Skype On The Xbox One!

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Wed, 05/22/2013 - 03:26 -- jdelacey

The fact that the Xbox One will allow people to use Skype, is really not something worth writing a whole article about to some people. However, if you actually watched the way that Xbox One will be using Skype, it's pretty amazing.

To start with, Skype is pretty awesome. From my own personal point of view, it lets me keep in touch with my friends and family who still live in Scotland. I know that for many other people, Skype is god-send when it comes to keeping in touch with people. Again, I understand that on paper making a big deal out of Skype sounds very odd, but let me just tell you why Skype on Xbox One is going to be something very special.

Firstly, the camera. Don Mattrick pointed out, there is nothing out there that provides you with a good Skype experience from your big screen TV than the Xbox One. It has the ability to group chat, which sounds awesome especially if you have a group of friends who like to review movies, games, or music. This really is the next best thing to being in the room together.

Skype On The Xbox One!One thing that was shown, which I just thought was so cool, was when they were showing a movie. The phone rings and all you have to do is say "Xbox answer call" how crazy is that? It is like we are living in the future. What adds to the cool factor, is that the movie did not even shut off. Instead the Skype box snapped (snapping is a big feature of Xbox One) to the left of the screen. So now, you can chat away on Skype while the movie is on. This could be really cool for people who like to watch sports together, but live miles apart.

I think that Skype will play a very big part in the future of Xbox One. I think that in terms of multi-player gaming, that it will be fun to see the people you are playing against. I think that for many console gamers when the 360 launched with its headset, that was a new and exciting thing for multi-player gaming. Well I can honestly see Skype having the same kind of effect for the Xbox One.

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 05/22/2013

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