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Xbox One Release DateOfficial Release Date!
The Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013, in 13 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA. It will be available in more countries in 2014. What's more, the Xbox One CPU has been increased from 1.6GHZ to 1.75GHZ giving the Xbox One a more powerful processing punch!

History of the Xbox
Xbox - Released November 15, 2001
Xbox 360 - Released November 22, 2005
Xbox One - Released November 22, 2013
Xbox One S - Released August 31, 2016
Xbox Two Scorpio - Release Date

Xbox One Release Date: November 22, 2013
A new announcement from Xbox marketing vice-president, Yusuf Mehdi, has let us know when we can get our hands on the Xbox One. The release date will be the 22nd of November, 2013, and the console will be available in 13 different countries from this date, with additional territories getting access to it at some point in 2014. Sony has also announced the release date for its PlayStation 4: the 15th of November in the US, and the 29th of November for the rest of the world. That means US gamers will have access to the PlayStation 4 first, whereas other countries will find the Xbox One out first.

Unfortunately if you don't live in one of those 13 countries then we don't have too much information for you. Microsoft has shied away from providing a definitive release date for any other territories, though it has promised that the Xbox One will be launched 'as soon as possible in 2014' in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. The Xbox 360 has never been as big a seller as the PlayStation 3 in Far Eastern markets such as Japan, and yet Microsoft has insisted that it will be delivering its Xbox One to these countries, just a little later than the rest of the world. From what we can gather then, the majority of the world should be able to access the Xbox One by the end of 2014, with Microsoft rolling out its releases to different nations in tiers.

The Xbox One will enter the market at a price of $499 in the US, £429 in the UK and 499 euros. Microsoft has been hard at work trying to convince gamers that its console is suitable for them after a bit of a rocky start, with numerous policy changes made since E3 to keep everyone happy.

Back at the launch of its previous console, Microsoft made the statement that the company expected the Xbox 360 to be a ten-year console. That would take us up to the year 2015 so we’re glad we don’t need to wait that long for the Xbox One. It seems that Microsoft isn’t totally finished with the 360 even with the launch of the newer console though, with a brand new 360 model being announced at Microsoft’s conference at E3 2013 and a promise that the 360 will be supported until 2016 with 100 new titles between now and that time.

Xbox One Release Date - The Countdown BeginsThe ever intensifying debate over the best console, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, could be decided in part based on which console gamers can get their hands on first, but as the release dates are so close together it's going to be a full battle to score the Christmas market this November. Can you say "Pre-Order" anyone?

Farewell to Our Friend, the Xbox 360
Microsoft has insisted that they will continue to support the Xbox 360 for as long as customers still purchase it, and adding that support will continue until 2016. Unlike the upgrade of the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 where ties to the older console were instantly severed, both the 360 and the One will be supported and stocked for a few years. In considering the lifespan of the Xbox 360 it is important to remember its spectacularly awful launch. Microsoft was actually down $1.2 billion after that tumultuous release, so it's hardly surprising that they will wish to squeeze every cent from the console that developed its current popularity later in life.

What's in a Name?
Until the first announcement of the Xbox One on May the 21st most internet sources were expecting the console to be called the Xbox 720. Microsoft spokespeople insisted this had never been a name that they had considered, choosing the title Xbox One because this is one console that can master a whole plethora of entertainment, from TV to gaming to Skype to browsing the internet.

15 Game Titles in the First Year
We already knew about Watch Dogs, Destiny and Assassins Creed 4 making their way to the Xbox One. However at the Xbox One reveal it was also announced that in the first year of the Xbox One's life there would be 15 brand spanking new exclusive games! Most interestingly of all is that eight of these will be brand new titles. More information was provided at E3 2013, including the announcement that Halo 5 will be available on the Xbox One in the first year of the console, debuting in 2014. EA had a great presentation at the Xbox One announcement event, showing off some of their next generation sports titles. It was these games that really showcased how amazing the graphics on the Xbox One will be.

