Star Wars 1313: Step Away from the Lightsaber!

Fri, 03/15/2013 - 03:09 -- RLWaterman

Star Wars is a franchise that looks set to remain on our television screens and games consoles for years to come. Say what you will about the different directions that George Lucas has taken the saga over the years, but with a new movie due out in 2015 and Star Wars 1313 preliminarily slated for the end of 2013 to launch with the next generation consoles there’s plenty to look forward to.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to have a look at what this next generation title will offer to Xbox One gamers.


Unlike the vast majority of games that have had anything to do with Star Wars in the past, Star Wars 1313 is stepping away from the Force and its associated weaponry like lightsabers. We don’t doubt that we’ll encounter the odd Jedi or two, but this is a game much more focussed on weapons and gadgets that the bounty hunters, who are the stars of this particular title, have access to.

You’ll take the role of a bounty hunter yourself in this game though we don’t know much more detail about the protagonist than that. The game is set on the planet Coruscant and it’ll be your job to explore the planet to discover what’s happening with a large criminal conspiracy.

Star Wars 1313Many of the most recent updates to Star Wars in general have been pushing to make the franchise more accessible to a younger audience; however this particular offering will take things in the opposite direction. Expect a much more mature game with grittiness aplenty and lots of opportunities to sink your teeth into the weaponry and tools that’ll come complete in your arsenal.

Star Wars 1313 will be a single player action-adventure game played in third person. Although there’s much that developer LucasArts hasn’t told us about what we can expect, we do know that there are no plans to include a co-op mode into the main campaign. The game also won’t be ported onto handheld devices, so this will be a title just for the next generation games consoles and for PC.


One thing that we’re particularly looking forward to seeing with Star Wars 1313 is whether its graphical prowess can match up to the hype. This game will be running on the Unreal Engine 3 and it seems that it isn’t even attempting to create something that’d play on current generation technology. The game was previewed at E3 on a custom built computer, so we know that it’s only going to be suitable for a machine with the power to run it.

We may not be quite at the point of photorealism when it comes to gaming, but Star Wars 1313 is undoubtedly going to blow our socks off when it comes to visual spectacle.

Release Date

Star Wars 1313 sounds like a great game that ticks all the right boxes, but there’s a problem. The latest rumors around the web have suggested that development of this particular title may have ground to a halt. It’s not due to any sort of funding issue, but rather because of the announcement of Star Wars VII.

This game would have nothing to do with the plotline of the upcoming film, and so it seems that things are on hold while the developers and Disney who now own the rights to Star Wars decide what to do with this title. We have been reassured that this particular title hasn’t been cancelled, but we do wonder whether it will be conspicuous in its absence from this year’s E3.

Star Wars 1313 may not be a game released with the Xbox One after all, but here’s hoping it reaches the next generation consoles without too much delay.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 03/20/2013

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