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  • 1.2 Million Xbox One’s Sold in 2014 So Far - 4/25/2014
    Microsoft has shipped out more than 1.2 million Xbox One consoles since the start of 2014, but is it enough to catch up to Sony's sales of the PlayStation 4?

  • Kinect for Xbox One ‘a Joke’ Says Former Microsoft Employee - 4/18/2014
    Former Microsoft employee and creator of the Fable series, Peter Molyneux, has expressed his belief that the Kinect for Xbox One is 'unnecessary' and 'a joke'.

  • Xbox One April Update Out Now - 4/18/2014
    Microsoft has started rolling out its next big system update, featuring improvements to game saves, friend notifications and Kinect voice & motion sensitivity.

  • Universal Apps from Microsoft Will Work on the Xbox One - 4/4/2014
    Microsoft has announced some details regarding its long-awaited universal app concept. Applications developed for one Microsoft device will run on all others, including the Xbox One, but does that really impact us?

  • Xbox One Reputation System Details Revealed - 3/28/2014
    Microsoft has released new details regarding the reputation system due to begin in March on the Xbox One. Will it really work to stop irritating gamers interrupting your fun?

  • Direct X 12 Coming to Xbox One - 3/21/2014
    Microsoft is releasing the next iteration of DirectX in 2015 and its promised that it will be available on PC, mobile phones, tablets and, of course, the Xbox One.

  • Xbox One Sales Figures Gain on PS4 - 3/14/2014
    After a shocking month of sales in January for the Xbox One, Microsoft will be breathing a sigh of relief as their figures gain on Sony's PlayStation 4.

  • March 5th Update Brings Social Gaming Home - 3/7/2014
    Microsoft's latest major update for the Xbox One console has brought improved multiplayer, Party Chat, Twitch streaming support, browser improvements and more, all ready for the release of Titanfall.

  • Will Sales Soar for Titanfall? - 3/1/2014
    The Xbox One has been lagging behind Sony's PlayStation 4 in the sales figures of the next generation console, but could Titanfall pull it back for Microsoft?

  • Xbox One Black Screen Fix - 2/20/2014
    Microsoft's first major update for the Xbox One has introduced a new Black Screen bug, stopping the console from displaying any video signal until a hard reset is performed.

  • Will Controller Tweaks and a Media Remote Help Xbox One Sale Figures? - 2/14/2014
    Sony's PlayStation 4 has outsold Microsoft's Xbox One in January, 2014. Will the new updates from Microsoft increase their sales figures?

  • February 11th for First Xbox One Update - 2/7/2014
    Microsoft has announced that the first of two major updates for the Xbox One will be available for download on the 11th of February, featuring battery life indicators, storage management and more.

  • White Xbox One on the Way - 2/2/2014
    According to the internet rumor mill we could soon enjoy the first major Xbox One update, not to mention a white version of the console and even a Blu-Ray free version at some point in the future.

  • Frame Rate Issues for Tomb Raider on Xbox One - 1/24/2014
    Tomb Raider from Square Enix will run at 1080p on both the PS4 and the Xbox One, but where the PS4 runs at 60fps, the Xbox One is churning out just 30fps. Is it a problem?

  • Xbox One Outsells PlayStation 4 in December, 2013 - 1/17/2014
    In December, 2013, the Xbox One sold more units than any other game console in the US.

  • Major Xbox One Update to Fix Console Issues - 1/10/2014
    Microsoft has announced the first major update to the Xbox One console, designed to fix some bugs and issues with the console's social applications.

  • Xbox One Was Almost a Digital Only Console - 1/3/2014
    According to Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer the Xbox One was almost a digital-only games console.

  • Gold Plated Xbox One Retails at £6,000 - 12/23/2013
    Money burning a hole in your pocket? You could always spent £6,000 (just shy of $10,000) on a gold plated Xbox One console for sale at Harrods in London.

  • Warning: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Hack is a Prank - 12/10/2013
    If you are tempted to follow instructions that will make your Xbox One backwards compatible stop now! It's a hoax and will stop your new console from working.

  • 19 Year Old Buys $750 Picture of Xbox One - 12/8/2013
    A teenager from the UK recently handed over $750 for an Xbox One, only to be posted a very expensive and poorly printed photograph of the next generation console.