Your Gamerscore Is Safe
If you have built up a tremendous Gamerscore on your Xbox 360 then don't worry because you can carry that over to the Xbox One. Furthermore, your gamer tag and avatar are safe as well. Your Xbox life will carry on as normal. The one thing that you will not be able to take with you from your Xbox 360 are your Xbox Live Arcade games.

No Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One
We weren’t really surprised by this announcement, but it has now been confirmed that the Xbox One will not be compatible with your existing Xbox 360 game library. You may want to hold off trading in your 360 for store credit. The reason for this incompatibility seems to be the complex architecture of the Xbox One. While Sony did say that many PS3 titles will be available to download on their PS4, a similar feature for the Xbox One has, so far, not been mentioned.

Xbox One Does Not Require Constant Internet Connection
This is great news for many gamers out there. One of the rumors that would simply not go away was that the Xbox One would need to be connected to the internet all the time, even for single player games. It's worth noting that many, if not all, of the amazing features that have been highlighted at the Xbox reveal and E3 2013 look like they will need an internet connection. Still, for those who were not happy about this particular rumor at least you now know that it isn’t true, though it does look likely that the console will need to ‘check in’ online once a day.

New Kinect Is Required for All Xbox One Users
The new Kinect technology shipping with the Xbox One looks very impressive indeed. Some of the highlights so far revealed include things such as it having a 60 percent greater viewing range, great news for anyone who has tried playing a Kinect game in a small bedroom. The Kinect also has a very impressive 1080p HD camera built in as well. It looks likely that the Kinect will need to be plugged in to the Xbox One for the console to work.

Xbox One Controller – the Best Controller Ever?
Microsoft has showcased its new xbox one controller as well as the new Kinect and the console itself. Although the fundamental shape and feel of the controller will remain similar to previous devices, a great looking dpad, more sensitive controls and even a rumble feature in the triggers should help to make the gaming experience better than ever. The batter pack is now built into the controller, removing the requirement for a bucket of AA batteries or a plug and play kit, and it can now be charged via mini-USB from the console. It looks like Microsoft has kept everything that was good about the Xbox 360 controller, and added what was missing.

We Said “No” to DRM
One of Microsoft’s most controversial decisions with the Xbox One related to the console’s DRM policy, which would have prevented gamers being able to buy used games or sell on the titles they were finished with. Although the policy did offer some advantageous elements such as the ability to share a game with up to ten family members or friends, the outcry from the internet was enough for Microsoft to reverse their position on the subject. Now you’ll be able to buy, sell and loan games as you please, and as pre-orders jumped significantly after the policy reversal it seems that gamers are happy with the decision.

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i have both the ps3 and the 360 they both have great exclusives, killzone on ps and gears for 360 so get over it fanboys they're both equally as good and have the same graphics

no one really plays playstation more than xbox like xbox makes way better games even though the xbox 360 had some defects to it . but playstation has free live but why do yuo think its free because not as much people play it

okay ps3 lags a hell of alot more than xbox how many times has ps3s online crashed since its opening alot compared to xbox there for xbox is worth the 50 bucks for live soo suck it

I have both, and xbox online is far superior to the ps3 online play. Even tho I have 2 ps3 consoles I play my box way more. 50 bucks a year for online worth it, but I find deals at 37 a year so its not bad at all.

Ok first i would like to say is i own both 360 & ps3. thay are both amazing consoles. and YES PS3 has better graf. but 360 better gaming, more safe.... Sony and microsoft will never stop to amaze us all. ps. i like my xbox more. so shut up and play some MW3 or Killzone 3 or halo...

