Fixing the Damage: Can the Xbox One Reshape the Xbox Series Legacy?

Xbox One red ring of deathXBox One Repairs
When gamers talk about the Wii, the first thing that pops into mind is its game changing wireless play. When gamers talk about the PS3, its blu-ray capabilities and astounding graphics usually dominate the conversation. However, when gamers are asked about the Xbox 360 the usual response is, “red ring of death.”

Unlike any other modern day console, the 360 was released with major problems that impacted many players worldwide. Faulty hardware, terrible heat sinks, and lack of proper cooling led to some of the highest failure rates in video game console history. In fact some sources, such as a Game Informer Survey, push the failure rate above 50%! This is an unacceptable number and that took a toll on Xbox’s legacy. Gamers everywhere were enraged by this injustice and many feel Microsoft didn’t do enough to compensate for its failures. How did Microsoft not notice these issues during stress tests? Why did they not do more to correct the problem in the beginning?

Well, now they finally have a chance to redeem themselves with the Xbox One. The new xbox console currently in development, with no scheduled release date, has the ability to reshape the image cast by players. Think about it. The new xbox is two full turns within a circular motion. Microsoft has already released the first Xbox and the 360. They know what works, what doesn’t work, what drives fans wild with passionate frenzy or deep seated hatred. All they need to do now is take all that feedback they have and push forth a system that captures all the right elements. They need to realize that cooling plays a major part in this new console war going on.

As long as competitors are increasing the power of their systems, overheating will remain a big issue. It becomes an even bigger problem when gamers have their own style of play in regards to console placement. Some are fine with the standard flat surface arrangement…but many love the idea of a vertical standing console. So in this case, the xbox One needs to have two models developed and pushed on the market. A vertical standing console would need to have larger vents on the sides, along with fans that recycled and pushed the air from left to right and vice versa. A console placed flat on a surface would need to maintain a cool bottom while pushing the air around and up. It might seem like overkill but consoles function like powerful CPU’s today. Cold air is essential in maintaining a higher level of gaming performance. Secondly, the placement of parts and hardware within the console needs to be 100% researched and stress tested before a permanent layout is configured. A huge GPU heat sink should have NEVER been allowed in the 360 console if the idea of extreme gaming was going to be a reality. You can’t redesign chips if you don’t understand the fallout (hehehe) that results in their “improved design.” Microsoft knew from earlier tests that they couldn’t manufacturer a graphics chip that was both cool and efficient. So they hired someone else to provide and redesign a chip…although the outcome was the same. Sticking to familiar territory would have been great here, although trying out new ways to incorporate liquid cooling into the equation would have worked better. 

xbox-720-repairStress Tests
It might also help if the new xbox stress tests were carried out by gamers whom were originally shafted when their consoles failed after launch. Since compensation for the damages was never carried out on a mass basis, it seems only fair to issue out testing invitations to those affected. Just because the 360 scratched disks and experienced full system hardware failures…doesn’t mean the dedicated gamers have shunned it. Most would pounce on the opportunity to test run the Xbox One and provide valuable feedback. There are so many ways a console can be improved on before it’s released. What better audience than the consumers who buy and support the company? The fate of the Xbox series lies on the success of the Xbox One and its impact will create a huge wave in the console war. If Microsoft can eliminate all the problems that arouse from the 360, the potential to beat out any Wii or PS3 competitor grows immensely. Think about it. The Xbox 360 has the most diverse list of games out of all the consoles. They supply the main RPG titles, the first person shooters, and online multi-player experience. There wouldn’t even be a true achievement system had Xbox Live not been thrown onto the scene. Like it or not Microsoft has made some amazing strides and if they just take their time with the new xbox and do it proper justice…the legacy will live on.

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