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Xbox One Release DateOfficial Release Date!
The Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013, in 13 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA. It will be available in more countries in 2014. What's more, the Xbox One CPU has been increased from 1.6GHZ to 1.75GHZ giving the Xbox One a more powerful processing punch!

History of the Xbox
Xbox - Released November 15, 2001
Xbox 360 - Released November 22, 2005
Xbox One - Released November 22, 2013
Xbox One S - Released August 31, 2016
Xbox Two Scorpio - Release Date

Xbox One Release Date: November 22, 2013
A new announcement from Xbox marketing vice-president, Yusuf Mehdi, has let us know when we can get our hands on the Xbox One. The release date will be the 22nd of November, 2013, and the console will be available in 13 different countries from this date, with additional territories getting access to it at some point in 2014. Sony has also announced the release date for its PlayStation 4: the 15th of November in the US, and the 29th of November for the rest of the world. That means US gamers will have access to the PlayStation 4 first, whereas other countries will find the Xbox One out first.

Unfortunately if you don't live in one of those 13 countries then we don't have too much information for you. Microsoft has shied away from providing a definitive release date for any other territories, though it has promised that the Xbox One will be launched 'as soon as possible in 2014' in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. The Xbox 360 has never been as big a seller as the PlayStation 3 in Far Eastern markets such as Japan, and yet Microsoft has insisted that it will be delivering its Xbox One to these countries, just a little later than the rest of the world. From what we can gather then, the majority of the world should be able to access the Xbox One by the end of 2014, with Microsoft rolling out its releases to different nations in tiers.

The Xbox One will enter the market at a price of $499 in the US, £429 in the UK and 499 euros. Microsoft has been hard at work trying to convince gamers that its console is suitable for them after a bit of a rocky start, with numerous policy changes made since E3 to keep everyone happy.

Back at the launch of its previous console, Microsoft made the statement that the company expected the Xbox 360 to be a ten-year console. That would take us up to the year 2015 so we’re glad we don’t need to wait that long for the Xbox One. It seems that Microsoft isn’t totally finished with the 360 even with the launch of the newer console though, with a brand new 360 model being announced at Microsoft’s conference at E3 2013 and a promise that the 360 will be supported until 2016 with 100 new titles between now and that time.

Xbox One Release Date - The Countdown BeginsThe ever intensifying debate over the best console, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, could be decided in part based on which console gamers can get their hands on first, but as the release dates are so close together it's going to be a full battle to score the Christmas market this November. Can you say "Pre-Order" anyone?

Farewell to Our Friend, the Xbox 360
Microsoft has insisted that they will continue to support the Xbox 360 for as long as customers still purchase it, and adding that support will continue until 2016. Unlike the upgrade of the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 where ties to the older console were instantly severed, both the 360 and the One will be supported and stocked for a few years. In considering the lifespan of the Xbox 360 it is important to remember its spectacularly awful launch. Microsoft was actually down $1.2 billion after that tumultuous release, so it's hardly surprising that they will wish to squeeze every cent from the console that developed its current popularity later in life.

What's in a Name?
Until the first announcement of the Xbox One on May the 21st most internet sources were expecting the console to be called the Xbox 720. Microsoft spokespeople insisted this had never been a name that they had considered, choosing the title Xbox One because this is one console that can master a whole plethora of entertainment, from TV to gaming to Skype to browsing the internet.

15 Game Titles in the First Year
We already knew about Watch Dogs, Destiny and Assassins Creed 4 making their way to the Xbox One. However at the Xbox One reveal it was also announced that in the first year of the Xbox One's life there would be 15 brand spanking new exclusive games! Most interestingly of all is that eight of these will be brand new titles. More information was provided at E3 2013, including the announcement that Halo 5 will be available on the Xbox One in the first year of the console, debuting in 2014. EA had a great presentation at the Xbox One announcement event, showing off some of their next generation sports titles. It was these games that really showcased how amazing the graphics on the Xbox One will be.