Shut the hell up and stop arguing, The XboX 720 and the PS4 havent even came out yet so you wont even know untill the tim e being. -_-

Do you all realise you are arguing about console's that do not even exist yet? Microsoft and Sony haven't even released a spec list for either console's! You can not argue about which console is going to be better based on the brand you like, grow up you silly immature morons. And for the record Xbox360 has games PS3 doesn't, and PS3 has games Xbox360 doesn't. They are as good as each other, it is down to preference so quit talking to each other like scum.

a comment on the 720 looks ugly
well ok its od but has not been seen at all yet till xbox do give an E3 look at ^^ can't wait


ok its a war out there but not any war the console war people paid for the ps3 £450 something not just to play games but to play blueray movies now 3d and xbox 360 has the music on games so you can play both game and song while online play is tonnes better then ps3 but it has 3d gaming now so all people need to think strongly and be very carefull in the next 1 year or 2 i have ps3 only for blueray and 3d i had xbox 360 first very good then when the ps3 3d came out i played alot of games in 3d wich was also very good so i will be getting both ps4 and xbox 720 my email is thanks for reading send a message to me

This is sad, the state of the kids arguing here. If you cannot be bothered to spellcheck or proof reading your arguments, then you should even bother trying to debate.

While consoles are holding the gaming industry back because of their poor RAM limits, I'm grateful for their existence because it means there are less children driving me insane with their weeping and high-pitch whining when I play on the original and proper gaming system: the PC.

wow seriously stop arguing but stats do prove xbox is BETTER
by 62%

xbox 720 is going to be better than ps4 because xbox have group of the grates players on the xbox and ps4 gets hacked every day ''XBOX 720'' going to be awesome

Personally I'm looking forward to both the PS4 and 720. that way i can try both. I didn't like the ps3 but thats a personal choice. the 360 is superior in SOME aspects but not all. I mean come on people don't have a go just because you prefer one. get decent reasoning behind your arguments before just saying such rubbish.

Lol watching a lot of nerds arguing about game systems is really funny. Honestly idc which is better I just play it to play it.

5-6 years have past now and yet u 360 fans keep on lying even to urself ! do u really think u have a better system than us PS3 owners ? then lets talk , based on fact and ot ur kidi emotions ! cant wait really !

Im not bashing neither of them but all I am going to say PS3= blu-ray. sh*t cant get better than that. If the 720 has Blu-ray oh yea it will crush ps4.

ps3 sucks i mean people just get them cause they have free internet, thats why ps3 keeps on getting hacked. dont be cheap and just get a desent xbox 360 u idiots

I have a ps3 and like games like uncharted and littlebigplanet (don't hate) Xbox controllers much better and live is better service than psn. All in all they are both BEaSTLy

xbox720. will actually be called 'dream' its confirmed thr graphics on the dream will be ffar beyond our technology in games as of today. they have been working on it since early 2006. the ps4 will be a virtual reality console. lgoogle it if you want. but overall i own an xbox360 i have since it first came out. ive owned a playstation when itt got hacked i sold it. its garbage. that would never happen on xbox. plus all the exclusivee titles like gears of war, halo, two of the best selling games in history. what does ps3 have? a laggy internet experience. a 2001 based web browser. come on now. xbox has netflix, going tto have youtube, it has zune, i mean haands down. the better gaaming platform.

good website good info

PS: Xbox wins against playstation!!!!

Your all pathetic to be honest arguing over a games console who cares which one will be better eventually you will all grow up and see that your wasting your time arguing over nothing I think you all need to revaluate your lifes yeah

btw i think both xbox and playstation should come up with good stuff because the new wii looks awesome and is coming strong
ive never been a wii fan btw but i must admit that the new 1 is at least competition for xbox 360 and ps3

What the hell r u guys talking about the only popular games that xbox has that ps3 doesnt is halo and ps3 has God of War and theres also those stupid kinnect games and playstation move games who no1 rly likes
i think its a matter of what u prefer

they call me mr xbox because im only 7 and play xbox all day and night. hollar ar ur boy
the one and only
the greatest player of all
u all suck by the way

