Looking to the Future of Far Cry – Where Will Ubisoft Take Us Next?

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The close of 2012 was a great time for gamers with big releases aplenty. Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed 3, Dishonored – they all vied for our attention to the point that it might have been easy to miss the marketplace entry from Ubisoft, Far Cry 3. Initially set for release in early September, we were skeptical that this game could pull anything special out of the bag with just two months to correct any issues causing the delay, but we were gladly proved wrong when the latest Far Cry found its way to gaming store shelves in November, 2012.

This critically acclaimed title is an open world first-person shooter with an absolutely enormous tropical island to thoroughly explore, a believable and compelling story to keep you playing and excellent gameplay combining elements of role-play with first-person action. It’s an all-round gem of a title, and has forced its way onto almost every list summing up the top games of the previous year. You’ll take to your controller as protagonist Jason Brody, a man hoping to enjoy a nice vacation with his friends on a beautiful tropical island. Unfortunately the group of friends is separated after a skydiving trip, and taken hostage by the resident pirates who trade in slaves. It’s an interesting premise, and one that will take you all over the tropical paradise as you seek to save your friends and take down the slave traders.

Looking to the Future of Far CryThere’s more than just action in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, and you’ll soon find yourself immersed in a thriving ecological environment, with a vast assortment of different animals and plants useful for game or medicine. There are even sharks to take down in mid-ocean combat to allow you to use their skin to craft yourself some useful items. It’s a rich and varied world, and one that you can easily lose yourself in. You may find the main story forgotten as you strive to complete every small challenge along the way and discover every hidden nook and cranny of the vast map.

Of course, no game is without problems and the latest Far Cry 3 does have a few little niggles, but they’re small and certainly not deal breakers. If you haven’t already picked this one off the shelf then it’s certainly one to consider the next time pay day rolls around.

As you may have guessed from the title, Far Cry 3 isn’t the original game within this series. Back in March of 2004 the original title bearing the name was released, and though its plot was intriguing and its gameplay good it was its graphical prowess that really made us stand up and take note. An all new graphics engine designed for the game allowed for truly incredible visual spectacles (for the time!), and it allowed a player to explore all accessible areas without the need for loading screens.

Far Cry 2 was another attractive foray into the world of the first-person shooter, but this time Ubisoft seemed intent on creating an incredible atmosphere for its gamers. Taken to a country in Africa on the brink of a civil war, we were thrust into an environment rarely seen in video games, with many a difficult choice to make regarding the morality of our decisions as we strove to reach the end goal of the game. Although the gameplay was a bit repetitive at times there was still plenty to enjoy.

Future of Far Cry 4With the latest game Ubisoft has taken the strongest points of both of its predecessors to create a title rife with anticipation while remaining graphically stunning. It continues to make us think about the whole premise of first-person shooter games, by forcing us to make decisions that are uncomfortable in order to achieve a greater good, or simply to save our own skin! So what happens next? Will there be a Far Cry 4?

The internet rumor mill suggests that Ubisoft may already be working on the sequel to the latest top title, potentially due in the year 2015. By this point we’ll certainly be looking at next generation consoles so it’ll be interesting to see what a series known for being impressive when it comes to graphics can do with that extra processing power. This series has constantly adapted by trying out different ideas and then continuing with the best ones, so we’re excited to see what Far Cry 4 could entail. Perhaps a story that breaks the mold to continue where Far Cry 3 left off instead of introducing all new characters? Perhaps an even larger map to give us more to explore on our way through the main story? Maybe a multiplayer mode within the campaign itself to allow us to play the game with a friend? We won’t know for a while but no matter what, Far Cry will be a series that we will never overlook again. The pressure’s on Ubisoft!

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 01/15/2013

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