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Xbox One Release DateOfficial Release Date!
The Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013, in 13 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA. It will be available in more countries in 2014. What's more, the Xbox One CPU has been increased from 1.6GHZ to 1.75GHZ giving the Xbox One a more powerful processing punch!

History of the Xbox
Xbox - Released November 15, 2001
Xbox 360 - Released November 22, 2005
Xbox One - Released November 22, 2013
Xbox One S - Released August 31, 2016
Xbox Two Scorpio - Release Date

Xbox One Release Date: November 22, 2013
A new announcement from Xbox marketing vice-president, Yusuf Mehdi, has let us know when we can get our hands on the Xbox One. The release date will be the 22nd of November, 2013, and the console will be available in 13 different countries from this date, with additional territories getting access to it at some point in 2014. Sony has also announced the release date for its PlayStation 4: the 15th of November in the US, and the 29th of November for the rest of the world. That means US gamers will have access to the PlayStation 4 first, whereas other countries will find the Xbox One out first.

Unfortunately if you don't live in one of those 13 countries then we don't have too much information for you. Microsoft has shied away from providing a definitive release date for any other territories, though it has promised that the Xbox One will be launched 'as soon as possible in 2014' in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. The Xbox 360 has never been as big a seller as the PlayStation 3 in Far Eastern markets such as Japan, and yet Microsoft has insisted that it will be delivering its Xbox One to these countries, just a little later than the rest of the world. From what we can gather then, the majority of the world should be able to access the Xbox One by the end of 2014, with Microsoft rolling out its releases to different nations in tiers.

The Xbox One will enter the market at a price of $499 in the US, £429 in the UK and 499 euros. Microsoft has been hard at work trying to convince gamers that its console is suitable for them after a bit of a rocky start, with numerous policy changes made since E3 to keep everyone happy.

Back at the launch of its previous console, Microsoft made the statement that the company expected the Xbox 360 to be a ten-year console. That would take us up to the year 2015 so we’re glad we don’t need to wait that long for the Xbox One. It seems that Microsoft isn’t totally finished with the 360 even with the launch of the newer console though, with a brand new 360 model being announced at Microsoft’s conference at E3 2013 and a promise that the 360 will be supported until 2016 with 100 new titles between now and that time.

Xbox One Release Date - The Countdown BeginsThe ever intensifying debate over the best console, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, could be decided in part based on which console gamers can get their hands on first, but as the release dates are so close together it's going to be a full battle to score the Christmas market this November. Can you say "Pre-Order" anyone?

Farewell to Our Friend, the Xbox 360
Microsoft has insisted that they will continue to support the Xbox 360 for as long as customers still purchase it, and adding that support will continue until 2016. Unlike the upgrade of the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 where ties to the older console were instantly severed, both the 360 and the One will be supported and stocked for a few years. In considering the lifespan of the Xbox 360 it is important to remember its spectacularly awful launch. Microsoft was actually down $1.2 billion after that tumultuous release, so it's hardly surprising that they will wish to squeeze every cent from the console that developed its current popularity later in life.

What's in a Name?
Until the first announcement of the Xbox One on May the 21st most internet sources were expecting the console to be called the Xbox 720. Microsoft spokespeople insisted this had never been a name that they had considered, choosing the title Xbox One because this is one console that can master a whole plethora of entertainment, from TV to gaming to Skype to browsing the internet.

15 Game Titles in the First Year
We already knew about Watch Dogs, Destiny and Assassins Creed 4 making their way to the Xbox One. However at the Xbox One reveal it was also announced that in the first year of the Xbox One's life there would be 15 brand spanking new exclusive games! Most interestingly of all is that eight of these will be brand new titles. More information was provided at E3 2013, including the announcement that Halo 5 will be available on the Xbox One in the first year of the console, debuting in 2014. EA had a great presentation at the Xbox One announcement event, showing off some of their next generation sports titles. It was these games that really showcased how amazing the graphics on the Xbox One will be.

Your Gamerscore Is Safe
If you have built up a tremendous Gamerscore on your Xbox 360 then don't worry because you can carry that over to the Xbox One. Furthermore, your gamer tag and avatar are safe as well. Your Xbox life will carry on as normal. The one thing that you will not be able to take with you from your Xbox 360 are your Xbox Live Arcade games.

No Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One
We weren’t really surprised by this announcement, but it has now been confirmed that the Xbox One will not be compatible with your existing Xbox 360 game library. You may want to hold off trading in your 360 for store credit. The reason for this incompatibility seems to be the complex architecture of the Xbox One. While Sony did say that many PS3 titles will be available to download on their PS4, a similar feature for the Xbox One has, so far, not been mentioned.

Xbox One Does Not Require Constant Internet Connection
This is great news for many gamers out there. One of the rumors that would simply not go away was that the Xbox One would need to be connected to the internet all the time, even for single player games. It's worth noting that many, if not all, of the amazing features that have been highlighted at the Xbox reveal and E3 2013 look like they will need an internet connection. Still, for those who were not happy about this particular rumor at least you now know that it isn’t true, though it does look likely that the console will need to ‘check in’ online once a day.

New Kinect Is Required for All Xbox One Users
The new Kinect technology shipping with the Xbox One looks very impressive indeed. Some of the highlights so far revealed include things such as it having a 60 percent greater viewing range, great news for anyone who has tried playing a Kinect game in a small bedroom. The Kinect also has a very impressive 1080p HD camera built in as well. It looks likely that the Kinect will need to be plugged in to the Xbox One for the console to work.

Xbox One Controller – the Best Controller Ever?
Microsoft has showcased its new xbox one controller as well as the new Kinect and the console itself. Although the fundamental shape and feel of the controller will remain similar to previous devices, a great looking dpad, more sensitive controls and even a rumble feature in the triggers should help to make the gaming experience better than ever. The batter pack is now built into the controller, removing the requirement for a bucket of AA batteries or a plug and play kit, and it can now be charged via mini-USB from the console. It looks like Microsoft has kept everything that was good about the Xbox 360 controller, and added what was missing.

We Said “No” to DRM
One of Microsoft’s most controversial decisions with the Xbox One related to the console’s DRM policy, which would have prevented gamers being able to buy used games or sell on the titles they were finished with. Although the policy did offer some advantageous elements such as the ability to share a game with up to ten family members or friends, the outcry from the internet was enough for Microsoft to reverse their position on the subject. Now you’ll be able to buy, sell and loan games as you please, and as pre-orders jumped significantly after the policy reversal it seems that gamers are happy with the decision.

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ur totaly right bill or whatevr ur real name is :) . like ps3 what is that?

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Yeah, but I changed the name so it would sound cooler.

The PS4 will once again have better hardware and out perform the Xbox.

the xbox 720 will have 1 terrabyte to the removable hard drive, has a built in full body motion sensor (basikly a kinect built in) will be able to hold three disks at once and has a wireless charging pad on the consle and the controller will have speakers and guroscope even realistick recoil triggers

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The ps4 is no longer the ps4... it is the Sony orbis so more likely no more playstation 3 games on the oribis which keeps with the tradition of sony ps3 where you need specialy equipment to play the king playstation the ps2 games.... aleast the original 360 could play orignial games and was out longer!!!!!

May have better hardwsre just like now but with an evershrinking consumer base it wont be long until the playstation is extinct. Unfortunately the technology is way beyond the capabilities of game developers hence why the xbox will out perform in the marketplace yet again

Both will win xbox has 568 hardware core power the playstation has 568 the same but a bit weaker as im head leader of ubisoft the ps3 will be more advanced in the year 3,thousand so you don@t know just believe that both will win i just know it

yup it will be better for sure but for the hardcore gamer xbox will always have the lead in multiplayer

one again? so what your say is, ps3 outperformed the 360? i bet that explaions why the xbox 360 is the most pupular gaming console,

the only reason the ps3 was better than the xbox 360 is because sony had access to technology that didn't exist when the xbox 360 was made

it looks even more fagile than before bet if u want to go online u pay typical i have a xbox 360 it broke 3 times i bought a ps3 last year and it still aint broke. SONY ALL THE WAY. ps3 beat xbox 360
now for the record ps4 is gonna beat xbox 720

you probaly tried to over work it they do were out if you play to much that is the ONLY major flaw ofthe 360....

You really need to treat your xbox better. I made my xbox original last since it first came out. Its still alive now.

Its ranked 3rd of all consoles and Xbox is 2nd,didnt know that did you?Also the Ps3 is made of recycled materials wich is cool and good for the environment but it makes the Ps3 even more fragile because of all the clumped materials they made it with.

again wont be called the PS4....

hey the PS4 will not be called the PS4 and we all know the PS3 is better and better hardwear but xbox live doesnt get hacked by a lame person now does it?

