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With the big unveiling event just around the corner the questions gamers are beginning to ask, along with launch title and controller debates, is what can we expect with regards to Xbox One specs?

Microsoft played a clever game by not rushing to release information so soon following the (generally well received) PS4 event. This gave Microsoft time, perhaps not to try and squeeze a few extra megabytes here or emulate similar traits there, but it eased off some pressure and allowed them time to shape things how they want it.

For some, wounds are still sore from early Xbox models overheating, specifically when kept on carpet. The term ‘red ring of death’ now means a lot more to the world than just the morning after a spicy curry. Sony and Nintendo didn’t have those problems with the last generation, so fan-boys around the world were given ammunition to point fingers at Microsoft.

So long as lessons have been learnt I am sure that we can all move on.

What can we expect from the Xbox One specs?It’s safe to say that the numbers associated with the Xbox One specs will be impressive. In fact, many are predicting that they will be scarily similar to that of Sony’s PS4, and we know that those figures went down well during the consoles unveiling in March.

“They’re copying them,” I hear fanboy’s around the world cry.

And to that I say: “Shush.”

It may not be something Xbox fanatics like to admit, but it is rumored that the Xbox One will house 12 processing clusters, as apposed to the PS4’s 18. So what does this mean for graphics? Will the One’s graphics suffer as a result?

Not likely. The One will likely be fitted with an AMD Radeon 7790 chip, so while the system may not have the same amount of processing clusters as its biggest rival, it will have greater speed, which will mean that there will be very little difference when comparing the two consoles side by side.

Unfortunately, comparison is unavoidable when talking stats. It’s the d*ick measuring of the console world. Sometimes you might come up short (excuse the pun) but other times you may come out on top. The PS4 may have 8GB of combined system and graphics memory, but the Xbox One is expected to 8GB of separate system memory and graphics memory.

And that is a stat which does come up trumps.

Like the PS4, the Xbox One’s CPU is rumored to be AMD Jaguar-based, which at an impressive 1.6GHz, is more than the 1.24GHz of the Wii U. The number crunchers among you may remember that the 360 has 3.2 GHz, but with the power of everything else being some much greater, it’s simply not a requirement. With manufacturers knowing how to get the most out of their hardware, there isn’t the need for CPU’s to be quite as meaty as they once were.

Semi-confirmed via an email sent around to Microsoft employees, the One will now be the proud owner of it’s very own Blu Ray drive, which will of course be good news for those amongst us who have a gripe about games coming on multiple discs. Unless of course developers continue to make bigger and more grandiose games, which you would expect following the trend of bigger is always better.

And then, of course, there is 3D. Games such as Arkham City have already shown that Microsoft are ready to embrace 3D, so no doubt we can expect more 3D integration in forthcoming titles. With Kinect 2.0 expected to ship with the console on release, 3D visuals would bring a whole new aspect to immersive gaming.

And then, of course, we have our old nemesis, backwards compatibility. There is no excuse when it comes to limiting backwards compatibility. Of course there are advantages for Microsoft; they can certainly see dollar signs ringing in their corneas when nostalgic gamers’ only choice is to download a title from yesteryear. Let’s just hope the rumors are just that: rumors. I don’t want to have to either replace my old titles or have an Xbox 360 and One sat under my TV.

At least we have one thing we can be grateful for: Microsoft have confirmed you don’t have to be online at all times, even to play single player games. At least somebody has learned from recent Diablo III/Sim City shambles.

Whatever Microsoft have in store for us as far as Xbox One specs go, there is one thing we can count on: It will knock our socks off.

What are you expecting from the Xbox One? What would you like? Will it be a PS4 beater? Let us know in the comments.

Article by - Mike Jeavons
Insert Date: 05/12/2013

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