XBox 360 is worse than the ps3. Number 1 ps3 grahics are WAYYYYYYY Better!!!!!! Number 2 xBOX 360 is a reamake. right me back ps. I have both so i would now

I like my xbox 360 more than my PS3 but I have a lot of $$$ so I will still get both the new systems! Yay me I'm super excited! Better be before 2013

my concern is if xbox will continue demanding a cost for online gaming with the new console.

the person makes totally since and yes playstation has been hacked way too many times but once i say i can't comment because i have both

ppl only like ps3 coz its free, stop being cheap.. thats why they got hacked.. always spend a little more for quality get an xbox

Well, the PS3 fans are getting angry, all I can say is, well, shut up. I think that Xbox is unrivaled in all aspects, you people keep talking about graphics, well look at the racing genre, look at Forza 4 and then look at GT5, Forzas Graphics spray shit in GT5s face, its inclusion of top gear and Jeremy Clarkson really makes forza the icon of driving and GT5 dribbles down it's shirt. With it's crappy Japanese cars.
Then look at the exclusives. Xbox has many charttoppers, Halo, Gears of War, Banjo Kazooie, Viva Pinata, Alan Wske, Crackdown. Whats PS3 got? God of War, uncharted. Sorry, but, thats just uncomebackable.

bro you forgot to mention how xbox live does go down for 9 weeks at a time and has the better arcade line up. or how ever tho ps3 has better hardware 90% of the time ps3 gets a shitty port. look at red dead on 360 it looks wayyyyy better then it does on ps3. also since xbox out sells ps3 in america by 2/3 most the american games (pretty much the only good ones now adays) most the games are made for xbox mostly so ps3 gets the shitty framerate buggy ports and lot of its games dont have achievements (o wait they ripped that off and named it trophies FAIL). most americans have xbox so if you actually wanna play with your friends you can play with em way more often AND xbox servers in games run way smoother than ps3 counter parts. ps3 is for japaneese fatgards who like ripp off exculsives. there best game is uncharted and its just a 2 time playthrough singleplayer game with shitty multiplay and is a rip off of indiana jones. killzone just wishes it was cod, and resistance just fails bad. god of war is stupid. and mgs is comin to xbox now. xbox has halo (2nd most played online game to cod, plus gears 3rd most played, and bunch of other titles ps3 cant compete with.

what ps3 fanboys fail to realise is, the consoles hardware dont mean shit if all of its games get shitty ports and bad exclusives LOL

seriously this is the gayest looking console ever tho lol

meant to say ps3 goes down 9 weeks lol

go play with ur shitty free online. ill play with my decent servers and better line up of games, and multiplatform games that are actually built around MY system which means 9/10 multiplatform games just run better on xbox

and to those screaming blueray...

that wasnt really around when xbox was in development. thats not microsofts fault. if ps3 came out first xbox would have the blueray and better hardware. so ur arguement is shit

The PS4 look's cool but the xbox 720 just look's gay

xbox 720 looks cool i do not know what your saying

im still enjoying my 360 and ps3. why not wait a couple years longer and fine tune there systems to bring the best possible gameing experience. look what happened when they rushed the release of the 360, they were not ready and they had a ton of problems with overheating. sure now they run smooth as butter but it took them a couple years to fix there mistakes. its sad that its just a race for money, whatever happened to quality craftsmanship?

does anyone know how much it will cost i only have 500 bucks :\

dont worry i highly doubt that it is goin to cost more than 500 bucks.....and by the way this whole website is a scam...thre is no such thing as x720, and if did exist one day i hope they dont make the console little and retarted!!!!!!!!!

the xbox 720 will be the BOMB it will have better games, better online gameplay, AND WILL KICK PS4'S ASS

Listen.VERY closely. STOP BEIN RETARDS AND GET ON WIT UR LIVES! Dont u no dat da 720 will be better? DISSED!