Thats True! i like how you through that out there

ps4 may have better graphics and internet but gameplay sucks everyone on there is a kid (mentally) and (physically) and ps3 slow laggy horrible hack and mod protection xbox laggs lot less than ps3 not many complete little nerdy kids on xbox

I have a ps3, and it's not laggy at all.
I have the free membership and have at least a 16th of all the games.
I prefer ps3, over xbox 360, and ps4 (If it's even called that) over the xbox 720.

How can u say u prefer the ps4 over the Xbox 720 when no one knows absolutely anything about either one? It's like saying I prefer the 2020 ford mustang over the 2020 chevy camaro.

Makes you stupid.Look at your argument it baised on personal oppinion,how de we know your not laggy?And you cant deny the fact that you cried like a baby when you could'nt play the ps3 because you got hacked.End of story.

the xbox 360 has been out for 6 years and the ps3 has been out for what 3 and the xbox still has better tech and its paddles are more comfterble to hold and the xbox 360 is coming out with a 360 GB hdd for the star wars edition xbox 360 the origanal xbox has xbox live tech the play station 2 couldnt even hold music but the xbox could

hey are you dumb the ps3 has been out for 6 years and we are not talking about ps2 or xbox we are talking about new technology

you unknown fellow are wrong the ps3 is much better and its more comfortable and you have no idea what your talking about but i do agree with the ps2 vs xbox so ps3 is more high tech and does evrything xbox360 but does more

You can't talk to your friends over the globe unless your playing the same game,yes it can't do more than have a goddamn xbox live party it is personal preference but son do u not know what ur talking about

Look at the PS3 now, it barely has games or anything, Xbox 360 was popular and everyone had it. Xbox 720 will win.

shut up you dont know what you are saying

shut up you dont know what you are saying

hey, speak for yourself. ps3 has loads of awesome games like battlefield and like modern warefare and call od duty blackops. plus ps4 has much better graphics and you can go online for free! Just wait till the playstation 4 comes out and it will kick the shit box's ass.
Go to the playstation 4 head quarters and you will understannd what I mean you_______.

ps. this applies to everyone exept those who dont insult the ps4.

Battle field, modern warfare, and blackops were games for the xbox too not just ps3 games. What the other guy meant was ps3 exclusives. And just because the ps3 plays blu-ray games and movies dosen't mean that it has better graphics. It just makes it so hi-def it pixlizes every thing as ing you can see the pixles on the screen. Xbox has a filter for that. Still cool that the ps3 can play blu-ray movies though : )

Dude XBOX is better than SOny becuase Sony only cares about the Graphics and nothing else like gameplay or games Xbox has a huge variety from E-M and now can play blu-ray.

What games does the ps3 have that xbox360 dosnt have, a good few less then the xbox360, And ps3 always has a lot of problems with online play because of it being free!, Another logic fact the xbox 720 probably will be better than ps4 no one knows for sure but its because xbox360 are making alot more money (i.e Subscriptions, kinect, a lot of microsoft games, buying and renting movies, music, etc.), So that they can put into the 720. i'm not favoriting xbox i'm backing it up, i like both consoles in their own way.

yes you can go on PS3 for free and you have to pay for xbox live but guess who still has more players, the xbox network whats that tell you, i'm no fan boy but the xbox is just that much better the controller is amazing just the whole xbox it's self is great, and just to think what the "720" would be like, hands down xbox is just better over all, thank you :)

xbox is way better than ps1 ps2 ps3 and this fake ps4

shut up punk the ps3 owns the stupid gay xbox

Stfu everyone knows xbox has WAY better multiplayer

now i am sure your a smart kid, but im sure multiplayer is not everything, that is one small thing out of many, and playstation has much more options than the xbox does, basicly the playstation out plays the xbox in everyway.

lol xbox is not better than ps3.. Hell nah bruh you didn't test on ps3 graphic than xbox360 and you trying to make pretented of xbox better than ps3. My opinion, ps3 can beat xbox because ps3 has better graphic and xbox has low quality..

wow your dumb its said the xbox 720 will have its graphics just like AVATAR so shut up i bet the playstation will be a rip of i bet there wont be a change on it except the console looking

but like the comment bellow says that there on both which he is right but personally i can't speak because i have a profile on xbox and playstation so yeah ????????????????????????????????????????? ps can't wait for mw3

the ps3 doesnt "have" battlefield or any COD they are on all both. even on wii so your arguement is null and void and its true playstation has half the games of xbox. and the 360 came out to beat out the ps2 and it is still in the running against ps3? that shows something. so before you get all rude do some research and get a real agrument. and yes ps3 is free online. but you get what you pay for and 60 a year really isnt much for a good online server. and no one knows ps4 will have better graphics or be free. so calm yourself.