  • Microsoft Apology for ‘Sexist’ Xbox One Promotion - 11/29/2013
    Microsoft's latest faux pas comes in the form of a promotion designed to persuade a loved one to let you purchase an Xbox One. The internet community reacted strongly to what it dubbed an entirely sexist idea.

  • Midnight Launch for the Xbox One - 11/21/2013
    The long wait is over! The Xbox One launches in 13 countries at midnight in each of the respective time zones with launch events and parties scheduled in many major cities.

  • Xbox One Guarded by Sharks - 11/18/2013
    Microsoft has gone all out to protect the new Xbox One console, with the first unit to be given to a lucky customer anywhere in the world guarded by live sharks!

  • Xbox One Price Cut Could Come Quickly - 11/6/2013
    How long will it be before the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 come with lower price tags? Not long, according to Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick.

  • Xbox One Resolution Woes - 11/1/2013
    It seems that both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 will run at a higher native resolution on the PlayStation 4 compared to the Xbox One.

  • Microsoft Edges Sony Out in ABI’s Console Competitive Assessment - 10/25/2013
    According to ABI Research the Xbox One is the current frontrunner in games consoles when it comes to innovation and implementation. What do you think?

  • New Video Showcases Xbox One Friends App - 10/16/2013
    Microsoft's Major Nelson has released a video detailing the social networking properties of the Xbox One, including the ability to follow or friend other gamers.

  • Xbox One Indie Games Set for Release in 2014 - 09/25/2013
    ID@Xbox will allow indie developers to publish their games to the Xbox One console, but how quickly will we be able to get our hands on these titles? According to Microsoft, not until 2014.

  • 15 - 20 Minute Update Required on Day One - 10/02/2013
    Can't wait to get your hands on the Xbox One? You should be aware that before you're able to play with your purchase there will be an update, estimated to take 15-20 minutes for 'most users'.

  • Xbox One Indie Games Set for Release in 2014 - 09/25/2013
    ID@Xbox will allow indie developers to publish their games to the Xbox One console, but how quickly will we be able to get our hands on these titles? According to Microsoft, not until 2014.

  • GTA 5 Coming to Next Generation Consoles? - 09/19/2013
    Rockstar Games may have initially denied any rumors of GTA 5 coming to the next generation of consoles, but that isn't stopping some gamers around the globe waiting to see if they'll be able to enjoy this title on an Xbox One or PS4.

  • Xbox One Dashboard Leak - 09/12/2013
    The dashboard of the Xbox One has been leaked in a video on YouTube, demonstrating how the new console will operate and showing a clip of the new title, Ryse: Son of Rome.

  • Xbox One Release Date - 09/05/2013
    Microsoft has finally let us know the date that we'll have access to the Xbox One. The next generation console will launch on the 22nd of November in 13 different countries around the world.

  • Xbox One Voice Commands Limited to Five Countries at Launch - 08/30/2013
    Small print on the Microsoft Xbox One website suggests that the greatly anticipated voice control of this next generation console will only be available in five countries at launch.

  • Xbox One at Gamescom 2013 - 08/21/2013
    Microsoft's Xbox showcase was heavily game-focussed at Gamescom 2013 with information as to the line-up of launch titles, news for indie game developers and more..

  • Xbox One to Launch in Just 13 Countries - 08/16/2013
    Despite initial promises that the Xbox One would launch in 21 countries, Microsoft has now scaled this back to 13. The 8 European countries removed from the launch list must now wait until 2014 to get their hands on the next generation console.

  • Xbox One UK Release Date Leaked? - 08/07/2013
    UK retailer Toys'R'Us may have let the cat out of the bag by putting release dates for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on its website, but are the dates genuine?

  • Xbox 360 Headset Adaptor Confirmed - 08/02/2013
    The Xbox One may not be coming bundled with a chat headset, but Microsoft has now announced that an adaptor will be available for purchase separately to allow Xbox 360 headsets to work with the new console.

  • Microsoft’s Next U-Turn - Self-Published Games on Xbox One - 07/26/2013
    Microsoft has changed its position on the Xbox One yet again, this time allowing indie developers to publish their games on this console, and even promising that the Xbox One will provide game development and debugging facilities.