You seem to have misspelled some words in there, also you have seem to have misplaced commas with periods after the first word and third word.

de ps3 is always better than the xbox its has better screen than xbox and better gameplay and 3D and not to forget the bluray disc what the xbox not has

neither one has come out yet, so saying that one is better than the other is opinion. that statement could be proven completely correct, or it might be proven completely wrong. ultimately it is up to what the person is looking for in the console.

the games on ps3 are blu ray unlike xbox, but i like both but ps3 a little more

I have both gaming systems and I oh so preffer my XBOX 360. The online gaming has never gone out on me, I have never had to worry about my identity being stolen, and you do not NEED an HD TV in order to read anything on it, not that I can read anything on my PS3 anyway. Other than that the PS3 wouldn't be so bad I guess. But I am excited to see the new XBOX 720 and see what the capabilities will be for the new gaming systems. Keep up the good work Microsoft and good luck!!

sucks! have you guys notice all the new awesome games come out on t.v have always xbox 360 at the end? yeaah thats right xbox is the most popular gaming platform, ps3 comes in second. so once xbox 720 comes out its gonna be 1st and 360 2nd, and ps3 somewhere on the bottom. The controller on xbox just have much fun playing with and the ps3 is too small and light.

Okay first off i have both systems. Both are great and each as its advantages and disadvantages. The controllers both arent bad the ps3 is made cheaply but its still fine. I like psn cause its free and theres nothing on the 360 thats worthpaying 60 for online. PS3 and the 360 both have many exclusive games but they both have the ones people like best. The ps3 getting hacked could of happened to any system but they chose ps3. And its not as bad as you think not playing online for a month you get red ring of death your not playing for a couple months...or more. I like both systems, but its honestly your opinion. The xbox 720 looks like a ufo, ps4 looks beast but before i choose which one i like best im gonna have to play them.

I have both systems, and after playing on both a countless number of hours I might as well go and throw my Xbox in the trash. The Xbox 360 and its games simply cannot compare to the PlayStation 3

i say xbox 720 looks really bad and that i will not get it dont get me wrong i have xbox it sucks

xbox 720 is so lame looking xbox is gay i played it at my friends a number of times and the controller is bapped.i dont have either but if i had to pick one ps3 would be my favourate.i also played ps3 at my friends and we both agree ps3 is twice as better

why dont you guys be like me and get every systems and enjoy them all. Hahahahah

in my opinion the ps4 design thats being shown around is cool but is also very stupid. Every real gamer knows that when your sitting down playing your favirote game and you get stuck on an impossible level we get mad every now and again and usually we throw our controllers to the floor in rage, but with a touch screen glass controller and station that would be the worste possible thing you could ever do because that would be the end on that system. If ps wants to make a touch screen type game counsil and controller they better make it outta a strong synthetic clear material able to withstand the everyday drop here and there. Come on no ones perfect.

Let me just clear the air about this whole ps better then xbox thing the only reason that is being said is because ps offers blu-ray and free online play, but i didnt buy a game station just so i can watch movies and go online to play aganist a bunch of little bratty kids that just learned how to get on live play. Hands down xbox has and always will be better then the ps.

ik u think ps4 is better well heres the truth it is xbox is really fragile thats y it is cheaper

i comment on its appearence i agree it is uglier than ever and ps4 looks sweet. but 2 da point i have xbox 360 it is shit i am getting ps4 not xbox 720. IMPORTANT:REALLY SAVE UR MONY AND GET PS4!!!!

i obly have xbox 360 i admit that ps3 is better and i am one of the many

xbox 720 looks like a space ship and i have ps3 and xbox. ps3 is better imo.
for xbox i have 12 games. 4 ps3 i have 20 360 broke twice and i only had it for 8 monts i had ps3 for 3 years.i tell u ps4 is cleary gonna be better so is the xbox 720. but ps4 is gonna be better aint it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok i think xbox 360 with the kinect is better and i have 50 games ha i have alot do we really need to know that ,i been having a xbox, xbox 360, and xbox360 with the kinect. xbox 8 years and still works , xbox 360 for 6 years , and xbox360 with the kinect for 2 years and i haven got the red ring i can leave it on and it wont get the red ring

ok i think xbox 360 with the kinect is better and i have 50 games ha i have alot do we really need to know that ,i been having a xbox, xbox 360, and xbox360 with the kinect xbox 8 years and still works , xbox 360 for 6 years , and xbox360 with the kinect for 2 years and i haven got the red ring i can leave it on and it wont get the red ring

dude if your xbox breaks that is all your fault u idiot u r weird. i mean xbox is awesome!
. .