the ps3 doesnt "have" battlefield or any COD they are on all both. even on wii so your arguement is null and void and its true playstation has half the games of xbox. and the 360 came out to beat out the ps2 and it is still in the running against ps3? that shows something. so before you get all rude do some research and get a real agrument. and yes ps3 is free online. but you get what you pay for and 60 a year really isnt much for a good online server. and no one knows ps4 will have better graphics or be free. so calm yourself.

lol yeh ryt the playstation will neva compare to the xbox n u all no it u just dont want to admit it

Playstation has always been better. You can love Xbox and see this. At the moment, the PS3 has 6 times the power of the Xbox 360.

You just don't want to admit, or you are too dumb to see it.

anonymous you r mad the ps4 beats the xbox by a billion miles, there is no place in this dimention or any other where the xbox will ever be better then the ps4

Contrary to your belief, you can't actually determine this to be true. Yes, Wii U and XBOX 720 may be coming out soon, but I think we all know that Sony's superior, Japanese will make the PS4 shine over the lesser consoles like a rising sun over SCE's corporate headquarters in Tokyo.

While you remain Anonymous, your spelling and grammar makes it abundantly clear what your age is. In terms of hardware specs, the PS3 is more powerful. In terms of sales, it's always been close call.

RRoD also does the console no favors. I know of many friends who switched to the PS3 after the frustration of getting their Xboxes replaced over and over because of the RRoD.


The only reason any of the Xbox's break is because of people who don't have a life and play for 5 hours a day. I have had mine for almost 2... I have the elite and I've never had any problems.

I have both systems. Ignoring sending my 360 in 2 times, it still falls short. ps3 got hacked for almost a month by an organization that has power over all tech. SEN (PSN) has had the same security as Xbox Live from the start and is now even more secure. Ive played my ps2 longer than my xbox 360 with fiwer complaints. I get in Video chats and chat for hours on ps3, but i cant talk with people for 20 min in a private chat on live. I know my PS3's menues inside out. I cant change my password on my xbox. Xbox has no games that outshine ps3 games. Xbox has been maxed out ps3 continues to expand. 360 fanboys are incredibility stupid anywhere i see them. The 360 has been the cheep system from the start. you get what you pay for. Sony goal is to have a superior system that pushes the tech of that gen. MS's goal is to get a better quarterly statement they dont care about players after they give them money. Sony gave me 4 games for not being to play "ONLINE" for a month. MS gave me a fixed xbox that i paid for when i bought it. Long Live Play. or Jump in? Id rather have the manly system and stick with Sony. RIP xbox kids

that only happend to the older 360 models

No u cant compare ps3 to the cuz it has better games and graphics. so tell me what you like about the xbox.........

Let me tell u how about the 50 apps. Or more Xbox has!how does many does ps3 have? Here I know 5 to 10 apps

We Al Ready Know Xbox360 Has Better Graphics and Both Consoles Has Awesome Gameplays So XBox720 Will be better Graphics and We See When Released there Features!

how gay are u, we all know that the ps3 is better, and is completely free, you probably dont even have an xbox! stupid noob...

how gay are u, we all know that the ps3 is better, and is completely free, you probably dont even have an xbox! stupid noob

yeah and ps4 is coming out isn,t it

nice man ur not dum lik evry1 else :)

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stick up for xbox playstation will never beat xbox

I think a comma or a period, as well as correct spelling, would benefit you greatly.

read your sentence. those comas you added trying to act smart were incorrect. and why wud u care about spelling or grammer in the first place. r u his english teacher?
ps PS3 FTW

ps3 clearly is better than xbox 360 i have three friends who have both and agree i also had both but sold my xbox 360

i totally agree with, by the way the xbox cant play blue ray disc its not awesome compared to the ps3

but the xbox is a gmaing station not a ratchet dvd blu ray player that gets hacked way too often

i have both ps3 ana xbox 360 i play my ps3 every day and i it mustive benn years sense i played my xbox 360

i jsut cant beleive u have that many freinds when you love the play station

My XBox broke down that's why I bought PS3. PS3 never breaks down just freezes. I had to send the Xbox in like 4 times for repairs. XBox Sucks!!!

xboxs are fair better yous always get hacked and we donot


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