  • “Bring Back DRM” says Xbox One Petition - 07/19/2013
    Xbox fans around the globe were up in arms when Microsoft's DRM policy came to light, but now that Microsoft has backtracked from its original ideas some gamers suggest that the Xbox One could have been something amazing.

  • No Final Fantasy XIV for the Xbox One - 07/11/2013
    If you were looking forward to delving into a Final Fantasy MMO on your Xbox One think again, a lack of cross-platform gaming is keeping Square Enix from developing for the Xbox.

  • Xbox One Reputation Details Revealed - 07/04/2013
    Fed up of competing against whiny trolling kids online? The Xbox One reputation system recently announced by Microsoft could filter out annoying players, leaving you free to enjoy matchmaking.

  • No Headset With Xbox One - 06/27/2013
    Microsoft has surprised gamers with its announcement that no headset will ship with the Xbox One, even though Xbox 360 headsets will not be compatible with the new console.

  • Microsoft Backs Down Over DRM Policy - 06/21/2013
    Microsoft has chosen to completely back down over its DRM policy, allowing gamers to share games and sell them on and removing the need for a 24 hour internet connection, but is this a good move for the Xbox One?

  • Games, Games and More Games - 06/14/2013
    Microsoft is determined to provide reasons to buy the Xbox One. The release date and price of the Xbox One where finally revealed!

  • PlayStation 4 to Undercut Xbox One - 06/07/2013
    Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities, has predicted that the PlayStation 4 will undercut the Xbox One by $50. Find out why Microsoft chose the name Xbox One instead of Xbox 720.

  • Xbox One to Offer the Power of Three Consoles - 05/30/2013
    Microsoft says it has access to 300,000 new servers which gives developers access to the computing equivalent of 3 Xbox Ones, and will offer cloud computing.

  • Microsoft Stock Falls after Mixed Reaction to the Xbox One - 05/24/2013
    Microsoft stock value dropped, the day it announced the Xbox One. Twitter and Facebook exploded with comments during and after the event.

XBox Announced! -- May 21, 2013
Big day for the gaming world as Microsoft makes it's long anticipated announcement today.
Watch the full event here.

Existing Xbox Points System to Be Scrapped -- May 16, 2013
Microsoft is pulling the plug on its virtual currency system, Xbox Points, ready for the launch of the Xbox One. It’s always been a bit of a hassle for gamers looking to download an extra arcade title or DLC from a favorite game, trying to remember exactly how much the content costs with the exchange rate between points and dollars. In the near future any extra paid downloads will simply have a price that you can pay with a normal credit card. Gift cards for set values of your own local currency will also be available and able to be spent on the Xbox, along with the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.

We’re expecting the full details of this new operation to be announced at E3 2013 in June, so keep posted to find out exactly when Xbox Points will be scrapped.

Microsoft to Allow Offline Play -- May 09, 2013
We’ve heard all sorts of rumors surrounding the Xbox One, but one that stirred up a significant amount of protest in forums across the globe was the suggestion that the next generation console would need to be connected to the internet all of the time, even just to watch a DVD or Blu-Ray. Critics commented that although broadband internet connections are common, there are still some with intermittent connections that would suffer from this restriction.

It seems that Microsoft has heeded the criticisms however, as a recently leaked internal memo distributed to the staff working on the next Xbox says that an internet connection will not be required for "playing a Blu-ray disc, watching live TV, and yes, playing a single player game." We won’t know for sure until the May 21st announcement, but at least it’s looking like we’ll still be able to play games even when our internet connections fail.

Xbox One out for the 5th of November? -- May 02, 2013
A new teaser trailer and poster have been released for the next game in the Call of Duty franchise, Ghosts. Not only will this title be ported to existing consoles, but also to the next generation, including the Xbox One. With a release date scheduled for the 5th of November, 2013, we’re wondering if we might have just been given a glimpse of a release date for the Xbox One itself, especially as the first demo for Call of Duty: Ghosts will be provided at Microsoft’s very own May 21st announcement for the new console. This could be the big launch game designed to urge us to upgrade our consoles to the latest and greatest to enjoy lag-free and high definition Call of Duty in all its glory.