Your Gamerscore Is Safe
If you have built up a tremendous Gamerscore on your Xbox 360 then don't worry because you can carry that over to the Xbox One. Furthermore, your gamer tag and avatar are safe as well. Your Xbox life will carry on as normal. The one thing that you will not be able to take with you from your Xbox 360 are your Xbox Live Arcade games.

No Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One
We weren’t really surprised by this announcement, but it has now been confirmed that the Xbox One will not be compatible with your existing Xbox 360 game library. You may want to hold off trading in your 360 for store credit. The reason for this incompatibility seems to be the complex architecture of the Xbox One. While Sony did say that many PS3 titles will be available to download on their PS4, a similar feature for the Xbox One has, so far, not been mentioned.

Xbox One Does Not Require Constant Internet Connection
This is great news for many gamers out there. One of the rumors that would simply not go away was that the Xbox One would need to be connected to the internet all the time, even for single player games. It's worth noting that many, if not all, of the amazing features that have been highlighted at the Xbox reveal and E3 2013 look like they will need an internet connection. Still, for those who were not happy about this particular rumor at least you now know that it isn’t true, though it does look likely that the console will need to ‘check in’ online once a day.

New Kinect Is Required for All Xbox One Users
The new Kinect technology shipping with the Xbox One looks very impressive indeed. Some of the highlights so far revealed include things such as it having a 60 percent greater viewing range, great news for anyone who has tried playing a Kinect game in a small bedroom. The Kinect also has a very impressive 1080p HD camera built in as well. It looks likely that the Kinect will need to be plugged in to the Xbox One for the console to work.

Xbox One Controller – the Best Controller Ever?
Microsoft has showcased its new xbox one controller as well as the new Kinect and the console itself. Although the fundamental shape and feel of the controller will remain similar to previous devices, a great looking dpad, more sensitive controls and even a rumble feature in the triggers should help to make the gaming experience better than ever. The batter pack is now built into the controller, removing the requirement for a bucket of AA batteries or a plug and play kit, and it can now be charged via mini-USB from the console. It looks like Microsoft has kept everything that was good about the Xbox 360 controller, and added what was missing.

We Said “No” to DRM
One of Microsoft’s most controversial decisions with the Xbox One related to the console’s DRM policy, which would have prevented gamers being able to buy used games or sell on the titles they were finished with. Although the policy did offer some advantageous elements such as the ability to share a game with up to ten family members or friends, the outcry from the internet was enough for Microsoft to reverse their position on the subject. Now you’ll be able to buy, sell and loan games as you please, and as pre-orders jumped significantly after the policy reversal it seems that gamers are happy with the decision.

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shut up bro the xbox sucks

xbox is awesome so you shut up

You got your console hacked for more than 3-days and u and your friends all complained for at least 48 hours

So ur 3 friends are professional? haha wow there normal people and cant say nothing plus ps3 always gets hacked!

It is funny to see how the people that complain about the ps3 getting hacked or saying the ps3 sucks graphics wise, are the ones that have never owned one... And they quote youtube links or "their friends." At least the people defending the ps3 don't have to hide their RROD. I also find it amusing that the amount of xbox fan boys do not have a grasp on the English language higher than 3rd or 4th grade os rampant. And they expect their opinions to be validated? Please kids, put down the lolbox controller, do your homework and go to school tomorrow. I promise that if you don't pull your Halo rank up from 116000 to 115090 that no one will think less of you. I have owned my ps3 since release date, it has never over heated nor been hacked. When the Sony servers went down, I got 3 full free games for a minor inconvenience. What did you get when you had to send back your RROD xbox other than a couple weeks of not playing it at all?

Don't worry mate, I have owned a ps3, and here's what I can say: Crappy system with absolutely nothing close to the 360's awesomeness, graphics, security, games, gameplay, and everything else. When the ps3 or 4 gets anywhere near even just the 360, tell me.

Don't worry mate, I have owned a ps3, and here's what I can say: Crappy system with absolutely nothing close to the 360's awesomeness, graphics, security, games, gameplay, and everything else. When the ps3 or 4 gets anywhere near even just the 360, tell me.

ya ps3 gets hacked but its because we dont pay for online if we payed we would probly have better security

shat up you dont know what u talking bout

you have never modded a ps3 and if so it was back when i was fw 3.55. mod a recent ps3 with fw 3.73 or 4.0 and tell me about security!

