What If The Xbox One & PS4 Are Released At The Same Time?

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Last year there was a rumor that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would both be released at around the same time. Nothing more has come from this rumor since then. However, we do know that the PlayStation 4 will launch this holiday season. The smart money is that the Xbox One will also be released in time for Santa to have it under gamers Christmas tree's.

I really think that the release date is one of the most interesting thing of this upcoming console war. The way I see it is that neither of these guys will want to be the 2nd console to market. So what does that mean? Well really, we do not know. But lets have some fun and guess that the PS4 will be released on October 1st. Microsoft has deep pockets, where they could get the Xbox One out around that same time perhaps, or even the very same day. Could such a thing be possible? 2 video game consoles released on the same day?

While there are some gamers who are either Sony or Microsoft, there are those of us who like to buy all the consoles. Now speaking from a personal point of view, I have always been a gamer who loves to buy a new console on launch day. I love the whole occasion of a new console launch, I get really into it and make sure I save up enough money so I can get what I want of course. I cannot get everything, but I do always have a list and try my best to get that.

What If The Xbox One & PS4 Are Released At The Same Time?

Anyway if the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 do come out the same month, week or even day. It makes it very interesting for people like myself. What do I do? Do I go for Sony or Microsoft? I have no loyalty to either company. For me it will most probably boil down to what games are available on launch day. Who ever has the best launch line up, will be the console that I buy. Honestly, I probably would wait until the new year to pick up the other console.

For me the console that comes out with there big guns in terms of the exclusives, is the one that would probably win me over. For example, lets just say (I know this is not going to happen) that the Xbox One released with Halo 5 as a launch title. Then sign me up right away, Microsoft have won me over. But wait a minute, what if the PlayStation 4 is launched with a brand new God of War game? Then my choice once again would be much more complicated.

So who would win me over if this did happen? Honestly, I think we the gamers, would be the people who would win if this did happen. The reason for this is because neither Sony or Microsoft will want to be seen as the expensive console. I am sure that a great number of people will go for the console that is the cheapest. So say the Xbox One comes out at $350 and the PS4 is $400. I am sure to many people that $50 would be a deciding factor. After all that extra $50 could get you an extra controller or another game. I know, I made these prices up, but I really think there could be some kind of price war if this was to happen.

So which one would I buy on launch day? Honestly, I want to say I will go for the one that has the best games, but deep down when I really think about it. I think the deciding factor will be the one that comes out with the best price. That will be the one that wins me over.

What about you guys? In a world where the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One could be released on the same day, which one would you choose? What would be the deciding factors that could make you pick that particular console? Comment below!

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 2/27/2013

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