about Halo 5? Well, we know that Master Chief will be the protagonist, and Microsoft posted the following description on their site before it was removed:

"Halo for Xbox One takes the now-legendary saga to new heights and is one of the most anticipated games for the new console. In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confronts a new battery of challenges and tests in a Herculean effort to stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted. Pre-order the next chapter in the wildly popular Halo series designed exclusively for Xbox One."

It doesn’t give much away, but it’s certainly enough to tantalize the taste buds at this early stage.

For me, personally, I can’t ignore the possibility that Halo 5 could be the reason why my girlfriend leaves me. I mentioned before how I spent entire nights playing Halo 3, and we already know how Xbox One is going to completely wipe the floor with its predecessor as far as multiplayer games go (for reference – see the Battlefield 4 demo with the falling building). Yes big team battles may be exhausting and frustrating, but to have 64 players in a single Halo multiplayer match? Who do I speak to so I can sell my soul and play it now?!

For me, and I think a lot of people, Halo is all about the multiplayer. I often wonder whether an entire dedicated multiplayer Halo game would do so much better than one with a single player campaign attached. In fact, and maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I have never completed a single player campaign on any Halo game.

I’ll get round to it someday.

With little else to report at this stage, it’s hard for me to speculate on what we can expect from Halo 5 on Xbox One. Just make sure you check back regularly for all the latest news.

Halo 5 is due for release in 2014.

For more info check halowaypoint.com.

Article by - Mike Jeavons
Insert Date: 9/11/2013

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