Look at the development of the 360 just to think what technology is going to be in 720. Also the funds behind Microsoft are vastly more than playstation & how much is the ps4 going to be something stupid. There will be no contest & im happy to be on a system that is secure ;) hahah bit of advise look at stats in future not what 3 of your mates said!

u really think there is a big differance in funding between microsoft and Sony? Do u realize how just how large Sony is as a company. They will be willing to put everything behind there highest selling product. what does microsoft have? windows, a zune, and xbox? Blu Ray is sony technology and they are taking it to the next level what is xbox doing?

Microsoft has its name on just about every computer and they pretty much own the Internet Sony playstation is junk I sold mine and preorderd black ops2 because maps come out first on Xbox cause its a better system

Microsoft, the company that brought you Vista! Windows 7, user friendly? efficient? already replaced... by 8. Lets not forget ME. If it wasnt for the fact that they are ending support on XP no one would be buying their crap these days. And secure? ROFLMAO!!!!! The 360 doesnt even need to be hacked, it craps out on its own. Sony already has Nvidia and ati lined up, intel isnt doing another system... whos left? Cyrix? Motorola? even if intel did a cpu it would be x86 based crap. It would take 2 high end 6 core i7s to match the ps3s current cell processor. Halo sold the xbox 360, now halo has been played out... What is left that isnt on ps3 already? Lets also go back to cartridge based systems while we are at it, remember the nintendo? If it doesnt work, blow and smack and repeat.

Sure ps3 got hacked,dont act like microsoft back in 2007,
plus 360s have a 50% console fail rate compared to ps3 10%
dont get me wrong i love xbox but 4 consoles that failed 3 red ringed and the new slim wont read discs anymore. MS NEEDS TO FIX THERE PROBLEMS AND STOP SUCKING MONEY OUT OF PEOPLE.

ps3 BLOWS AWAY the xbox 360. Number 1 the graphics on the ps3 is better by ALOT. Number 2 the xbox 360 is a remake. right me back. PS. i have the xbox360 and the ps3

Everyone has their own opinion on both Consoles, Yes we might think ps3 have better Graphics but thats your own opinion But i prefer the xbox 360 Because well i like Gears of war series and Halo series and you cant get that on PS3 and the story line on most Xbox games are Alot better then PS3 Games, Plus PS3 Is so easy to hack ive got loads of friends that have Jailbroken their Ps3 yes that is Proberly the best part of ps3 you can get anything for free.


Guys, stop arguing over this as we all know Xbox is clearly better and superior in all ways, technology, graphics, gameplay, games, network, and security, not to mention the way bigger playerbase.


That's if bill gates built it he only has a part in a the xbox console and that's the Microsoft part I mean you can't even play a movie and that means no 3D movies for xbox users lol just stick to ure lame xbox and I will still sit back ans enjoy my ps3 oh and the graphics are not even close to the Playstation cause xbox don't even have the blueray option or the 3D option so yea the graphics ain't even close buddy lol

Actually you are wrong the PS3 does out proform the Xbox graphically. I mself choose xbox and hate the PS controller and lack of my preferred games. Usually, It's a preference weighted by range of aspects such as prefered games, availability, your friends, brand loyalty and affordability.

Fact is, a Windows PC beats all y'all so there isn't really any need FOR WRITING IN CAPITALS IS THERE?

The playstatoin has better piccher

even though it may be true that the ps is true it's just our choice on what we want to be honest i just like the xbox because of how i can play halo and other cool games that sometimes the ps doesnt have a chance to play with so dont try to make people bad about their choices i'm sure there must be a reason for it just as how you love your ps

good article. great read. hopefully Microsoft makes an announcement soon.

you suck

hey guys i wanted to share my info on 720 with u it will have wireless pad on top of it full body senor and hard drive and 4 usb hook ups now if u have questions just leave a comment thanks guys and have fun with the new systems

Honestly all the pictures i have seen for XBOX 720 and PS4 look fake, but Wii U Looks the most realistic but the PS4 LOOKS AWESOME

The Xbox 720 is way cooler than the ps4 and is going to out sell the ps4

Apperantly, my future game station is a homosexual.

