Xbox One Concept Design by David Hansson - Back of Console

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 14:27 -- Nanouk

This powerful design was created by David Hansson a talented artist from Sweden. This view shows the back of the console. What are your thoughts on this design? Post your comments below!

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I hope this would be the new Xbox 720. This is the most beautiful masterpiece I have ever seen since the original Xbox. To be honest I was not a happy camper with the Xbox 360. It was too plain for me and it almost resembled the bigger and fatter version of the playstation 2. I did not like the xbox 360. It was too plain and nothing special about it. I don't like the live version of it either where we can play online with our friends. Their isn't anything special about it. I'm sorry but the xbox 360 dissapointed me and the games that came out with the console I did not like either. Their was not alot of different choices for the xbox 360 games. All of the games had one theme and category which was shooting. Im sorry but it was a dissapointment for me. But I feel you guys are going to make it up to me by this sick and crazy design for the xbox 720. I just know the games are going to be big and better and have more options for me too. I would pay 450 for this game console. Thanks you guys.

Hands down one of the most creative and unique XBox 720 designs to date. Would love to see more from this artist!

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