Madden NFL 25 on Xbox One – Do you believe in EA Sports Ignite?

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 20:59 -- mamessier

I personally know for a fact that sports fans are eagerly awaiting the next generation consoles. Sports games rely a lot on graphics and hardware power to pull off more convincing experiences. Madden fans in particular have been pretty outspoken around the web about being tired of getting “remastered” versions of their game year after year for the current generation. The arrival of a new console brings new hope with improved graphics, new engines and renewed motivation from the producers to make true gameplay makeovers.

Now that the Xbox One has been announced, Madden fans know they will be getting something fresh very soon, and they’re hoping that it will be worth the wait. Madden NFL 25 has been announced for the Xbox One at the Microsoft's reveal conference in conjunction with the new EA Sports Ignite engine or so-called "revolution", which definitely left an impression. However, the whole EA Sports Ignite announcement was pretty vague about exactly what it's trying to accomplish.

To sum things up, Ignite will supposedly bring up new standards in terms of AI, animations and environments. EA even constructed a full website dedicated to this engine. There we can see several trailers for each portion of the engine – Human Intelligence, True Player Motion and Living Worlds. In there, we can hear Messi and various athletes explaining what makes their game beautiful and deep, as well as witness some impressive virtual reproduction of each sport. These sequences definitely got the crowd going at the Xbox One conference, so EA can say mission accomplished when it comes to that.

Madden on Xbox One – Do you believe in EA Sports Ignite?But are we expecting too much out of something like Ignite? Where do we draw the line as gamers when it comes to real gameplay promises and pure marketing content? I read in some comments of football fans out there that they immediately recalled a promotion similar to Ignite that took place no later than 2006, in which EA promised breathtaking sport simulation in a video of which the quality... well, hasn't been reached even to this day almost 10 years later! Judge for yourself in the video below, which is the trailer for Madden 06, a launch game for the Xbox 360. This was the first Madden game for the 360 generation, so this is how EA put it to the people when it came to making the switch.

Well… this just goes to show that what were being presented in trailers at reveal shows aren't necessarily what we get once the actual game comes out. So, this is why gamers are wondering if they're once again looking at a cinematic, or true gameplay enhancements that can actually be felt in any regular game on Xbox One. Because, as a sports games fan, I only watch the opening sequence of my EA Sports games once, so I rather want to know what I will be actually dealing with during my everyday games.

EA didn't waste time however. The company has already addressed the early critics concerning this Ignite trailer by saying that they will live up to expectations this time. The reasoning behind this according to EA is that they started planning the transition to this next-generation much more earlier than the previous one.

So do you believe in this new Ignite engine and what EA is promising? Is this explanation by EA sufficient to reassure you concerning Ignite? EA has been pretty active when it comes to answering critics lately so people are wondering if this new approach by the company will pull it back in the right direction after being named the most hated company in America.

As one final (and a bit more positive) thought, the partnership announced with the NFL for Xbox One is quite interesting. EA has always been miles ahead in terms of licensing and no sports fan will argue how important official partnerships are in sports games. To me this partnership with the NFL shows just how american football will be at the center of Microsoft’s strategy to make the Xbox One a success in North American, so the game associated with it better be great, even more so on its 25th anniversary.

UT Transfers, Previous-Gen Demo Released, New Featured Revealed.
The first update is quite good news for players of a mode that’s getting more and more popular: Ultimate Team. It has been announced that UT players will get rewarded for choosing to go with the next-generation version of the game. It will be possible to import as much as 100 actives items and 1000 backups and continue your UT quest on your Xbox One. (Go to and click the button at the bottom for the full press release and details) However, no trades or auctions are allowed on your 360 for those items once you transfer them, so plan your move carefully. Also, if you get your hands on the Anniversary Edition on top of that, six card packs will be handed out to you for free.

Then, we had some new features being unveiled:

Player Sense – Players scan the environment and react on the fly
War in the Trenches - Dynamic action of the offensive and defensive lines

Check those two out on to read the full explanations. It looks like EA is working on the inner details of the game to make it that much more realistic.

In the meantime, as it is the tradition every year, we get a first taste of the new football game with a demo releasing exactly two weeks before the full game is out in store… on the previous generation that is. So as of August 13th, Xbox users are able to get a taste of Madden NFL 25 for free by downloading the demo on their 360. This demo also contains two new promotional videos, one for the Owner Mode, and another that’s a compilation of the main features this year’s edition.

Finally, the release date of the Xbox One version of Madden NFL 15 is still unknown, but it shouldn’t be too long before the industry kicks into “next-generation mode” and all the final details start rolling out.

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 05/29/2013

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