WWE 2K14: What To Expect On The Xbox One

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I have been a wrestling fan for as long as being a gamer. When I was a kid and the Super Nintendo was announced, my first thoughts were not what would a new Mario or Zelda game would be like, but what the next WWF (as it was called at the time) game would be like.

When THQ gained the rights to make WWE games back in 1999 they went on a great run. For the most part, I think that they did a great job in the time that they had the WWE license. I know that many people were critical of some of the things that they did, but for the most part they did a great job.

For me WWE 13 that was released in 2012 was a fantastic game, and was the best WWE game we had in years. I loved how it went back in time, and gave us a whole mode dedicated to the WWF Attitude Era. Well despite the games great success, it was not enough to turn the fortunes of THQ around and eventually THQ closed there doors. Well 2K games, the people behind the amazing NBA 2K series now have the WWE license and they will be the guys publishing WWE 2K14 this holiday season. The good news is that they have kept most of the development team from Yukes, who developed the WWE games for THQ. The point of today’s article is to give a few thoughts on what I would like to see in WWE 2K14.

WWE 2K14: What To Expect On The Xbox One

A Conclusion Of The Attitude Era Mode
This was the greatest single player mode I have ever played in my over 20 years of playing wrestling games. They did such a great job here, that they really did blow my expectations out of the water. I would love to see the Attitude Era mode continued on. In WWE 13 it went right up until 1999. I for one would love to see it expand into 2001 with the closing of WCW. Or maybe they could even let us play the same time frame, but from a WCW point of view.

Roster Expansion
WWE games always have a hard time of keeping up to date with a roster, but to be fair this is not Yukes/THQ’s fault as they do need to have a cut off point for the roster. Well the good news for the next game is that pretty much the whole roster of WWE 13 is still employed by the WWE, so there is not really any need for any cuts to me made. Instead just expand on what they already have. Many people say that WWE 13 had the best roster in a wrestling game so just an expansion of this I am sure would make everyone happy.

Better Commentary
The play by play in the WWE series since THQ had the license was just terrible. It was something that I felt they never got right. I actually think Acclaim did just as good a job in the late 90’s as THQ did with WWE 13. But with 2K Games involved I am really hopeful that they will kick the play by play quality up a notch.

Tag Match AI
Tag Team matches in wrestling games have been the one thing that has put me over the edge more than anything else over the years. The reason for this is when you are playing in single player. The majority of wrestling games have you AI controlled partner act like a complete moron. This can make tag matches just a huge chore. I will admit that it has been improved the last couple of years. But if they are going to put tag matches in the single player mode then I hope they do some work on the AI.

Edit A Wrestler
The level of customization that has been offered in the WWE games the last few years, has just been getting better and better. But I for one would like to be able to edit the actual in game WWE wrestlers more than we can. I love the idea of Superstar Threads which is a mode in WWE 13, but I would like to see it expanded more and give us a little more control over what we can edit.

Wrestling Is Supposed To Be Fun
One thing that I think they got right with WWE 13 was that they made the game more arcade like. I hated WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011 because I felt like it tried to be to “real” and sim like. It really took a great deal of fun out of wrestling for me. At the end of the day wrestling is a form of entertainment it is not a real sport. Above all else this is something I hope 2K Games realize.

It Is The Little Things That Matter
As much as I loved the Attitude Era Mode in WWE 13 there were a few presentational things that really bugged the hell out of me. Things like wrestlers wearing the wrong attire. This may sound very petty, but in a game that is all about nostalgia to me you have to get everything perfect or as near perfect as you can. To be fair WWE 13 got far more right than it got wrong. But I hope that WWE 2K14 kicks up the presentation, and is full of little bells and whistles that really make the game stand out.

I think that the WWE series is in very safe hands with 2K Games. I think that them along with the guys at Yukes will continue to give us great WWE games for many years to come.

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 05/03/2013

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