Will Sales Soar for Titanfall?

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 02:58 -- RLWaterman

It’s the game that Microsoft is hanging its hopes on to bump up sales of the next-gen console, the Xbox One. The Microsoft exclusive, Titanfall, is due for release on March the 11th, 2014, and pre-order packages containing both console and game have appeared across the web. Will this first-person shooter be enough to help the Xbox One catch up to the sales figures of the PlayStation 4? Only time will tell, but it’s undoubtedly true that Microsoft is working hard to promote the product, even improving the console in time for its launch with major updates designed to fix social flaws and to introduce Twitch to the Xbox One for the first time.

Although we’re starting to hear of titles that will run at a full 1080p resolution on the Xbox One, such as Wolfenstein and the Square game, Murdered, Titanfall will not be one of them. Rumors suggesting that the game will be limited to 720p have been denied, and it’s looking likely that Developer Respawn is aiming for a 900p resolution. This is unlikely to be distinguishable from 1080p to all but the very attuned eye, it’s still a disappointment for some fans.

Fine print on the Xbox website initially suggested that Titanfall could take up to 40GB of space on the Xbox One console, making that 500GB hard drive look a little on the small side. Respawn has indicated that this estimate may be a bit on the high side, and suggested that the actual size would be more like 20GB, but that’s still a reasonable amount of space if your console is already filled with games and downloads.

Will Sales Soar for Titanfall?We’re expecting to see sales soar in March with the release of Titanfall, but whether it’ll be enough to threaten Sony remains to be seen.

Is this a game that would tempt you to buy the Xbox One? Will you be preordering to get your hands on a copy? Have your say below.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 02/28/2014

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