Crytek's Ryse Resurrected As Xbox One Exclusive

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 11:39 -- jjphillips

First revealed at E3 2011 as a Kinect-exclusive game, Ryse, developed by Crytek, fell off the radar shortly after that. While the studio has been busy with other games, such as Crysis 3, no information on Ryse came out in the following two years outside of "we're still working on it." Was Ryse destined to be vaporware? Or would it "Ryse" from the ashes with the announcement of the Xbox One, as was heavily rumored?

Above is the official trailer for Ryse as shown during E3 2011, showcasing the game's reliance on the Kinect hardware: swinging your arms (and head!) around wildly to simulate combat. The game was to be set in the Roman era, be Kinect exclusive, be a visceral, gory experience, be in the first-person perspective, and... well, that's about all the details we knew. The trailer doesn't do much to showcase any information about the game as well, as much of the trailer is pre-rendered and not indicative of actual gameplay. While Crytek promised more information, sadly more information was never shown.

Fast forward to Microsoft's Xbox One unveiling conference in May 2013 and Ryse once again makes an appearance as one of the illustrious 15 exclusive games that Microsoft has promised. Development has officially moved from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One and Ryse will be a launch title for the system. Now that the Kinect is being bundled with every Xbox One title, it makes perfect sense to push Ryse to the new console as the every Xbox One user will have a Kinect.

Crytek's Ryse Resurrected As Xbox One ExclusiveHowever, there is one major change with Ryse that is a bit bewildering: now that the install base is there for a Kinect-exclusive game, Ryse has changed directions to be primarily controller-based with the Kinect used for additional input options. It seems Crytek is planning on creating a more standard first-person game that will stand out based on its reliance on melee combat instead of firearms, as the game is still set in the Roman era. This will certainly help the game stand as the genre is currently plagued by too many games that are modern, futuristic and gun reliant.

Sadly, just like in 2011, this is all we know at this point: the game exists, it's by Crytek and it's pretty much the same game we saw before. No new trailers were announced, the game's website is empty with only the mention that the game has "controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect," which we already know, and a countdown clock.

However, a rumor a few months ago claims that Microsoft may be propping up Ryse to be its next huge franchise. The rumor states Ryse is "designed to be Microsoft's new Gears of War / Halo mega launch title" and Microsoft is helping Crytek complete the title, giving it as much polish is possible.

Currently, the countdown clock on the game is counting down to E3 2013, at which point Crytek has promised a full reveal of the game. It's about time we got to see what Ryse is all about and we at Xbox One Experts can't wait to see what this game looks and plays like.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 06/04/2013

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