Xbox Infinity? -- April 25, 2013
Almost immediately after Microsoft confirmed its May 21st event as the date when we’ll receive information about the next generation Xbox a new rumor started to circulate… Could the next console be called the ‘Xbox Infinity’? A graphic was reportedly leaked on the Reddit social media website showing the Xbox logo beside a green infinity sign, along with a caption reading ‘Infinite entertainment. Infinite possibilities.’ What do you think of the name Xbox Infinity? Leave a comment to let us know!


New XBox Confirmed !!! -- April 24/25, 2013
Microsoft has confirmed the next generation XBox. Microsoft claims its going to "give you a taste of the future" at its upcoming May 21st event. The event will be streamed live. Widows blogger Paul Thurrot claims the console will launch in November 2013 for $500.

They were quoted as saying: 
"On Tuesday May 21st, we'll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment," Microsoft said in a statement. "On that day, we'll be holding a special press event on the Xbox campus and we invite you to join us via the live global stream that will be available on, Xbox Live and broadcast on Spike TV if you are in the US or Canada."

"On that day, we'll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future," it goes on to read. "Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we'll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games." Our opinion: E3 is going to be INSANE this year, watch and see!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

Backwards Compatibility Coming To Xbox One? -- April 11, 2013
Well if the rumors regarding a device called the "Xbox Mini" are anything to go by, then the answer to this question could be a big fat yes. It is pretty much guaranteed that the PS4 and Xbox One will not offer backwards compatibility out of the box. Sony has announced that they have plans for some kind of digital solution, to play PS3 games on the PS4. Microsoft is rumored to be offering a discount price Mini Xbox, that will plug into your Xbox One. The "Xbox Mini" will allow you to play your old games on your Xbox One. The two sites that reported this leak, was The Verge and VG Leaks. They went on to say, that the Xbox Mini will not be available at the Xbox One launch, but sometime in early 2014.

Is May 21, Xbox One Day? --  April 10, 2013
As we mentioned in our earlier update, the Xbox event that was scheduled for April has now been moved to May. People are expecting at the very least some technical details regarding Microsoft’s next console. Now one thing to remember is that it's important not to get your hopes up to high as this event is being called more of a teaser than an official reveal. Many people are still predicting that the “official” reveal of the console will be at this year's E3. But who knows, maybe Microsoft will have second thoughts and do a full on reveal at this event in May. It has also been said that Microsoft will be using this event to tell us how they see the Xbox One as an entertainment centre rather than just a games console. I am sure this is something that is going to get them many mixed reviews. One thing that is very interesting about this event is that many major news networks such as CNN are picking up on it.

Xbox One To Drain Your Wallet And Internet Connection -- April 09, 2013
Many gamers where anticipating the Microsoft event that was suppose to happen this April. Well you can remove that date from your calendar, as the event has been pushed back to May! Paul Thurrot, a Windows' blogger, had some very interesting things to say, when it comes to what he thinks will be revealed at the event. First of all, he did talk about the always being connected to the internet aspect, that is starting to look like it could really be true. However, more interestingly enough, he commented on the consoles pricing. He thinks that it is going to be a very expensive console, and predicts two pricing models. A $500 one time buy it "in-store" kind of deal. Or a subscription based model of around $300, similar to how you buy a mobile phone. I know that this really is not news that many gamers want to hear. So, we must remind you that this has no way been confirmed. But, more and more people are saying the same things, and it is getting hard to ignore these rumours regarding the pricing and always on internet connection.

Xbox One Controller To Be Very Similar To Xbox 360? -- April 04, 2013
With Nintendo’s Wii U fancy touch screen and tablet style controller, Sony’s Playstation 4 having a touch pad, many gamers are wondering what Microsoft will do with there controller... Well according to Kotaku, some rumored sources have revealed that the controller will actually not be all that different to what we all ready have. There maybe be some more rounded edges, but nothing major will be changed. Many gamers have the opinion that the 360 controller is the best of this current generation. Therefore, I am sure there will be many people pleased to hear this.

New Innovations Do Not Need A New Console - March 28, 2013
A very interesting interview was just published with Ubisoft exec Jade Raymond. If her name sounds familiar, it's because she was one of the people responsible for the phenomenal Assassins Creed series. In the interview she says that we do not need new consoles to make innovative games. Many people think that during the consoles last year we never really see anything new. However, Jade Raymond is very impressed with what indie developers are doing on current hardware. Another little bit of info she revealed was that her Splinter Cell: Blacklist game, she is involved with at the moment, in her opinion will offer the best stealth experience of this generation.

