Quantum Break - More Confused Than Ever

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Tue, 06/11/2013 - 04:36 -- MikeJ

Microsoft teased fans during the Xbox One unveiling event with brand new IP Quantum Break. We had a mash up of afternoon soap opera drama and an over dramatic action sequence involving a ship smashing through a bridge. It was quite a juxtaposition, and it did raise a lot of questions with fans: Is it an interactive movie? Is it going to be laden with quick time events? What possible connection does a psychic little girl have to a ship destroying a bridge?

Microsoft showed us a little more Quantum Break at E3, but it still didn’t answer any of those questions. In fact, it simply raised more questions.

The trailer opened with a camera moving slowly through the scene of an explosion. The key point here is the scene is frozen in time, and a woman is in the middle of being blown backwards. One of two characters who enter the room holds the woman and she reanimates, and he warns her that he can’t let her go and that she is the only person who can stop what is happening. They run to safety just in the nick of time and the entire explosion continues.

So, who are they? Why is she the person to stop it? Why was that room frozen in time? Why could he not let her go?

Quantum Break - More Confused Than EverI’ll give Microsoft credit, they have really got me intrigued with this one.

We still don’t have any more information on the live action ‘soap opera’ which was teased at E3, so we don’t yet know whether this is an integral portion of the game, or whether it will be an Xbox One series (like the Halo series announced at the unveiling event) which simply ties in to the game.

The fact that Quantum Break is being billed as an ‘experience’ and not a game suggests that the live action segments will play more than just a supporting role. Remedy have stated that the way the show plays out will be affected by the game, and how the game plays will be affected by the show, so right now, it’s anybody’s guess.

Microsoft are clearly very optimistic about Quantum Break, and thus they are keeping details close to their chest. The game isn’t due for a release until 2014, but here’s hoping that more details trickle through in the coming months.

As for what I hope Quantum Break brings – time travel/manipulation appears to be a key mechanic. I don’t recall there ever being a truly great time travel game (Does Ocarina of Time count?), so here’s hoping that Quantum Break brings us something we can really lose time over!

And I’m hoping for third person. We appear to have an abundance of first person shooters on Xbox One.

Check back soon for all the latest news on Quantum Break.

Article by - Mike Jeavons
Insert Date: 6/13/2013

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