Looks can be decieving good sir.

i think the xbox 720 will be better and be way way way!,l more advance than the wii u. playstation and xbox will have some strong compotition but i defo vote for xbox 720 all the way :)

PlayStation is steering towards extinction

Extinction wad makes you say that huh the PS3 just got the fight to the pansy 360 and with PS4 its gonna make 720 eat dust!!!!!

you understand that the play station 3 as is already has more features and is already ahead of its time than the xbox 360 which has released over 3 different xboxes to make up for its shotty craftsmanship i.e. the red rings of death so if any one is heading towards extinction it would be the space age old xbox 360 or Nintendo's wii

And you think Sony's PS3 was flawless. Did you forget about the YLOD issue with the Fat models?. Why do you think Sony discontinued the fat models and removed PS2 backwards compatibility. It was too costly to make and was unreliable so they released a slim model, finally to cut further costs they released a super slim model which looks cheaply made with a sliding disc cover, tell me again was the PS3 flawless?. Of course not

You really think that the Play Station is dead? That's ludacris. I don't care how big of an XBox fanboy you are, but you can't really think that the PS series dead, can you? If you do, you should go ahead and head back to the third grade.

Playstaion is better than Xbox even when 720 is comming out playsation is one step ahead of Xbox

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I dont choose either side, but keep in mind when the xbox360 came out and the PS3. There SHOULD be no controversy... If the Xbox720 is as good as the rumors are, Playstation will fall. (P.S. The Xbox720 may have the most up to date features... therefore, PS4 cannot be any steps ahead.

Nope.avi..... Xbox is on the good side now, while playstation IS burning up on the wrong side of the gaming industry... Don't tell me you forgot about the part where the playstation network lost tons of player info and stuff... I mean really, playstation will NEVER be ahead of the Xbox.

um excuse me but does the xbox have a blue ray player or can it support 1080 p video or wait does it even have free online gaming uhhh no sadly it doesnt but guess who does yah u guessed right the ps3

Now you're just talking out of your fanboy ass. You really don't know anything about the current gen systems do you?. The 360 and PS3 are originally 720p native while yes both the 360 and Ps3 can upscale some of the latest games to 1080i. That means that even though HDTV's can upscale current gen games to 1080i, they are originally 720p native systems. The only console that is 1080p native is the Wii U. That is the First true HD console no matter how much people bash it. For gods sake get your facts straight you fool....

I'm sorry but PlayStation online community literally sucks most of all of PlayStation original good games moved over I mean like honestly what are original titles does PlayStation still have that you can't get on xbox keep in mind I said original titles

what make the xbox better than the playstation is it because it has those cool red rings of death

the xbox came out first and the playstaion followed its foot steps

You're wrong, PS1 and PS2 came out before the XBOX original.

First of all get your facts right man the xbox came out as a competitor to PS2 and it was sony leap years ahead of microsoft in console wars and i guess still is and will be for years to come..... so s*** on that

PSfan, you don't know what the hell you're talking about, Sony was never leap years ahead of Microsoft you idiot. Leap years would imply Sony was 1 or 2 generations ahead of the 360 and PC in the hardware department you ignorant fanboy. Yes the original XBOX came out to compete with the PS2 but the original XBOX was technically a Pentium 3 PC in a box. The PS2 Emotion chip had nothing on the original XBOX because the PS2 wasn't based on a PC architecture but it was still a great system for it's time with a huge library of titles, the XBOX360 was released in 2005 with a standard DVD drive and the PS3 in 2006 so Sony had the upper hand in the hardware department when they put the Cell processor and a Blu-ray player which was extremely costly because of Blu-ray, not to mention complex to develop games for. On paper the PS3 is more powerful than 360 but the only games that took advantage of the PS3's powerful Cell was Sony's AAA 1st party exclusives, the multiplats look the same as the 360's, these are the real facts so SUCK on that.

playstation was made first and the xbox followed its footsteps.


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