Leaked Screenshot Proves Xbox One Will Always Be On? - March 22, 2013
"Always On & Always Connected" is something that has been rumored for a while now in regards to the Xbox One. Well a gaming website recently published a leaked photo that backs up this claim. The photo comes from a Xbox One dev kit. What's interesting is that it shows a series of power states that the Xbox One can be in. Interestingly enough, not a single one of them said off. A direct quote from the Leaked Screenshot Proves Xbox One Will Always Be On?leak is this:

"Durango will implement different power states, so that it can always be powered on, but will draw minimal electricity when not in use."

While in a way this sounds like a good idea. I am sure there will be many who had hoped that this "Always On & Always Connected" thing would turn out not to be true.

Blu-ray Drive & Mandatory Installs For Xbox One? - March 21, 2013
Take this with a grain of salt, but a website has recently claimed that it has gotten its hands on a leaked document that has information about some of the features we can expect from the Xbox One. They mention, that the console will have a Blu-ray drive which is not really that unexpected. But one very interesting thing is that it mentions games will need (notice I underlined this) to be installed to the hard drive. It also says that the discs will not need to be in the console, but this surely adds fire to the rumor that the Xbox One will always need to be connected to the internet.

Xbox One Confirmed For October Release? - March 14, 2013
Jean Guesdon, who is the creative director of latest instalment of the Assassins Creed series, which is called Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, recently raised some eyebrows with his comments. It is common knowledge that the game would be released on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, and PC. But, Guesdon has said that the game will also be on Xbox One. However, that is not the big news. The big news is that he said, the Xbox One version would be released at the same time as the others. Which in case you are wondering is late October. So does this confirm the Xbox One’s release date as some time in October?

Upcoming Console Generation To Be A 4 Horse Race? - March 07, 2013
We all knew that this holiday season would probably see Microsoft and Sony battling it out, with the already released Nintendo Wii U. But just hours ago a very interesting interview with the big dog at Valve Gabe Newell was released. He has claimed that Valve’s Steam Box could also be on shelves this holiday season as well. The Steam Box is going to open PC gaming up to a whole new audience. So with this announcement, I think its fair to say that we can expect something very special from Microsoft when they have their press conference in April. They really need to announce something big to steal the thunder from Sony and keep Valve at bay. Above all else though this upcoming console generation is looking more and more interesting.

Battlefield 4 Gives An Indication Of Power & Pricing For The Xbox One - February 28, 2013
So Battlefield 4 will be coming to Xbox One? A big shock I know, but something very interesting was also mentioned. EA has told investors that the latest instalment in the insanely popular first person shooter franchise will boast “amazing and stunning graphics”. The aim is to have the game running at full 1080p and at 60 frames per second. We've heard rumblings that 60 frames per second and 1080p is a standard, that was going to be the goal of most games. However, its good to hear a developer come out and say it. Also they let slip, that when the game is first launched it will retail at $69.99, with it then dropping by ten bucks. Could this mean that the Xbox One pricing will be the same as the Xbox 360?

Xbox One To Be Revealed At Microsoft Event In April? - February 23, 2013
Sony had a very interesting and successful event on February 20, 2013, and gave some juicy details about the PlayStation 4. It seems like Microsoft does not want to be left out, and are possibly having a huge event at some point in early April. Many thought that Microsoft would wait until E3 to reveal the Xbox One to the world, but many sources from both inside and outside of Microsoft have said that they are planning something very special to showcase there new console to the world. The biggest piece of evidence for this being true is that the domain name was just registered days ago by the company that helped put together the Microsoft E3 2010 event.

Constant Internet Connection A Way To Block Used Games? - February 22, 2013
An insider source has claimed that the Xbox One may very well require a constant internet connection. What is the reason for this you ask? Well if the source is right, the reason for this is to block used games being played on the console. It is no secret that the used games market costs the gaming industry money, but surely this is going to back fire big time if it's true. It was said over a year ago that Microsoft was trying to come up with some way to block used games. However, this week Sony has claimed that their PlayStation 4 will play used games. This would be a very odd and stupid thing to do on Microosoft's part. I am sure it would make many Xbox fans consider jumping to the PS4.

