White Xbox One on the Way

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 08:29 -- RLWaterman

The Xbox One has taken center stage in the technology rumor mill this week once again, with anonymous posts on the NeoGAF forum supposedly giving away Microsoft’s secrets. Some of the rumors initially specified on the forum have since been verified by sources such as The Verge, so there may be truth in the talk flying around the World Wide Web.

First and foremost comes the major update for Xbox One that was mentioned by Microsoft earlier in the year. It looks like we can expect the download to our consoles to come at some point in March, so just a few weeks away. The update will concentrate on fixing some Xbox Live issues, a few other bugs and the social gaming problems that have plagued the console since its launch. It’s likely to be a big update and we’ve no idea quite how long it’ll take to download as yet.

Secondly is the revelation that a white Xbox One could be released to the general public, and not just to Microsoft staff members. The rumored release date for the white console is October, 2014, so there’s a while to wait if you’re hoping to snap one up. A 1TB version of the console could follow that release in November, providing more space for saved games and downloaded files.

White Xbox OneFinally there’s even talk of Microsoft releasing a new version of the Xbox One that comes without a Blu-Ray drive. As there was a chance the Xbox One could have been the first disc free console we wouldn’t be surprised if this does come to pass in the console’s lifespan, but don’t expect it for a while.

Are you holding out for a white Xbox One or the 1TB version of the console? Would a disc-less version of Microsoft’s next-gen games machine tempt you? Have your say in the comments below.

Article by - Rebecca Waterman
Insert Date: 01/30/2014

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