Is Alan Wake 2 Xbox One Bound?

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One game that really captured my imagination and many other gamers this console generation was the master piece that was Alan Wake from Remedy Entertainment. I absolutely fell in love with this world, and if the rumblings that have been happening are anything to go by then Alan Wake 2 certainly may be a huge exclusive title that is heading to the Xbox One.

Alan Wake had a somewhat troubled development time. I am not saying that it was all bad, but the game certainly did take a very long time to hit store shelves. It actually took the better part of half a decade. And I think this may have hurt the game in a little way. It did sell well, and was pretty well received by critics. However, had it been released a little faster after the initial concept art, information, and trailers were released, I am sure it would have done a great deal better. Still for the people who played it Alan Wake was a wonderful journey.

So for those of you who don't know, let me tell you a little about what made the first Alan Wake game so special. I have heard some people call Alan Wake a 3rd person action game or even some say a 3rd person shooter. But I think that is doing the game such a huge disservice. It's like you are playing a role in some Stephen King mini series. Sure if you had to say what the game play was in the basic terms then I guess you would say that it is a 3rd person action game, but there is so much more to this game.

This is a video game that is all about its story. A story that got many people really heavily invested into the world and the characters. Alan Wake, the title character, is such a well written character that you cannot help but want the guy to succeed. The story of the game sees you playing as Alan Wake, who is a writer. You and your wife take a trip to the mountain town of Bright Falls. Alan’s wife goes missing and its down to you to not only find her, but find out just what the heck is wrong with this town, and also find out some things about yourself. This is a very complex story and I really don't want to spoil it for any of you guys who have not had the pleasure to play it yet.

Is Alan Wake 2 Xbox One Bound?Alan Wake plays like a weekly episodic TV show. The game is split up into six different episodes. And at the start of each one you get a cool “Previously on Alan Wake” part that reminds you of what happened before. All 6 episodes are incredibly well written and they all join together to give you an overall story. This is one of those stories that while it is very well written, it does leave somethings to your imagination. Which I am sure for some people who like there stories to have a beginning, middle and end can be frustrating.

The game-play is really cool and while you do have your conventional weapons that you would expect. The thing that you will have to rely on more than anything else is your flash light as this can be used to harm you enemies.

There was some DLC released for Alan Wake with two extra episodes and a Xbox Live Arcade game called American Nightmare. All of which were pretty well received, but none of which were a real sequel. The 2 DLC story packs that were released, were more of a little continuation of the story that seemed like they were bridging the gap to an eventual sequel. American Nightmare was more of a spin off.

But now there has been some rumors that there very well could be a sequel to Alan Wake, and that it could be one of the killer titles on the Xbox One. Other rumors are saying that a new game may be similar in style to Alan Wake, but be its own new game. I am hopeful for a full on sequel, honestly. But what could they possible do to improve on the first Alan Wake?

Well for me personally while I loved the story in Alan Wake, and I would love it if the sequel had a little bit more in the way of choice as to how you can shape the story. Maybe something along the lines of The Walking Dead game. Of course I would not expect it to be that much in detail, but a middle ground would be really cool and give the game a lot more replay value.

The other thing would be the graphics and animations of the game. The first Alan Wake looks great and its hard to imagine on how they can improve on it, but with the power that the Xbox One will have I would expect some much smoother animations. To be fair from a game play point of view, I really enjoyed the first Alan Wake so I would be more than happy with things staying the same. My only worry, honestly, would be some forced Kinect type controls.

So what about you guys? Are you interested in some more Alan Wake action on the Xbox One?

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 1/26/2013

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If this is a release title, the new Xbox will be a day one purchase for me. Heck, who am I kidding? It'll be a day one purchase for me regardless :)

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