Kinect To Be Included With Every Xbox One - February 21, 2013
A very interesting leak has been making the rounds, in regards to how the next Xbox will work with a new Kinect sensor. The first surprising thing is that all Xbox’s will come with a Kinect sensor in the box. It has been said the reason for this is to make it easier for developers to include Kinect functionality in there games. The new Kinect is said to be much more accurate and be able to pick up movements from a much larger area.

No Games For Sale: Only Licenses? - February 15, 2013
This is something that has been rumored for a while now, but one way that Microsoft could actually kill the 2nd hand game market is by making you buy a license. It's been said for a while now that when you buy a new game you are not actually buying the game, but a license to play it. Well it could be taken a step further on the Xbox One, and they might actually enforce this... Who knows, perhaps they will still let you play a 2nd hand game, but you will be required to buy a license in order to play it on your console. Similar to games that have online passes. Being able to play used games is a very grey area and one that many gamers are nervous about going into the next generation.

Xbox One Not Likely To Be Backwards Compatible - February 14, 2013
In a recent interview, Black Jorgensen CFO of EA believes that the next generation of consoles will not offer backwards compatibility. Of course, this is just one CFO’s opinion and in no way was saying this was a fact. However, it's very interesting that he would even come out with something like this. It really is not all that surprising to believe. The Xbox 360 has some real trouble in playing original Xbox games. So who knows, perhaps Microsoft has decided that it is simply not worth the hassle. I am sure that there are a portion of gamers who would not be happy with this, but again I am sure many will expect this, if it does turn out to be true.

Will The Xbox One Require 24/7 Online Connection? - February 7, 2013
A very disturbing rumor was just announced by UK based gaming publication Edge. They claim that the Xbox One will always be connected to the internet, and that this could very well be the way that Microsoft will stop people from playing second hand games. I want to stress that this is just a rumor, but I am sure there will be a vast number of gamers who are certainly not pleased with this. Again this is just a rumor, but it has been reported for a while now that Sony and Microsoft want a way to fight second hand games sales. Could Microsoft actually be the fist company willing to do something about it?

Xbox One Sharing Its Insides With A PC? - January 31, 2013
One very interesting thing about the upcoming generation of video game consoles is just how they will be made. Apart from Microsoft’s original Xbox, the majority of video game consoles are made using custom parts inside to power them. Well if the specs of the Xbox One (and the PlayStation 4 for that matter) are to be believed, then the Xbox One will be borrowing much of its architecture from PC’s. This is good for a number of reason. Most notably are “off the shelf” components which should be in theory, cheaper to produce. And of course it will be much easy for developers to jump in and start making games without having to learn a new way to work with a console.

XBox One Specs Leaked? - January 24, 2013
As E3 is getting closer and closer, more bits of information are being leaked about the next generation of video game consoles. Just recently some of the specs of the Xbox One were leaked. The guts of the new Xbox will be an 8 core 1.6GHz chip that is backed by a 768 thread packing GPU. Of course for many of us, this might go over our heads. Lets just say the Xbox One is going to be very powerful, indeed. These specs have gotten many tech heads very excited. As well, there will be a Blu-Ray drive and the RAM will be greatly improved at 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 32MB of SRAM. Of course this has yet to be confirmed, but more and more developers are reporting that they have the dev kits. So all signs point to this being true.

Could The Xbox One Launch In The First Quarter Of 2013? - January 17, 2013
A very interesting piece was in the latest Game Informer. It stated that, Microsoft will be hosting a special event before E3 sometime in March to announce the launch of the Xbox One. It has been speculated that this could result in the console being released earlier than perhaps anyone imagined! When you think that there is clearly a race between Sony and Microsoft to get on store shelves first, this really isn't that far fetched. Another interesting piece is that $400 is being seen as the highest price point for the Xbox One. Of course its speculation at this point, but neither Sony or Microsoft will want to be seen as the most expensive console on store shelves.

