Star Wars Battlefront - The Reboot to top all others!

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Everybody gets excited when a new Star Wars game is announced. There have been some truly fantastic games released throughout various generations (going way back to Return of the Jedi on the SNES right up to the will-it-won’t-it Star Wars 1313).

The game getting everybody excited at the moment is Star Wars Battlefront, another installment in the popular first and third person shooter series which puts players in the thick of the action during the series’ biggest battles. Battlefront II was released back in 2005, so by the time Battlefront hits for Xbox One in 2015 it will have been 10 whole years since the last installment.

Star Wars Battlefront is being produced by Dice, the same team who bring us Battlefield, so we can be confident that an established, proven team is behind the title. The game is described as a reboot of the franchise, and seen as we haven’t played anything Battlefront since the original Xbox, we can be sure that the leap both graphically and gameplay wise will be astonishing.

Star Wars BattlefrontI cannot wait to take part in the universes most epic battles. Fighting AT-AT’s, flying an X-Wing, piloting the Millennium Falcon are going to look spectacular on Xbox One, and it only pains me to think that we’re going to have to wait up to two years to try it out. Remember the gap between BioShock Infinite being announced and the time it was released? Remember that huge timeframe? Well, prepare to go through all that heartache again.

These truly are first world problems.

So what can we expect from the rebooted Star Wars Battlefront? With the game due to hit shelves in 2014, there is little information we know about the title. Will it be a straight remake, or will it be a reboot and feature new scenarios, missions and characters? Will it focus on the original trilogy, or will it feature scenarios from the prequels? Perhaps it will even center around the new series of movies being developed by JJ Abrams?

For me, I would expect the game to contain missions, characters and storylines from all three trilogies, preferably with a mission dedicated to slaughtering Jar Jar Binks and the entire Gungan race, but maybe that’s just me?

With Dice responsible for the reboot, it’s safe to assume that Star Wars Battlefront will focus as much on pretty aesthetics and graphics as it does gameplay. Battlefield 4 on Xbox One is one of the highlights of the consoles lineup, and ticks all boxes for a majority of gamers, so the fact that they have been given this rather monumental task is somewhat reassuring.

What does excite me about the prospect of Star Wars Battlefront is the possibilities multiplayer can bring to the franchise. Online gaming has come a long way since the original Xbox, and Xbox Live is arguably the greatest way of playing online for console gamers. Just imagine a 32 vs 32 game of Tie Fighters vs X-Wings in deep space, Clone soldiers vs Jedi’s in Kashyyk, or even AT-AT walkers vs Snowspeeders on Hoth.

Multiplayer in Star Wars Battlefront could truly be something special on Xbox One. We know Dice are keen to impress when it comes to multiplayer titles, so gamers can expect great things from the reboot.

At this time, we can purely speculate. We can use the original two Battlefront titles as baseline as to what we can expect, but Star Wars Battlefront is being described as a reboot and not simply a remake.

Who knows, the game may be purely based on the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, after all, the movie is due to be released in the same year. Let’s just cross our fingers that the game will be everything we hope for.

Dice, may the force be with you. Always.

What are you hoping to see in Star Wars Battlefront?

Article by - Mike Jeavons
Insert Date: 11/25/2013

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