I feel sorry for the people trying to put sense into some people.....I have a ps3 and I like the controller and gameplay in other words its suited for me.I have played XBox and as for gameplay,it wasn't any different but I didn't like the controller...This is my opinion so maybe XBox is as better than PS3 but thats your opinion,maybe PS3 is better than XBox but that,again is your opinion.As for online options I like XBox because you can chat to people when they're playing other games,but PS3 you dont have to pay.Even though its only 80$ a year I still like PS3 more than XBox (Mainly because of the controller) but at least im not bitching about which one's better.I will put money on at least half of the people that say that XBox is better haven't had the experience of playing a PS3.And I will still put money on half the people that say PS3 is better than XBox haven't played an XBox anyway.Im a ten year old kid and I can even say that they're virtually equal somehow.So if you're still going to bitch about this subject....GO PLAY A PC OR NINTENDO FOR ALL I CARE PLAY POKEMON OR MINECRAFT I DONT GIVE A SHIT SO STOP BITCHING ABOUT THIS SUBJECT FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!!!

im 10 2 but who cares that was sick like for a 10 year old that was impressive like i dont know how u did that but xbox is still better, no hard feelings dude :)

A REAL person is making this AND if you look at the overveiw one more time youll see WHY its real.

Text Format: Plain Text

honestly i believe what these ppl on forums r trying to say but people use ur brains how could they go to a first xbox then then the 360 then the 360 slim to this vaginal looking system i mean cmon!!

I have both games. The PS3 has better graphics with wrestlings, racings, fighting games. The Xbox has better graphics with sports, role playing and adventures games. I like them both.

I wonder how the next gen is going to be this time?

I love how people think that Playstation is better than microsoft. Just cause it has a little better graphics than xbox 360 doesnt mean anything. Xbox has a better base of games and exclusive games than Playstation. What exclusive game does playstation has? Little big wolrd and rachet and clank. Thats pretty much it. So dont go freakin dissing xbox on an xbox site. Go get a life

Why do people care about which one is better. They do different things so just buy one that you perfer and does it really matter which one is better. They both do the most important thing, play games.

shut up ur probably are an old lady :(

Why do they look like space ships?

Xbox 360 and ps3 alone are good , I think that Microsoft and Sony should merge to create a new console with xbox 360's hardware and ps3's hardware into one with support for both psn and xbox live and should have a new online system like xbox live or psn and all the ps1 ps2 ps3 and xbox original's and xbox 360's games and it should have an internet's browser like a computer and should be able to
mod games on it wouldn't that be cool email me at and tell me what you think

I don't know how people can sit and compair systems anymore I really don't b/c they are all just mini computers now and days its all personal preferance its like compairing battlefield to mw all it has in common is war and fps that's about all it has in common u can't compair game play for those games just on the basis that they are ment to be played diffrently

PS Has better hardware but not for games.Xbox graphic is better

that is so dumb ps3 has better graphics

your an idiot if ps3 has better hardware how can xbox have better graphics... plus its proven that ps3 has better graphics theres no denying that. the only thing xbox has over the ps3 is online and thats only cause the money paid for xbox live goes into improving the online system

theres no better hardware or graphics, both consoles have DIFFERENT hardware so DIFFERENT graphics, nothing to do with whats better, both are good!

imma give u a piece of my mind so forget all u people xbox is WAY better


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