Microsoft Teasing Xbox One Reveal At E3 2013! - January 10, 2013
This is a rumor that just will not go away. If there is truth to the Xbox One being released in 2013, then this certainly could be true. Numerous sources have picked up that Microsoft’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb has posted a clock with a countdown to E3. As it is well over 100 days, why do this unless there is some huge news to be revealed? Of course this is all speculation, but can you really think of anything else that would warrant this long countdown? It is certainly looking like Microsoft is ready to reveal the Xbox One to the world at E3 and this countdown clock is the first stop of the hype train.

Next Xbox One To Be Released Christmas 2013! - January 4, 2013
Microsoft will release the next version of its Xbox One video-game console, in time for the Christmas season this year, according to individuals familiar with Microsoft's strategies. The brand-new device is being prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, said insiders, who declined to be identified due to the fact that the plan is confidential. The software maker hasn't decided whether to reveal the brand-new Xbox at E3 in June, or a different event committed solely to the Xbox.

Xbox One To Be Under 200 Dollars? - January 3, 2013
It has long been rumored that Microsoft would release 2 different versions of the Xbox One. Truth be told, this is not anything new as they did this with the Xbox 360. But today a little interesting bit of news has popped up, the “cheap” version of the Xbox One could cost as little as $199.99. This would be a very attractive price to consumers, but before we get excited we must remember that we still have no idea just how different the 2 versions of the Xbox One will be. Still when you say Xbox One for $199.99 it does sound very appealing doesn't it?

Hideo Kojima Wants “Inter-connectivity” On Next Xbox - December 27, 2012
One of the most well respected video game designers of all time recently had some very interesting things to say about what he would like to see on the Next Xbox One. Hideo Kojima who is most famous for his Metal Gear Solid Series, wants to see the next generation of video game consoles have inter-connectivity with other devices such as tablets and mobile phones. I think that he will get his wish as Microsoft are seemingly testing the waters with this with there Smart Glass technology. What is very exciting is how Hideo Kojima may be thinking about putting this inter-connectivity into one of his future games.

Xbox One Graphics Processor Revealed? - December 21, 2012
A very interesting piece of information was just released. While it did not come from Microsoft, it is still a pretty solid source. AMD was bragging about there amazing technology and revealed an interesting little thing. In there report it claimed that there AMD Radeon 8000m GPU is going to be powering the graphics technology in game consoles. Well we know this is not the case for the current gen so that can only leave the Xbox One. While it has not been official confirmed from AMD themselves there could be some truth to this.

Xbox Will Beat PS4 To Store Shelves - December 13, 2012
In a stark contrast to last weeks news, it has now been said that the Xbox One will beat the PlayStation 4 to market. Of course this is just a rumor. But quite interesting consider it was only a week ago it was reported they could launch on the very same day! The alarming information about this news, from a Sony perspective, is that the PlayStation 4 will not hit store shelves until some time in 2014. This would give the Xbox One the better part of a years head start. This of course happened this current generation and it proved a great success for Microsoft as they built up a ton of momentum before the PlayStation 3 was released.

Xbox One & PS4 Released On The Same Day? - December 6, 2012
One very interesting rumor has popped up recently regarding the Xbox One that also involves the PlayStation 4. It's no secret that Sony gave Microsoft a huge head start in the console war this current generation. But if the rumors are to be believed, next year we can expect to see both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 hit stores within weeks, possibly even days, or maybe even the exact same day as each other! You do not need to be a hardcore gamer to know this would be huge and a very interesting way to kick start the next generation consoles. What Sony and Microsoft would be doing here, is making gamers choose right away, as the average gamer would not be able to afford two new consoles so close together. While this is just a rumor it is a very interesting one.

Xbox World To Reveal Xbox One Secrets! - November 29, 2012
Xbox World one of the most popular Xbox magazines sadly will be closing its doors for good. However, they are going out with a bang! In their second to last issue, they are going to do a big tell all reveal of what they know about the Xbox One. Every little secret that they have uncovered will be told. Big deal I am sure some of you are thinking. Though, Xbox World has a great track record of somehow finding out inside Xbox information that no other publication can get close to. You can bet that we will be looking at this very closely. It has been rumored that some of the information that will be revealed, was not going to be announced by Microsoft until E3 2013 at the earliest! Stay tuned...

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it sound good to it future i cant for it

The later the xbox 720 comes out the awesome it will be

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