Which classic game series would you most like to see continue onto the Xbox One?

Wed, 03/14/2012 - 20:58 -- Nanouk
30% (105 votes)
Mass Effect
8% (28 votes)
2% (8 votes)
Gears of War
9% (30 votes)
Modern Warfare
26% (92 votes)
Forza Motorsport
3% (9 votes)
The Elder Scrolls
15% (54 votes)
None of the Above
7% (25 votes)
Total votes: 351


im a true CoD fan!
but halo is the most classic game for xbox, and they should keep it that way!
and also CoD!

Modern Warfare isn't even a real classic. It has only been around for (barely) 8 years. If you had put Call of Duty, then fine. But not Modern Warfare.
Halo is much older and a lot fairer/fun. Halo was also THE launch title of the 360, so it should be considered for the launch of the 720,
Battlefield should be on there because it's almost as old as , if not older than, Halo. And it is a much more in depth, realistic, more skillful game than Modern Warfare 3.

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